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Caramel Apple Pie Jello Shots

Caramel Apple Pie Jello Shots

Well, as you can see, I’m still in Halloween Party mode and as Halloween gets closer & closer, my treats are getting easier, faster and more doable! But they’re still every bit as delish and fun! Take these very fun Caramel Apple Pie… Read More


How to Make German Rumtopf

How to make German Rumtopf

So have you guys ever heard of German Rumtopf? This post is all about How to Make German Rumtopf. The name means Rum Pot and it’s basically a fruity alcoholic dessert made in a crock. Successive fruits are layered in with sugar… Read More

Healthy Lemon Ginger Barley Water

Healthy Lemon Ginger Barley Water

Have you ever had Barley Water? It’s been made for centuries and extolled for all its health benefits, so I thought it was high time I put a recipe out for my Healthy Lemon Ginger Barley Water. It turns out that Barley… Read More

Best Hot Chocolate

Best Hot Chocolate Double Chocolate, Cocoa, real chocolate. cream

Tis the season – for hot chocolate. A double chocolate hot chocolate! Deep. Rich. Dark. Chocolate. Real Chocolate. And Cocoa. With Frozen Whipped Cream. Yeah, you heard me right. Frozen Whipped Cream.

Coquito – A Coconut Rum Cocktail

Coquito, a creamy, frothy coconut & rum cocktail

I kind of fell in love with the Coquito recently. Creamy, frothy, coconut deliciousness laced with Rum and touched with Cinnamon.

Apple Pie Moonshine

Apple Pie Moonshine

So Apple Pie Moonshine – I kept seeing photos of it, and I kept thinking about making it and finally, I made the leap. If Apple Pie Moonshine hasn’t been on your radar, read on my friend. This is a delish adult… Read More

My Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi

I think I’ve been making Mango Lassis since the first time I ate at an Indian restaurant! What, we need a recipe? Maybe not, but here’s how I make mine.

Build a Better Berry Smoothie

Build a better Berry Smoothie Cook's Illustrated

You know what I love? Smoothies. And probably you do, too? But what I don’t love? Putzing with them. Adding a bit of this or that, trying to get them thick and luscious but still sippable through a straw.

Overnight Bloody Marys

Sometimes you just don’t need a lot of words…the photos speak for themselves! But here’s a great little “recipe” for an overnight Bloody Mary. Perfect for a brunch, it can be jazzed up as you wish, but as it stands, most people… Read More

Warm Mulled Cider

Warm Mulled (Spiced) Cider.

I only know it’s Spring coz I see all recipes out there – asparagus, artichokes, spring peas. *sighs* See, that’s snow outside my window. Better yet, that’s Warm Mulled Cider, inside.