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Best Easter Recipes

Easter is almost upon us! I wanted to gather some of my fave “Springy” recipes that just happen to be our Best Easter Recipes, too, a little fancier for the celebration. Most can be prepared or made ahead with just a finishing touch to get them on the table. If you want pancakes or waffles, you’ll have to check my page for Breakfasts & Brunch.

Narrowing this list of Best Easter Recipes down was kind of like choosing between my favorite children, so if you don’t see something here, check my Main Recipe Index or follow the photos at the end of each section to get you to a particular page.





brunchy baked items


special brunch dishes




fruit salads


hearty sides



veggie sides






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Have a happy and safe holiday!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my compilation of our Best Easter Recipes! Have a lovely holiday, and if you are having Ham, don’t forget to check my post “12 Days of Ham!” Happy Easter!

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8 thoughts on “Best Easter Recipes

  1. OMG I want ALL THE FOODS but I made myself PROMISE that for once I WILL NOT COOK a holiday meal. I always cook holiday meals and spend my entire weekend grocery shopping, cooking, washing mountains of dishes. This holiday I will not do that!!! No matter how tempting your recipes sound. I will make some of the recipes AFTER the holiday. I will enjoy the holiday by looking at yummy recipes and planning out how to work them into my weekly meal routine. LOL

    • FrugalHausfrau

      Well, I am actually glad to hear that! I meant to do this compilation weeks ago, and felt so bad getting it out just today…so now I know at least it made one person happy, lol!!!

      I know holidays can just be so over the top with all that expectation, right?!! Have yourself a great one!


    • FrugalHausfrau

      It’s fun, but it is more subtle than some you buy. I never leave mine long enough, I think, because I have trouble delaying gratification!!!

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