Copycat Smashburger Home Style

There’s something about a Smashburger. They have this crusty, griddled outside and they’re tender & juicy, inside. If you love Smashburger, you’re going to love these Copycat Smashburgers Home Style.

Copycat Smashburger Home Style
Copycat Smashburger Home Style

I’ve used these Copycat Smashburgers Home Style in my Taphouse Salad; they’re just one component of a fabulous salad with gorgeous greens, Slow Roasted Tomatoes, Pan Roasted Mushrooms & Onions and a Sweet Sorghum Vinaigrette. (Links are at the bottom of the page.) But of course, Copycat Smashburgers Home Style are just as good on their own!

About my Copycat Smashburgers Home Style:

The founder of the Smashburger chain, Tom Ryan, hasn’t been shy about giving up his secrets: start with 1/3 pound of good Angus 80/20 ground beef, make it into a loosely packed ball. Place on a hot, buttered griddle, covered with a piece of parchment, then smash it with a special metal form, holding it in place for 10 seconds.

Remove form, season the top and continue to cook until the juices show on the top, Very carefully work the burger off with a thin spatula, then turn and cook. Total cook time is about three minutes.

About the “form” to make Copycat Smashburgers Home Style:

Tom Ryan claims the secret to the Smashburger is the special form that sears the edges of the burger, holding the juices in. I went through several items in recreating the Smashburger.

I tried smashing with a heavy spatula, which didn’t give me the sealed edges I wanted. Then I used a small plate that worked well but was touchy to remove. Now I use a square of heavy-duty aluminum foil folded over 4 times into a square.

With your palm, quickly press down the foil over the burger ball, then around the edges with your fingers to form it around the smashed burger. Place a large, heavy object like a large can or small skillet over the foil so the burger gets good contact with the pan, then count to 10. It works like a charm. Just work quickly so you don’t burn yourself!

Copycat Smashburger Home Style “Nude” so you can see the beautiful griddled crust
Seasoning & Finishing the Copycat Smashburgers Home Style:

Tom Ryan spoke a bit about the special seasoning on his Smashburgers and says it contains Salt, Pepper, Garlic and All Natural Beef Flavor.

For the Copycat Smashburgers Home Style, try using my special Seasoning Salt to flavor the burger, or your own favorite blend. You couldn’t go wrong with Montreal Steak Seasoning, Lawry’s or Famous Dave’s Burger Seasoning, either.

If you’re making your Copycat Smashburgers Home Style with bacon, try this easy Buffet Style Oven Baked Bacon. It really is the best way to make no-fuss, no bother bacon and you can start it when you start preheating your pan. Don’t forget the special Smashburger sauce!

Copycat Smashburger Home Style
Copycat Smashburger Home Style

Smashburgers – Home-Style

Copycat Smashburger Home Style

Smashburgers are fast and so easy, plus they don’t spatter like other burgers!

  • Author: mollie kirby
  • Yield: 4 servings



  • 2 teaspoons butter
  • 1 1/3 pound of Angus Ground Beef 80/20
  • 4 buns
  • 8 slices cheese, optional
  • 8 slices bacon, optional
  • condiments of choice

Smashburger Sauce:

  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 4 teaspoons ballpark mustard
  • 1 teaspoon pickle brine



Heat a griddle or large cast-iron skillet over medium heat for several minutes. Take a square of heavy-duty aluminum foil and fold in half, then in half again, forming a square with four layers. Have a large can or small, heavy skillet at the ready.

Divide ground beef into four portions and gently form into four loosely packed balls. Working in batches, lightly brush the griddle with butter and toast the buns cut-side down until lightly browned, 1 to 2 minutes. Transfer to a plate.

Brush the griddle with more butter and add 1 ball of beef. Immediately and carefully, press the aluminum foil down on the ball, with your palm, then form quickly with fingers around outside edges of the burger. Place can or skillet over the foil and count to 10.

Remove the can or skillet and the foil, season the burgers and continue cooking, without moving the burgers, until the juices from the burger bubble up through the top and burger is well browned. Using a sharp, metal spatula, loosen the burger, then flip.

Add 2 slices of cheese and cover, cooking for an additional minute.  Serve burger immediately and repeat with the remaining beef.

To serve: Spread the mayonnaise mixture on the bun tops, place burger on bun, add bacon and add condiments of your choice.

Smashburger Sauce:

Combine the mayonnaise, mustard and pickle brine in a small bowl. Set aside until ready to serve.


Of course, if you’re making double burgers, you’ll need more ground beef, cheese, bacon & condiments!


I’ll also be sharing Smashburgers Home Style at Fiesta Friday 91, put on by Angie of the Novice Gardener. The hosts this week are hosts this week are Juju @ cookingwithauntjuju and Indira @ I’ll Cook, You Wash.

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These Smashburgers are just one component of my Taphouse Salad with a Smashburger, Slow Roasted Tomatoes, Pan Roasted Mushrooms and Onions and Sweet Sorghum Vinaigrette. Here’s the links, plus a few others you might like.


20 Comments on “Copycat Smashburgers Home Style

  1. I love Smashburger, but didn’t know they had a method of cooking the burger. Thanks so much for sharing this. It looks yummy!

    • I guess they figured no one would have a special form show they weren’t afraid to show it on the video – I think these turned out just as good as Smashburger’s, though…if I do say so myself, and I do, haha!

    • Thanks, Julie. I’ve only been to Smashburger once or so, but I remember they were good – I’m not really a huge burger fan, but my folks are, and come to think of it most of my family is or was – my Mom used to say, “Wouldn’t you rather have a great burger than a steak?” I’d look at her like she was nuts and say, “Noooooooo.”

      Burgers have come such a long way now that we have so many meat options and techniques~

  2. I love how open Smashburger is as a company. And, you’re right, this sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing this tasty, juicy, crispy meal with us at the fiesta. Happy FF, and have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

        • Lol~ well I do know a few secrets – I know they twice fry, I’m guessing they use a seasoning salt kind of like I posted a few days ago, and I’m thinking that they may add sprigs of rosemary right into the oil to flavor it.

          • Let’s work it out! Not sure if they Add the sprigs to the oil.. I think it’s one kinda gloppy stuff .. Only from peering over the counter!

    • It sure is, but think of it as a burger with a salad on the side…only skewed a bit! 🙂 I am so in love with this meal!

      Of course, now I have quite a stash of the tomatoes and a big jar of dressing so it’s nothing to whip another up!

  3. Hmm – what can I use to smash a burger. Sounds like fun anyways. Thanks for sharing this delightful salad with all the different components. Happy Fiesta Friday 🙂

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