Irish Pub Salad, bibb lettuce, pickled beets, and amazing dressing topped with bleu cheese

40 Plus Recipes For St. Patrick’s Day

40 Plus Recipes For St. Patrick\'s Day

I’m already thinking about St. Paddy’s Day, are you? I bet if you love corned beef as much as I do, you might be! I haven’t decided yet what to make for this year; maybe another cocktail or two? Maybe a shake and I’m thinking about more ways to use leftover corned beef? In the meantime, here are 40 Plus Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day.


Some of these recipes are 100 percent, Irish, others Irish-American and a few are just native to pretty much all of Great Britain. And a couple of them? Just close enough! All are fun and delish – and if you like a little horseradish sauce with your corned beef, that’s here, too. Don’t judge! I am the Frugal Hausfrau, after all! 🙂

You’ll find some ideas for any leftover corned beef and leftover stew, so save a bit back, if you can and you’ll be rewarded!

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40 Plus Recipes for St. Patrick's Day might have just what you're looking for! If you love St. Paddys as much as I do check it out. Both Irish & Irish American Recipes. It's ALL good! #IrishRecipes StPaddysRecipes #StPatricksDayRecipes #IrishFood #StPaddysFood #CornedBeef #Bailyscopycat


I hope you enjoyed visiting and found recipes for St. Patricks Day that interested you. Do stop back from time to time as I’m always adding and updating. Remember, sharing is caring! If you like this or know someone who would be interested, pin and/or share and happy St. Patrick’s Day.




16 thoughts on “40 Plus Recipes For St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Joanne Boughman

    Oh Mollie

    You have helped me look so good to some friends and neighbors with your collection of St Patrick’s Day recipes. We are all standing up and clapping….
    The feast included Connemarra soup, beer cheese bread, Irish pub salad, and your whiskey marmalade corned beef. If I could feed more people I would try so many more in your collection.
    I hope you don’t get tired of me saying how much I appreciate your hard work, coz you make my work so easy.

    Thank you again,
    A devoted fan….Joanne

    • FrugalHausfrau

      Thanks so much for all your kind words! Sounds like you had a full on celebration! Happy St. Paddy’s belated!

  2. Joanne

    Hi Mollie,
    I have found my St Patty Day Feast right on these pages.
    Gonna try some new things thanks to you. As always, thank you for your continual inspiration and hard work.

    • You’re sure welcome! That cake is so good – it just tastes so rich with the Guinness and I love the texture, a little crispier around the edges and substantial. 🙂 I haven’t made a lot of recipes from Nigella, but have loved all the ones I have.

  3. Yeah! St. Patrick’s Day!! I feel that it often gets overlooked as the stores move directly from Valentine’s Day to Easter (seriously, how fast can they change those candy displays!). Thanks for giving some Irish love to the rest of us 🙂

    • I feel the same way!! And I don’t go out and party and get in the crowds now that I’m so old (or at least it feels I am this time of year with the wet, damp weather) so it’s more fun to make something at home and celebrate that way. I still love St. Paddys, only differently now!

  4. Great compilation. I don’t usually do anything St Paddy’s themed unless I’m really bored. I think a Guinness beef stew and Irish soda bread is as far as I’ve gone. 🙂

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