Buffet Style Oven Baked Bacon

Do you bake your bacon? I do – and have for years, but my whole family thinks I’m nuts – until they see how easy it is and how little mess there is to clean up and how beautiful each piece cooks, all uniformly and straight with no mess, spatters or bother!

Buffet Style Bacon
Buffet Style Bacon – just out of the oven

I have to put buffet style bacon on my blog, though, even though it isn’t a new or unique idea because I pretty consistently find myself having to google up a recipe! I can’t seem to remember from time to time what temperature and how long to bake it at. So, for me (and maybe for you) here is my “guide.” I made it recently when I made Light Hot Brown Sandwiches.

Although I do have to say, exactly how long you’ll want to bake your bacon depends a bit on the thickness of the bacon, how hot your oven runs and your own personal taste! It was actually at a camp-out when one of the cooks asked me how I liked my bacon and I was so impressed – my answer?  Crisp, with a bit of chew!

Did you know that bacon is often on sale (with coupons) around Holidays? And that it freezes very well and doesn’t take up a whole lot of space? So there you, go, stock up when it’s at a low. 🙂

Light Hot Brown Sandwiches, ready for cheese sauce -this is buffet style bacon
Light Hot Brown Sandwiches, ready for cheese sauce -this is buffet style bacon

Here’s my method – I generally start out “cold” just like I do when I pan-fry. No need to preheat, but if you’re baking something else this is versatile enough to go in a hot oven and at varied temperatures.

Buffet Style Bacon

  • Servings: varies
  • Difficulty: easy
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Line a tray with foil for easy clean up, drape the bacon across side by side, but not overlapping (if you like really crisp, leaner bacon, use a rack over the foil lined pan) and place in oven. Turn the oven on to 400 degrees and bake to perfection. 14 to 17 minutes for thinly sliced (regular) bacon and 17 – to 20 for thick cut usually does the trick. No need to turn, adjust or fuss, although if you wish, some of the grease may be poured off if it looks like it is in danger of completely covering the bacon. Cook until the bacon is golden brown.

Remove bacon immediately from the tray – and remember that bacon will continue to cook for a bit and will crisp up when it cools just a hair. Just like when it’s cooked in a pan, if you cook it until it is firm it will be too hard when its time to eat it. Place bacon on a paper towel (or whatever you use) to drain.

Then, note the time! Now, you’ll have the timing down for your beautifully cooked, no brainer bacon for any future breakfasts!

Any fat can be easily drained off by adjusting the foil into a “spout” or the grease may be left behind to harden on the foil, folded up and discarded.

Note: If you’d like to bake your bacon along with Oven Baked Hotel Eggs, the oven method will still work just fine. Simply place the sheets of bacon on the shelf under the eggs – obviously the oven will already be preheated, so the bacon won’t take quite as long – check for doneness between 12 – 15 minutes.

From the kitchen of www.frugalhausfrau.com

Baked "Hotel" Eggs
Baked “Hotel” Eggs


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