Smashburgers – Home-Style

There’s something about a “Smashburger”  – I think it’s the crusty, griddled outside combined with the tender, juicy inside that makes them so good. While there’s more than one way to get a good crust on a burger, this is one method that’s actually kind of fun.

Sweet Sorghum Vinaigrette Drizzled over Smashburger in Taphouse Salad
Sweet Sorghum Vinaigrette Drizzled over Smashburger in Taphouse Salad

The founder of the Smashburger chain hasn’t been shy about giving up his secrets: start with 1/3 pound of good Angus 80/20 ground beef, make it into a loosely packed ball. Place on a hot, buttered griddle for about 10 seconds, cover with a piece of parchment, then smash it with a special metal form, holding it in place for 10 seconds.

Remove form, season the top and continue to cook until the juices show on the top, Very carefully work the burger off with a thin spatula, then turn and cook. Total cook time is about three minutes.

Tom Ryan claims the secret is the special form that sears the edges of the burger, holding the juices in. The creative cook, though, can probably look around the kitchen to find some substitute. I made mine using a little plate from Pier 1, but cooking in a large pan with spatula would probably work just about as well. Try using a can as a weight to get good contact.

Smashburgers, Home-made; use several layers of heavy duty aluminum foil and then smash it with a heavy can.
Smashburgers, Home-made; use several layers of heavy duty aluminum foil and then smash it with a heavy can.

While I don’t know if a purist would quibble about the edges of the burger not being properly sealed with metal, they’re darn good burgers.

Update: I recently made Smashburgers, but used a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil folded into fourths, so it had four layers. I simple quickly pressed it down with my hand, pressing it down around the edges with my fingers and then used a large, heavy can to smash it down to get good contact with the pan. I thought it was much easier.

Smashburger, Home-made
Smashburger, Home-made

I used my home-made Smashburgers in my Taphouse Salad. The juicy, crusty burger with a little of the Sweet Sorghum Vinaigrette was outstanding! Had I been thinking, I would have gotten a better pic of the burger alone, or perhaps dressed on a bun, but I think you can get an idea of how they look in the photo of the salad.

Home-made Seasoning Salt
Home-made Seasoning Salt

Try using my special Seasoning Salt to flavor the burger, or your own favorite blend. You couldn’t go wrong with Montreal Steak Seasoning, Lawry’s or Famous Dave’s Burger Seasoning.

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I’ll be bringing my Smashburgers over to Throwback Thursday, Quinn of Dad What’s 4 Dinner and Alli from Tornadough host this blogging extravaganza.

I’ll also be bringing these burgers to Fiesta Friday 91, put on by Angie of the Novice Gardener. The hosts this week are hosts this week are Juju @ cookingwithauntjuju and Indira @ I’ll Cook, You Wash.

These Smashburgers are just one component of my Taphouse Salad with a Smashburger, Oven Roasted Tomatoes, Pan Roasted Mushrooms and Onions and Sweet Sorghum Vinaigrette.

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20 thoughts on “Smashburgers – Home-Style”

    1. I guess they figured no one would have a special form show they weren’t afraid to show it on the video – I think these turned out just as good as Smashburger’s, though…if I do say so myself, and I do, haha!

    1. Thanks, Julie. I’ve only been to Smashburger once or so, but I remember they were good – I’m not really a huge burger fan, but my folks are, and come to think of it most of my family is or was – my Mom used to say, “Wouldn’t you rather have a great burger than a steak?” I’d look at her like she was nuts and say, “Noooooooo.”

      Burgers have come such a long way now that we have so many meat options and techniques~

  1. I love how open Smashburger is as a company. And, you’re right, this sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing this tasty, juicy, crispy meal with us at the fiesta. Happy FF, and have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

        1. Lol~ well I do know a few secrets – I know they twice fry, I’m guessing they use a seasoning salt kind of like I posted a few days ago, and I’m thinking that they may add sprigs of rosemary right into the oil to flavor it.

    1. It sure is, but think of it as a burger with a salad on the side…only skewed a bit! 🙂 I am so in love with this meal!

      Of course, now I have quite a stash of the tomatoes and a big jar of dressing so it’s nothing to whip another up!

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