Fish & Seafood Main Dishes

A few of our family’s favorite ways to serve fish and seafood, and of course this wouldn’t be a budget blog without a Tuna Casserole or two. Remember to eat as low on the food chain as possible and limit the larger fish like tuna and shark.

  • pasta with tuna and tomatoes xPasta with Tuna and Tomatoes: When the temperatures are soaring and the tomatoes are coming in, its nice to serve a simple pasta dish and not heat up the oven.
  • Salmon BurgersSalmon Burgers: A few nifty little tricks produce a substantial salmon burger made from fresh salmon that holds together and tastes fantastic! It’s good with or without a bun.
  • salmon-en-papillote3Salmon en Papillote: Love this fancy looking dish – the parchment holds in all the flavor, and that flavor is incredible! The sherry is gorgeous with the salmon and rice. Quick, easy, healthy.
  • Salmonchanted Evening: Salmon fillets en Papiotte with an Asian twist. These are sauced with a teriyaki done in the Japanese style. Very easy, minutes to put together and minutes to cook & fun.
  • Shrimp & Grits with Cajun GastriqueShrimp & Grits: A Southern staple this one starts out normally but ends up with a wild amount of flavor – due both to the Cajun spices and a Cajun gastrique. Truly phenomenal.
  • Shrimp Etouffee: A Naw’lins favorite, this utter deliciousness is a perfect way to stretch a little shrimp to feed a family. It’s only a little spicy, but do pass the hot sauce.
  • tilapia xTilapia with Crusted Herb Topping: Bright, fresh, lemony and, well, herby, this recipe works well with any kind of fish. The simple herb and bread crumb crust bakes up crispy and crunchy.
  • Tuna with Bean & Tomato2Tuna with Bean and Tomato Salad: Gorgeous Green beans, perfectly cooked, lovely tomatoes, white beans and Tuna are paired with one of the most amazing dressings. Simple, fresh.
  • canned salmon1 xCanned Salmon: What to do with that Can of Salmon Lurking in the Pantry. A quick post on how to clean it up and some suggestions on how to use it. Cost comparisons, too.

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