Rice Meals

A few of our favorite meals based on rice or classically served with or over rice as a part of the meal. Rice always comes in at a budget; even most of the “fancier” imported rices don’t usually break the bank.

Asparagus RisottoAsparagus Risotto: A classic Italian dish of rice, wine, broth and cheese, this method makes gorgeous, creamy Risotto without constant babysitting. Just a few quick stirs every few minutes.

Fried Rice xFried Rice, Asian Grandmother Style: By all means, try my recipe and I’ll be flattered, but I’ll give all the credit to the Asian Grandmother’s Blog. Her advice made me a hero!

Ham & Parmesan Risotto: This may be my new fave way to use a little leftover ham, but you’d never guess it by the rich, silky final dish. Make this Risotto stove-top or instant pot.

jambalaya xJambalaya: An absolute classic and every bit as good as many of the other “world-class” rice dishes, a melange of vegetables, sausage, chicken and rice is simmered to a lovely perfection.

paella3xPoor Man’s Paella: A great example of a marvelous dish using every day ingredients. This is a chicken paella, but instructions included to upgrade, too, by using Chorizo and Shrimp.

pork larb xPork Larb with Sticky Rice: Larb is a wonderfully flavored salad that can be made with almost any protein, full of herbs, loaded with finely shredded fresh vegetables, it’s a feast.

Red Beans & Rice xRed Beans and Rice: Silky beans simmered with sausage, this New Orlean’s classic is absolutely full of down home flavor, and couldn’t cost less. Makes a huge pot but freezes well.

shrimp-risottoRoasted Red Pepper & Shrimp Risotto: A very special dish that makes the most of a few shrimp. Plus an easy method to make Risotto! It doesn’t have to be that hard – and there’s no need to slave away!

thai-pineapple-fried-rice-3Thai Pineapple Fried Rice with Kale: A beautiful dish full of healthy ingredients – and the surprise is how the savory, lightly caramelized pineapple flavors the dish. You’ll fall in love!

Vibrant Vegetarian Casserole xVibrant Vegetarian Casserole: One of my favorites, this has a bit of a twist that cooks the brown rice perfectly. The vegetables are done to a crisp/tender perfection and the whisper of cheese sprinkled over the top only enhances.

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