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Best Hot Chocolate

A double chocolate hot chocolate. Yea - hot chocolate combined with hot cocoa. A perfect indulgence

Tis the season – for hot chocolate. A double chocolate hot chocolate! Deep. Rich. Dark. Chocolate. Real Chocolate. And Cocoa. With Frozen Whipped Cream. Yeah, you heard me right. Frozen Whipped Cream.

Best Hot Chocolate Double Chocolate, Cocoa, real chocolate. cream
The Best Hot Chocolate – Double Chocolate with Frozen Whipped Cream

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Coquito – A Coconut Rum Cocktail

Coquito - Easy Puerto Rican Coconut & Rum Cocktail - make ahead

I kind of fell in love with the Coquito recently. Creamy, frothy, coconut deliciousness laced with Rum and touched with Cinnamon.

Coquito, a creamy, frothy coconut & rum cocktail
Coquito, a creamy, frothy coconut & rum cocktail

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Apple Pie Moonshine

Apple Pie Moonshine - Easy Method with a toned down Alcohol Content. A serving 5 oz has the same alcohol content as a rum and coke.

So Apple Pie Moonshine – I keep seeing photos, and I keep thinking about making it and finally, I got some Everclear. Yeah, Everclear. I try to stay away from that stuff. Something to do with a Scorpions concert at Red Rocks when I was a kid. As a matter of fact, Everclear usually doesn’t even enter my head at all. Not on my radar.

Apple Pie Moonshine
Apple Pie Moonshine

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Build a Better Berry Smoothie

the BEST smoothies with no fiddling! Perfect every time.

You know what I love? Smoothies. And probably you do, too? But what I don’t love? Putzing with them. Adding a bit of this or that, trying to get them thick and luscious but still sippable through a straw.

Build a better Berry Smoothie Cook's Illustrated
Build a better Berry Smoothie Cook’s Illustrated

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California Date Shake

California Date Shakes - I know they sound a little weird if you didn't grow up with them, but they are AMAZING!

Do you ever come across a recipe in a magazine that sounds SOOOO crazy you just know it has to be either completely amazing or an absolute boo hiss? This is one of those crazy recipes that amazes!

California Date Shake
California Date Shake

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Overnight Bloody Marys

Great recipe and everything you need to set up a Bloody Mary party your guests will talk about for years!

Sometimes you just don’t need a lot of words…the photos speak for themselves! But here’s a great little “recipe” for an overnight Bloody Mary. Perfect for a brunch, it can be jazzed up as you wish, but as it stands, most people will enjoy it – that equals to not too hot, but flavorful, or a great starting point, depending on tastes!

Overnight Bloody Mary
Overnight Bloody Mary

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Warm Mulled Cider

Mulled Apple Cider has got to be one of the BEST winter drinks!!

I only know it’s Spring coz I see all recipes out there – asparagus, artichokes, spring peas. *sighs* See, that’s snow outside my window. Better yet, that’s Warm Mulled Cider, inside.

Warm Mulled (Spiced) Cider.
Warm Mulled (Spiced) Cider.

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Irish Cream Recipe – Reverse Engineered

Bailey’s Irish Cream. I still remember my first taste. I was barely legal but didn’t have my licence with me, but I was with my folks, and my Dad, his wife, and their friends vouched for me. That probably doesn’t happen nowadays! They just really thought I should try Bailey’s. I agree, and think everyone should, and why not now, with St. Paddy’s day around the corner?

Bailey's Irish Cream Copycat
Bailey’s Irish Cream Copycat

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Whipped Cream for the Freezer

Freeze Whipped Cream = a great way to have a dollop for hot chocolate or a latte or dessert. Freeze any extra when you have it to avoid waste or whip some up just to freeze.

You might have noticed I don’t like waste and I like to avoid additives. That doesn’t mean I don’t like a little indulgence now and then – like a little whipped cream on a latte or hot chocolate.

Pumpkin Spice Latte
Pumpkin Spice Latte

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