Beef Main Dishes & Meals

Although not huge beef eaters, our family does have several Main Dish favorites that are just too tempting to pass up…if they’re here, you know they’re great!


202aCrock Pot Slow Cooker Pulled Pork or Brisket: Cooked in the oven or the crock pot, this is an easy, old-fashioned version of a bbq meal – the one that uses Lipton Onion Soup. Still an old family fave. Slice or shred.

 Chuck Roast

Balsamic Marinaded Pot RoastBalsamic Marinated Pot Roast: Tender, silky chuck braised in onion, tomato and balsamic will blow you away with flavor. A family fave from Fine Cooking, this super simple main may become yours.

Guinness Beef Pies3Beef & Guinness Pies: A lovely stew made even better by baking in ramekins topped with puff pastry. The stew, itself, is my best, ever and well worth making more than once a year, but great for St. Paddy’s Day.

Beef Stew2xBeef with Wine (or not) and Bacon: A wonderful dish, this one with option of adding a bit of wine or making a few substitutions to boost the flavor without. This  our go to stew.

cambells-ultimate-pot-roastCampbell’s Ultimate Pot Roast: Super easy slow cooker pot roast that’s gonna make you look like a genius! The meat is fall apart tender, potatoes look like they’re roasted and that gravy! Oh my!

Bloody Mary Pot RoastBloody Mary Pot Roast: A classic with a fun twist, the pot roast is tender and melty and that sauce absolutely steals the show. This is truly a family favorite – serve with oven roasted veggies or make it a one pot meal.

pot roastPot Roast Carbonnade: Beer Braised Pot Roast, dripping with caramelized onion, with a rich, silky tangy/sweet sauce. Based off the traditional Flemish stew. Serve with mashed potatoes or over noodles.

Ropa ViejaRopa Vieja: A Cuban specialty, beef and peppers simmered in spices until the meat literally falls into shreds, this is one wonderful dinner; makes enough for leftovers.

Corned Beef

corned beef xCorned Beef and Cabbage Dinner: You don’t need to be Irish to enjoy this beautiful one pot meal. Corned Beef braised as I was taught as a youngster, the left overs are better than the dinner.

Whiskey & Marmalade Glazed Corned Beef: A little trendier than the my version above, this is a baked Corned Beef finished with a zippy, sweet glaze. Buck tradition and make a new one of your own.

Ground Beef

meatloaf4xAsian Inspired Individual Meatloaves: A crazy cultural mix up, but it works! These gorgeous little meatloaves bake up quickly with a crusty exterior and are bursting with flavor (and a few veggies).

Slow Cooker Bolognese5 xBolognese: Deep, rich, winey sauce that’s hands off – done in the slow cooker. A large batch is the base for other meals – serve over noodles and make Lasagna Bolognese. Freezes very well.

Da Bomb Oven Roasted HamburgersDa Bomb Oven Roasted Hamburgers: So often hamburgers are a hassle and/or a mess, not so these! No standing over these burgers, no spatter, no dryness and no dangerous “char.”

Essential Sloppy JoeEssential Sloppy Joes: A basic, quick get dinner on the table recipe in about 20 minutes, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still outstanding! Don’t even think about using a mix or a can!

Juicy LucyThe Juicy Lucy: The original stuffed Cheeseburger with everything you need to know about how to stuff and cook without losing that glorious cheese! Lots of variations, too, for gourmet burgers!

meat-loaf xMeatloaf: This is the meatloaf you should have grown up with! Adapted from Cook’s Illustrated, the meatloaf is fantastic, but the sauce, oh that sauce! You’ll want to drink it! This is a long time family favorite.

old world stuffed peppersOld World Stuffed Peppers: Beef, rice, raisins and allspice flavor these lovely stuffed peppers and they’re done in the microwave. You’ll just have to trust me  on these! They’re superb.

taco xPicadillo Tacos: There’s nothing more American than a taco! Here’s a version that’s a little different, based on Picadillo, a dish traditional to Spain and many Latin American countries and cultures.

Quaker Oats Meatloaf: An absolute classic recipe from my childhood – and maybe from your’s too? This is the easy version with Lipton Onion Soup Mix (I use a home-made.) 10 minute prep, 1 hour to bake.

Skillet LasagnaSkillet Lasagna: When layering is just too much and you need dinner on the table in under 30 minutes, but don’t want to compromise on flavor, this is your save! All the flavor, none of the mess!

Smashburger, Home-madeSmashburgers, Home-Style: There’s something about a tender, juicy burger with a gorgeous griddled crust & one of the best ways to get that? Smash them! Secrets from the restaurant you’ll want to see.

150aSteakhouse Meatloaf: Beef, Parmesan and Red Onion turn this meatloaf from ordinary to extraordinary in no time at all. I feel like I’m cheating on my old meatloaf, but this is a new fave!

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls xStuffed Cabbage Rolls with Sweet & Sour Sauce: Every family with an Eastern European heritage and southward probably has their own recipe for Stuffed Cabbage Rolls…I had to appropriate one.

swedish xSwedish Meatballs: Absolutely delicious, subtly flavored with allspice in a silky brown gravy, these meatballs will be a revelation to you from the first taste. No need to lick your plate, it makes plenty!

Vera Heinman's Noodle Dish xVera Hinman’s Noodle Dish: This simple dish is our family’s answer to hamburger helper. Seriously so good you might not want to stop eating it – and it’s ready in about 25 minutes using pantry ingredients.

kaltenbach farms zesty sloppy joesxZesty Sloppy Joes: Makes a huge amount, which great, because these are really good! Recipe is ideal for a party, planned left overs or freezer meals. Why not serve as sliders for a game day party?


Grilled Steak with Honey Chipotle Glaze: A steak marinated in garlic and lime, slathered with glaze then grilled to perfection. A simple and easy meal, but make sure to double or triple the glaze.


Beef with Tomatoes & Peppers xBeef, Bell Pepper and Tomatoes: A light hand transforms this often rather lackluster buffet staple into a gorgeous dish of flavorful beef, tender/crisp peppers and glistening tomatoes.

Chicken Fried SteakChicken Fried Steak: Probably my son’s favorite dish, this is a far cry from what you’ll find while eating out. Dishes that used to be “cheap” are often “special occasion” in our house!

Beef Rouladen1 xGerman Beef Rouladen: A special occasion dinner, this is a beef roll filled with an herbed stuffing, gently braised, and served with a rich mushroom & onion gravy. A great fall/winter meal.

Grillades & GritsGrillades & Grits: A marvelous use of a cheap cut, Grillades are like a kicked up, spiced up Swiss Steak. Not hot spicy, just a deep, rich mellow flavor. Serve over grits for a classic combo.

Old Fashioned Swiss SteakSwiss Steak, Old Fashioned: This is really a down home, simple recipe, comfort food, to be sure. It relies on little more than the simple ingredients and time. An easy, slow braise perfect for fall.


Slow Cooker BarbacoaSlow Cooker Barbacoa: While I made this marvelously easy take off on a popular Mexican dish with inexpensive Rump, Round or Chuck would work just as well. Super simple but super delish!!


beef-stroganoff-3The Best Beef Stroganoff: A classic dish, very simple, done right in this Russian recipe brought back by my Aunt during the cold war. Several cuts of meat may be used – just make sure to cook it right.

BulgogiBulgogi: This highly marinated meat, thinly cut and cooked till browned and caramelized (or grilled) is one amazing dish. Cook it and impress all your friends and family, just don’t tell them how easy it is!

Teriyaki Marinated SteakTeriyaki Marinated Steak: This recipe is the classic London Broil, updated to take advantage of the marvelous condiments available today! Made with Top Sirloin, a number of cuts will work.

Strip Steak

Carne Asada: Done up in taco form, I used strip but you can use skirt or flank if available. This is not your Mama’s Carne. Flavor is just seared into every bit of meat – it’s a beautiful thing.

Coffee Coriander New York Strip Steak: Sometimes those grocery store steaks need a bit of help; this rub helps bring the flavor home, caramelizes the outside and the flavor is outstanding.


medallions of beef xBeef Medallions in Red Wine Reduction: A gorgeous special occasion dish made with Tenderloin, since it’s gently pounded, a tougher cut can stand in, but nothing will beat the filet mignon, here.


Chipped Beef & ArtichokesCreamed Chipped Beef & Artichokes: Every frugal blog needs a recipe for S.O.S., but not every blog includes Parmesan cheese, wine and artichokes in the recipe. This comes in at a budget, and quickly, too.

Leftover Steak

California Steak Salad with Sweet/Spicy Asian Vinaigrette: Finally a Steak Salad worth eating! A few simple ingredients put the focus on the steak, where it should be! The dressing is a perfect complement.

Steak TacosSimple Steak Tacos: A little fajita seasoning gives these tacos a marvelous flavor – serve with your favorite sides and additions for a quick, easy dinner. You’ll never guess they start with leftovers.

Southwestern Steak Salad: This is one gorgeous salad with Carne Asada and all kinds of goodies. The salad part actually probably takes a back seat the rest of the ingredients – the dressing is amazing!

Steak ChimichangasSteak Chimiganga with Creamy Chile Verde Sauce: If there is a better way to use a bit of leftover steak, I don’t know what it could be. These are simply fantastic! Bake or Fry for a crispy shell.

Steak & Veggie Ramen BowlSteak & Veggie Ramen Bowl: Not traditional Ramen, this bright fresh noodle bowl is a fantastic use of any leftover steak or roast. Make it your own with your favorite add ins.

Steak Lo Mein: Destined to become a family favorite, this silky, sweet, salty deliciousness uses a bit of leftover steak, or a little stir fried steak. Better than take out and faster, too!

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