12 Days of Ham – Ham Leftovers

25 of our favorite family recipes using leftover ham! From soups, casseroles, brunch dishes & appetizers.

We all need a little inspiration now and then about how to deal with the bounty of ham after a big holiday or feast but frankly, my favorite part of any holiday (after the people, of course, and any dogs they might bring along) is the leftovers.

The Biltmore House's Tawny Baked Ham
The Biltmore House’s Tawny Baked Ham

I love, love, love me some leftover ham, but that wasn’t always the case! I used to wrack my brains over what to make! Over the years, I’ve built up a whole repertoire of recipes & it’s fun sharing them – and watching them grow over the years. Yep. I started out with twelve – that’s why “12 Days of Ham.”

Here’s how I take care of my ham (along with a ton of recipes, below) so it doesn’t languish in the fridge. Is it a universal rule that people are going to nibble on your ham and never rewrap it right? Well, this will solve all your problems. Ummm…leftover ham related problems, anyway!

Dealing with Holiday Ham Leftovers. Ham Recipes

Don’t forget to wash & save containers or pick up a bunch of disposable cheapies if your guests are going to be taking leftovers home with them. Remember to have a sharpie or two on hand for labeling.

By the way, I love having the leftovers so much that I’ll always pick up an extra ham or two during the deep holiday sales! Other than turkey, where are you going to find any other meat for such a bargain?

See my links at the bottom of the page for How to Beat the Grocers. You’ll find for other items you should be looking for during specific holiday sales.










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15 thoughts on “12 Days of Ham – Ham Leftovers”

  1. Those are some good ideas and more than a few are new to me. I’ve done the hot brown sandwich with turkey.

    As you know I don’t LIKE raw tomato but I thought the texture would be camouflaged by the turkey, bacon, cheese sauce etc. … but like the princess and the pea in the fairly tale, I could tell it was there and I had to pull it out and then try to rebuild the open faced sandwich so it didn’t look like such a mess.

  2. Welcome again, I will be pining this for sure as I am not that creative when it comes to ham. Already I love the split pea and ham soup, I make that quite often, the Cuban one sounds amazing too. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas and recipes with us.

    1. Thanks! I have to say that I love your style – with food and people! Your blog is so interactive and it’s fun to see all the ideas you come up with. There was a particular linguine & ham recipe I’m going to be trying out!

  3. Thanks, Jennifer – that was really a nice compliment! I’m just shaking my head at your friend – must be true love, I guess…I’ve had a lot of people tell me they won’t (or someone in their family won’t) eat leftovers…I’m always looking for ways to HAVE leftovers! (As a matter of fact, I could probably feed my family just on what some people I know throw away…)

  4. So great! I had a friend who said to me once, “My boyfriend won’t eat left overs.” I remember thinking, what a moron. And her too for going along with that. “So, you’re telling me, you have to cook him a fresh plate daily in the exact proportions of how hungry he is at that very moment?” To which she replied yes. I wondered but didn’t say, “And you’re still dating him, why?” So economical, that plan. I love your recipes. They are so smart!

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