Mostly or All Meatless Meals

While some of these meals are Vegetarian based, others might, with a few simple substitutions (for instance, vegetable broth for chicken) be easily adapted. You’ll find other Vegetarian dishes under Soups and I have several Main Dish Salads & Bowls.

Asparagus RisottoAsparagus Risotto: A classic Italian dish of rice, wine, broth and cheese, this method makes gorgeous, creamy Risotto without constant babysitting. Just a few quick stirs every few minutes.

Baked Ziti xBaked Ziti or Penne: Generally vegetarian (sausage can be added) and very cheap this ubiquitous little casserole can run the gamut from excellent to bleh. A few hints can make sure yours is the former!

ChickpeasChickpeas: These are not your regular old Chickpeas! Steeped in herbs and aromatics as they cook, with all the helps and hints you’ll need to make the creamiest chickpeas ever.

Chile Rellanos xChile Rellanos:  These are the classic old school Rellanos: stuffed with cheese, dipped in egg batter, and swimming in a perky sweet/sour sauce. Better than any I’ve had at a restaurant.

Creamy Cauliflower Mac & Cheese xCreamy Cauliflower Mac & Cheese: A Mark Bittman work over, the Cauliflower has a naturally sharp taste that mimics the sharpness of a white Vermont Cheddar. Talk about “stealth” veggies!

Cold Asian Noodle Salad xCold Asian Peanut Noodle Salad: Cool, creamy, crunchy, with the faintest hint of spice, there couldn’t be a better summer dish. This is heavy on veggies and light on the noodles.

Fried Rice xFried Rice, Asian Grandmother Style:Try my recipe and I’ll be flattered, but I’ll give all the credit to the Asian Grandmother’s Blog. Pat made me a hero, and she’ll make you one, too.

Garden Tomato TartGarden Tomato Tart: Don’t even begin to confuse this with pizza; the crust is like cheese straws and the intensity of flavor is amazing. Serve as a light meal with a salad or soup.

ultimate-macaroni-cheese-3The Ultimate Macaroni & Cheese with Herbed Topping: This is one amazing Mac & Cheese – after decades of “hit” and “misses” this one earns a place in my recipe box!

pasta with tuna and tomatoes xPasta with Tuna and Tomatoes: When the temperatures are soaring and the tomatoes are coming in, its nice to serve a simple pasta dish. This is really a salad, and the tuna may be left for a Vegetarian.

Pan Roasted Tomatoes xPan Roasted Cherry Tomatoes: These are an easy, five-minute side for any simple dish, but are also amazingly versatile. Throw them over pasta, in a salad, top a crostini. You’ll find a zillion uses for them.

Pesto xPesto: If you grow your own basil, this is an amazingly inexpensive sauce to prepare for a pasta dinner. Of course, Pesto has many other possibilities – over crostini is another of my favorites.

pesto pasta salad xPesto Pasta Salad with Grilled Vegetables: This salad is heavy on the vegetables, light on the pasta, and has a gorgeous pesto dressing. Sprinkled with pine nuts and tossed with beans for complete protein.

Quick Marinara1xQuick Marinara: A rich, full bodied Marinara that’s out of this world fantastic, and best of all fresh tasting! A little wine, a few herbs and a couple cans of tomato! You’ll look like a genius!

Rajas Con Crema xRajas con Crema: Mild Roasted peppers, and sweet potatoes simmered for a few minutes in cream. Often served with cheese mixed in, they can be rich or can be served simply. They’re fantastic.

ratatouille xRatatouille: A lovely mélange of summer’s bounty, the best thing about Ratatouille is that it can be made with what ever vegetables you love. The method is the key thing to take from this recipe.

cauliflower-steaksRoasted Cauliflower Steaks with Chermoula Sauce: You’ll have to visit A Pug in the Kitchen for this marvelous vegetarian meal. A special spice blend and oven roasting transforms basic cauliflower.

Quick Tomato Sauce xSimple, Quick Tomato Sauce: This super versatile sauce comes together quickly and can be used in any number of dishes or simply served over pasta. This fresh sauce  defies the 20 minute time.

spanaSpanakopita: This dish is an absolute showstopper and something to keep in mind when serving Vegetarians. Lovely Feta and Pine nuts provide the protein for the meal, and it’s chock full of spinach.

Sparrow Tavern's Veggie Burger1 xSparrow Tavern’s Veggie Burger: A burger even carnivores love, ripped off from a Diner’s, Drive-Ins & Dive’s episode. Truly delicious, crunchy outside, and a flavor so good you wouldn’t expect it!

Stuffed VegetablesxStuffed Vegetables: These aren’t your Grandma’s stuffed vegetables, unless your Grandma was a health nut…beautiful vegetables, a bulgar/vegetable filling topped with Parmesan.

squash2 xSummer Squashes with Herbed Yogurt Sauce: Flavorful, tasty, delish! It wasn’t until I made this a few times that I realized what a great main dish it was – It would be wonderful paired with a chewy grain.

thai-pineapple-fried-rice-3Thai Pineapple Fried Rice with Kale: A beautiful dish full of healthy ingredients – and the surprise is how the savory, lightly caramelized pineapple flavors the dish. You’ll fall in love!

Three Cheese Enchiladas7Three Cheese Enchiladas with Braised Pork and Ranchero Sauce: Whether you make them leaner or oooey gooey cheesy, these are a world class dish! Leave out the pork for a vegetarian meal.

Tomato Pie, adapted from Emeril LagasseCheesy Tomato and Vidalia Pie: This is oh, so delicious and really a work of art. Assembly goes easy with a game plan but allow plenty of time for the Cajun pie crust which needs to chill.

Vibrant Vegetarian Casserole xVibrant Vegetarian Casserole: One of my favorites, the vegetables are done to a crisp/tender perfection and the whisper of cheese sprinkled over the top only enhances, and doesn’t “drown.”

White Bean Ragout xWhite Bean Ragout over Garlic Toast: Beans on Toast was a depression era dish, but this lovely Italian styled dish has little in common – other than the fact it still is a budget meal. Lovely, bright, vibrant.

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