ABC Dip, Neiman Marcus Dip, Million Dollar Dip, One Million Dollar Dip

Million Dollar Dip

So how’s everyone doing on their New Year’s resolutions? If this blog is any indication with the Million Dollar Dip, below? Me? Probably not so great. But hey, it was the Super Bowl last week and I felt like I “had” to make this dip. 🙂 As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, there are many occasions I “have” to make this dip! It’s pretty popular when I do and it always goes fast.

ABC Dip, Neiman Marcus Dip, Million Dollar Dip, One Million Dollar Dip

Million Dollar Dip

Now you might know Million Dollar Dip under one of its aliases. It’s the dip of many names: Million Dollar Dip aka ABC Dip, aka Neiman Marcus Dip, aka One Million Dollar Dip. Well, you get the idea. It’s been a passed around tried and true dip for decades.


About Million Dollar Dip:

What IS it? Million Dollar Dip is a handful of ingredients that meld together into one glorious taste explosion. My Million Dollar dip has mayonnaise (and I always add a little cream cheese, just to improve the texture) green onions, just for a bit of freshness, Cheddar cheese, bacon, and almonds. The sometimes name of ABC Dip comes from Almond, Bacon & Cheddar. I don’t know if this dip was ever served at Neiman Marcus or where the name Million Dollar came from. If you’re not from the States, Neiman Marcus is a higher-end department store, so the name has some cache and gets attached to recipes sometimes, and of course, it’s the same with the word “Million.”

I gotta tell you this dip is good enough to be served at Neiman Marcus, That Neiman Marcus thing is funny, though. An awful lot of recipes are credited to them including Cowboy Caviar (I have a fab recipe for Cowboy Caviar, btw) and the Famous $250.00 Chocolate Chip Cookie (that I still need to make and post here on my site!)

But back to the Million Dollar Dip. There is one thing about it I really feel I need to mention. While the Million Dollar Dip is perfectly good the first day and I’m sure you’re gonna love it, this is an ideal make-ahead recipe. The next day Million Dollar Dip really shines. Everything comes together in some kind of magical alchemy. So if you do have time to make the Million Dollar Dip ahead, go for it!

Buffet Style Oven Baked Bacon Hotel Bacon

Buffet Style Oven Baked Bacon

Making Million Dollar Dip:

Even though it’s not an original ingredient, I always add a touch of cream cheese to add just a little substance to the dip, and it’s a little trick I use when I make a lot of my dips. Make sure to take your cream cheese out ahead so it’s nice and soft. If you forget, put it in the microwave for about 20 seconds.

With so few ingredients, a good bacon is important. In a pinch, you could use bacon bits, the real ones, or the precooked bacon you can buy at the store. Not to be judgemental, but I’d say don’t even bother if you’re going to use those dry bits from the jar unless you’re really desperate! Hey, it could happen, being that desperate for this dip.

Since this recipe calls for 8 strips of bacon it’s worthwhile pulling out a sheet tray and baking it. See my post on Buffet Style Hotel Bacon for instructions. Baking that bacon just makes everything so much easier. There is no-fuss, no mess, no spatter and very little clean up when you bake your bacon; line your sheet tray with foil, let the drippings cool and solidify a bit (unless you save them) wad up the foil and dispose of safely. The bacon, cooked this way, also is easy to stack up and chop because it cooks up so evenly. For best results, I like to cook the bacon to the point it’s crispy but still a little bendy rather than completely dry and rendered all the way through.

As far as the Cheddar, I’ll leave that up to you. I like a good, sharp Cheddar but I don’t see any reason to go over the top pricey since it’s combined with so many ingredients; a grocery store one is fine by me in this dip. If you’re not into something sharp, just buy what you like, then you’ll be sure to like the dip, too.

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Saving Money on Million Dollar Dip:

Any holiday week (see my post Win at the Grocers) is likely to have great sales, and the Super Bowl is no exception – and if you’re into indulging in chips, crackers, and all the accompaniments that go right along with the biggest game day ever, it’s a great time to buy and stock up. You’ll find the best prices on condiments during the summer, but around the Superbowl, you’ll often see condiments on sale. It’s like a hail Mary. Pick up what you’ll need until summer. Cream cheese is on sale during almost every holiday and keeps well. Stock up.

As far as block or grated cheese, both go on sale regularly. Know what’s a great sale and a good one and stock up when the pirce is at a low. It will keep for weeks in the fridge.

Me, I’m getting back to my healthy eating plan…maybe after I make something sweet for Valentine’s day, lol! Cross your fingers for me…If you’d like to see more of my appetizers you can click over to my menu for Appetizers, Starters & Munchies. There are several other fun cheesy dips & spreads and dozens of other recipes to see.

ABC Dip, Neiman Marcus Dip, Million Dollar Dip, One Million Dollar Dip

Million Dollar Dip


Million Dollar Dip

  • Author: mollie
  • Total Time: 15 minutes plus chill
  • Yield: about 2 1/2 cups 1x


  • 4 tablespoons cream cheese, room temperature (optional)
  • 1 1/2 cups mayonnaise (SEE NOTE)
  • 5 green onions, chopped
  • 8 oz cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 8 slices, 1/2 pound bacon cooked & crumbled or 1/2 cup real bacon bits
  • 1/2 cup slivered almonds


Mix cream cheese and mayo together. Add remaining ingredients. Cover and chill for 12 to 24 hours if time allows.

Serve with Chips or Crackers.

Note on Mayo; some like this with less mayo. If desired cut back a little and only add it in if needed.

Keywords: Appetizer, Bacon, cheddar, Cheese, Green Onion, Mayonnaise, Spreads and Dips

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Save a little by regrowing your Green Onions


I’ll be sharing this dish at Fiesta Friday, cohosted this week by Ai @ Ai Made It For You and Petra @ Food Eat Love. Stop over, visit their blogs – I know there are a lot of special dishes this week!

Million Dollar Dip is one name, so is ABC for the Almond, Bacon & Cheddar & Neiman Marcus Dip. No matter what it's called, it's fast, easy and delish! And did I mention Bacon?!! #MillionDollarDip #NeimanMarcusDip #ABC Dip #AlmondBaconCheddarDip



67 thoughts on “Million Dollar Dip

  1. Patsy Miles

    I made the millionaire dip on Christmas Eve for our family get together. Everyone loved it and wanted the recipe. I used extra sharp cheese, real bacon and toasted sliced almonds. Next time I plan to add a jalapeño diced.

    • FrugalHausfrau

      Hi Patsy, so glad to hear it was a hit and thanks for stopping back to comment! I love love love the idea of adding the pickled jalapenos!!

      Merry Christmas! Mollie

    • Janis

      I made it the same way and plan to add a fresh jalapeño to my next batch. I also cut the mayonnaise back to 1 cup. It was indeed a hit!

      • FrugalHausfrau

        I love to hear all the variations! I know there are a lot of mayo “haters” out there that would follow your lead on that~

        Happy Holidays and thanks for stopping by and sharing, Janis!


  2. Dawn

    First time commenting…The dip was delicious. The only thing I change was toasting the slivered almonds for 5-7 mins. Everyone loved it!!

    • FrugalHausfrau

      I love getting comments Dawn so thank you! As far as I’m concerned you can never go wrong with toasting nuts so that was a great idea. Happy holidays!


  3. loving-new-recipes

    Just finished making this. It’s SO GOOD!!!! and EASY, too!!!! Am putting the recipe with my Christmas gift list. Can use some of the cleaned candle jars as containers. Thanks!!!!!

    • FrugalHausfrau

      Hi, I’m so glad you liked it so much and thanks for stopping back and commenting! I love your gift ideas! Mollie

    • FrugalHausfrau

      Hi Amanda, I use all of it. It you’d like it milder, you can use just the green if you want. Hope that helps!


  4. smokeytoes

    This is absolutely delicious! For a twist, I added pickled jalapenos to the recipe and it was stellar.

      • smokeytoes

        Good afternoon! Absolutely! I’ve had fun looking at your website, what a great collection of recipes!
        And FYI, I’m firmly in the “I LOVE mayonnaise!” camp!
        This dip reminds me of going to family picnics, there was either a version of this dip or a 7-layer salad. Good times! 🙂

    • FrugalHausfrau

      Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping back and I’m glad it was a hit! My sister is anti mayo, it gives her the heebie jeebies so I get that and I read recently that no mayo is a growing trend, especially among the younger demographic! I think the cream cheese helps balance that mayo out. 🙂

    • Hi Deena, and sorry to reply late – I have been travelling! Hope it’s not too late for you but I think jalapenos (roasted, not raw) would be absolutely fantastic!! I would probably leave out the almonds if I added jalapeno.

      I have a Smokey Jalapeno Bacon Dip on here, too. It’s a little more complicated but it’s a huge favorite. 🙂

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  6. petra08

    It is rugby season and I have to make this! I will remember to make it the day before, how funny about the flavors! Thank you for bringing this to Fiesta Friday! 🙂 Have a lovely rest of the week!

  7. Mollie –you are the best! I love your tips– stocking up at Super Bowl sales– and regrowing those green onions! ANd- the dip looks terrific– really ready for a party! Love your blog. xox

  8. That does look amazing. Is it bad that I’m waiting until after Valentine’s Day to start my New Years resolutions? I mean, that’s a thing, right?! Either way, I have a few more days for dip!

    • lol! Whatcha making for Valentine’s? I’m gonna have to stop by and see!!! I’m playing around with the idea of raspberry filled cupcakes with white chocolate frosting. I think you have the white chocolate buttercream recipe – mind if I borrow it? 🙂 It has been haunting me ever since I saw it on your blog!!

  9. We plant the ends of our green onions in the top of our upside down tomato planters each year. Fresh green onion all spring/summer/fall long! I’ve never thought to grow them indoors that way, thanks! p.s. dip looks super yummy!

      • I think we’ve done them for four or five years. We’ve had issues with our new sprinkler system at our new house with them the past couple of years, so hubby is debating whether to put them in ground planters this year and put in a drip system. But yes, they are great because you don’t get ground slugs/insects on them. I think we’ll be starting our tomato seeds this weekend! My hubby built a greenhouse with UV lights and a heat lamp in our garage. 🙂

        • Wow, how exciting!! I can barely keep the houseplants alive these days…we’ll go with starter plants! I admire your energy, though! I have an absolute fear of slugs and worms…uggghhh. We don’t have too many slugs either in SD or in MN.

    • You have no idea how much you just made me laugh because the other day I was downstairs playing with the dogs & went up at noon to make the folks dinner. They had fixed their own and my dad was very happily eating some leftover spaghetti and my stepmom had put a huge blob of this dip on her plate and was eating it with a fork. She said, “This is delicious!” I don’t know what she thought it was, lol, but I know she didn’t have any idea it was dip!

      When I’m at home and not at my folks (my kids are gone) I’ll happily just nosh on food and eat whatever, whenever…soup for breakfast? Why not. Dip for dinner – oh yeah!! 🙂

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