Saving on Saint Patrick’s Day

So you’re not Irish? It doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the sales at the grocery store. And if you want to celebrate it like the real Irish Catholics, go to Mass, enjoy the parade, and go home to a humble dinner and an evening with your loved ones. Leave the heavy partying to the 20 some things…well, maybe one beer!

Saint Patrick, photo from Intersection Victoria

Many times, depending on the timing of Easter, sales for St. Paddy’s Day will overlap with the sales for Lent and Easter, so you’ll want to check that link out. Also, St. Paddy’s Day sales might not be advertised. Here’s what to look for!


Corned Beef will be on sale, but Lamb and Chuck Roasts are also popular around St. Patrick’s, for stews and more. Your big box store is a great place to look for bargain-priced lamb. Stock up and freeze the items you love and enjoy the savings all summer long.

  • Corned Beef: usually at a low of $1.89 to $1.99 a pound – if you like Corned Beef, it’s a great time to pick up several. They’ll last for weeks in the fridge and a good year in a freezer. That’s a great value budget protein! Sometimes you’ll find Corned Beef even cheaper after St. Patrick’s. It depends on how your store deals with any left.
  • Salmon & Fish: It’s very likely you’ll find several sales on Salmon and other fish, perhaps other seafood on sale.
  • Roast & Stew Meats: Depending on your area, Chuck Roast might be on sale, and you may very well find specials where if you buy Chuck or cut up stew meat, you’ll have a discount on potatoes & carrots.
  • Lamb is becoming more popular and available. See if there isn’t great pricing. Often spring, around Easter and St. Patrick’s is the only time I can find lamb at my store.


  • Look for rock-bottom prices on cabbage, onions, carrots, and potatoes. Since all of these items last very well, think about picking up extra to use during the next few weeks.
  • Lettuces are often at a great sales price.
  • Sauerkraut is also on sale, the lowest you’ll find it all year. It keeps forever and even opened, can be stored in a jar in the fridge for a long, long time. Save the brine when straining and then use it as the storing liquid.


You’re very likely to see sales prices on pumpernickel, Rye, and Marbled Breads. Soda Bread may be in the store as well – but keep in mind it is easily made for pennies.


Now is the time to stock up on anything that’s considered “Irish” whether it’s actually Irish or not! Pick a couple of your favorite stores and sign up for their sales emails. A smart shopper will think not only about the party they’re going to, but what they might enjoy in the future.

  • Liquor: You’ll find discounts on all the Irish Whiskeys
  • Liqueur: Of course Bailey’s and all the Bailey’s’ copycats will be on sale!
  • Beer: Irish or not, you’re going to find great competitive pricing for all kinds of beer!


Don’t forget to set aside a bit of your Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner for leftovers – Stretching the leftovers on a big roast like Corned Beef allows you to average the cost over more than one meal.

I think I might not hesitate to stab a greedy family member in the hand with the serving fork if they were attempting to eat the last bit of Corned Beef and deprived me of any leftovers!

Especially if I’ve had a beer or two…

If you made it this far, what am I missing, guys? What bargains do you look for in this extended Holiday season?

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