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Several times a month I post a “Bargain Meal” either a full meal or an entree with wiggle room for sides. For five years, it was $5.00 (more or less) for four servings. Starting in 2015 I’m shooting for under $7.50. Sometimes the cost is averaged between two meals – a more expensive main meal and a cheaper secondary one. At times a meal serving more people might cost more, yet “per serving” fit into this category…You’ll probably notice that many of the “Standard American” recipes run higher than ones inspired or based on on those from other cultures or vegetarian meals, and might not offer the nutritional bang for the buck – regardless, I’ll show you shopping “miracles” to keep your cost down.

Asparagus & Chive Frittata – Instant Pot Recipe

So are you guys morning people? Not me. Nope. Not ever. But I love breakfast and brunch dishes any time of day. Here’s a great little Asparagus & Chive Frittata that’s easy enough to make anytime. (Even if you’re only half awake!)

Instant Pot Asparagus & Chive Frittata

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Original Cheese Zombie Sandwiches

It might have been the name that drew me in. The Cheese Zombie. It was the wholehearted endorsement of those who had grown up on Cheese Zombies that hooked me. A Cheese Zombie is a sheet tray of home-made bread layered with an oozy, gooey American cheese and Cheese Zombies are sooo much better than they sound.

The last time I made Zombies, I made 1/3 plain cheese, 1/3 with pickled Jalapenos and 1/3 with ham. The possibilities are endless.

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Ham & Parmesan Risotto (Instant Pot or Stove Top)

I love me some Risotto – how ’bout you? It amazes me how you can take a simple ingredient like rice, add a glug of wine & a few gratings of cheese (plus a bit of this and that) and turn it into a gourmet meal – no make that a gourmet experience – because you get to drink the rest of the wine! Plus plus!

Ham & Parmesan Risotto

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Not Your Father’s Root Beer & Bourbon Glazed Ham

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned Not Your Father’s Root Beer on my blog before – see my Dad and I are pretty wild about it and split one every now and then. So when Dad said he’d like a ham, I immediately (and selflessly, I might add) sacrificed a bottle. Of his, of course, lol! (Fyi: plain old root beer will work in this recipe, too.)

Not Your Fathers Root Beer & Bourbon Glazed Ham

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Southwestern Steak Salad

I think I might have been a little cruel this last week. I’ve been mercilessly teasing you with this Southwestern Steak Salad on some of my prior posts. It’s seriously delish. Seriously noteworthy. You’ll need to make this one; it has something for everyone.

Southwestern Steak Salad with Avocado Cilantro Lime Dressing & Roasted Corn & Black Bean Salsa

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Carne Asada Steak Tacos

You’ve all heard me talking about my folks and their love for steak – and I think I’m being corrupted a bit! This Carne Asada is a steak I fell pretty hard for, done up today in taco form.

Carne Asada for Steak Tacos (or whatever else you’d like to make!)

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Classic Quaker Oats Meatloaf

This really is an old-school classic meatloaf. Just plain cookin’ & hardly anything to making it at all. It’s one of those recipes that really makes you appreciate the taste of FOOD.

Quaker Oats Classic Meatloaf

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