Strawberry Cream Oatmeal Smoothie

I love this Strawberry Cream Oatmeal Smoothie! It’s super simple, full of healthy, natural ingredients and is ready in a shake! And you don’t need any frozen ingredients! Bonus. At least if you’re like me and forget to freeze fruit for smoothies!

Strawberry Cream Oatmeal Smoothie
Strawberry Cream Oatmeal Smoothie


Speaking of shakes, these taste just like one! But even better, there’s no strange ingredients, sweeteners or other things in Strawberry Cream Oatmeal Smoothies to worry about.

I’m a huge fan of oatmeal and you might be, too, once you read what The World’s Healthiest Foods has to say about it. But don’t you get tired, every now and then of Overnight Oats, Muesli and Granola? That’s when I turn to this smoothie.

Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothies
Strawberry Cream Oatmeal Smoothies
strawberry cream smoothies can be a great “save”

Keep in Strawberry Cream Smoothies in mind when you’ve made too much oatmeal and have a dab leftover; make smoothies the next day. Or maybe you left a jar of Overnight Oats sit in the fridge too long and even though you know it’s still good, it isn’t looking too tempting. Toss it in the blender for a smoothie.

Think smoothie, too, if you’ve left your strawberries a little too long in the fridge (that’s my hand waving – guilty) and need to use them asap.

Strawberry Cream Oatmeal Smoothie
Strawberry Cream Oatmeal Smoothie
saving money on strawberry cream oatmeal smoothies

As far as buying fruit, I find great prices at Costco and Aldi, and you should always watch your grocery sales, too. Sometimes the grocery store sales prices beat out both the superstores and Aldi, sometimes not. Frozen is always a decent alternative.

Stock up on oatmeal in the fall, buy it in bulk when it’s cheapest or look for sales with coupons at the grocery. You might find it on sale during holidays that are known for brunches: Mother’s Day & Easter.


Strawberry Cream Oatmeal Smoothie

Strawberry Cream Oatmeal Smoothie

Strawberry Cream Oatmeal Smoothies taste good and good for you! There is a bit of texture from the oats.

  • Author: mollie kirby
  • Prep Time: 5
  • Total Time: 5
  • Yield: 2 servings


  • 1 cup strawberries, stems removed
  • 1/2 cup oats (cooked or uncooked)
  • 1/2 cup Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup liquid of choice, milk, nut milk, juice, etc,


For a smoother smoothie, if using raw oats, add to blender & pulse until broken to small bits.

Add the rest of the ingredients and blend.

Makes about 2 cups.


This is a great recipe if you happen to have a little oatmeal leftover from a previous day’s breakfast.


I’ll be bringing this recipe to Fiesta Friday #216, The cohosts this week are Petra @ Love Food Eat and Zeba @ Food For The Soul.

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