12 Days of Ham – Ham Leftovers

25 of our favorite family recipes using leftover ham! From soups, casseroles, brunch dishes & appetizers.

We all need a little inspiration now and then about how to deal with the bounty of ham after a big holiday or feast but frankly, my favorite part of any holiday (after the people, of course, and any dogs they might bring along) is the leftovers. 12 Days of Ham – Ham Leftovers is full of inspiration!

The Biltmore House's Tawny Baked Ham
The Biltmore House’s Tawny Baked Ham

I love, love, love me some leftover ham, but that wasn’t always the case! I used to wrack my brains over what to make! Over the years, I’ve built up a whole repertoire of recipes & it’s fun sharing them. Yep. I started out with twelve – that’s why “12 Days of Ham.”

Here’s how I take care of my ham (along with recipes, below) so it doesn’t languish in the fridge. Is it a universal rule that people are going to nibble on your ham and never rewrap it right? Well, this will solve all your problems. Leftover ham related problems, anyway!

Dealing with Holiday Ham Leftovers. Ham Recipes

Before any holiday when you’re serving ham, don’t forget:

  • Wash & save containers or pick up cheapie disposables for yourself & your guests if they’ll be taking home leftovers.
  • Have plenty of Ziplocs in different sizes.
  • Have a sharpie or two for labeling.

If you want to maximize holiday savings, when you’re at the grocery store during the pre-holiday sales:

  • Have an idea of what you’ll make with the leftovers. Pick up those ingredients and have them on hand so you won’t have an extra run to the store.
  • Pick up an extra ham; they’re so inexpensive and keep for weeks.
  • See my links at the bottom of the page for How to Beat the Grocers. You’ll find items you should be looking for during specific holiday sales.

No brainer meals for ham leftovers are soup & sandwiches and ham can go in almost any breakfast or egg dish. Here are a few more ideas. A couple may originally have an ingredient other than ham but work well with ham, too. I have to give a special shout-out to those Scalloped Potatoes!

main dishes with leftover ham


appetizers with leftover ham


leftover ham for breakfast & brunch


leftover ham soups


leftover ham sandwiches, fillings & salads


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