Super Bowl Grocery Savings

Super Bowl Savings

Did you know it’s claimed that Super Bowl Sunday, although not an official “Holiday” is the 2nd biggest “Food Holiday” with only Thanksgiving ranking higher? I’m not sure how that figure was come by, but there is no doubt that the Super Bowl produces a glut of sales to take advantage of starting several weeks ahead.


Even if you're not a football fan, you'll be a fan of the sales once you learn to leverage those savings to your advantage! See what's likely to be on sale (it's not just party food) when it might be at a great price again, and get an idea of how much you should buy, what to avoid and how to save the most money on these items! #HolidayGrocerySales #SaveMoneyOnGroceries #HowToBuySmart #SaveMoneyOnGroceriesSuperBowl #SaveMoneySuperBowl

Before we proceed: Long post alert! I promised years ago I would never write incomplete cutesy articles that only give you the breezy easy answers or make you click and click to get the information you need. So fair warning! And FYI: You’ll find links at the bottom of the page for other holidays.

Football fan or no, it would be wise to be aware of what’s on sale and stock up on items your family will use in the next few weeks to months. And these days, it’s not just “party food” that’s on sale during the Super Bowl (though there will be plenty of it) but maybe some surprises. I’m excited to highlight the best deals.

The next great “Food Holiday” will be Easter with very particular items on sale during Lent (hint: the best time to buy fish & seafood) but there will only a few minor food holidays driving great sales between. There’s Valentine’s Day, then Mardi Gras which usually ties into Easter & Lent, March Madness, and St. Patrick’s Day.

That makes the Super Bowl your “last chance” event, at least for a while, to pick up many items at a great price.

The ad at my local store!

Back in the day, the best grocery pricing was always AFTER an event so stores could get rid of surplus. That’s usually not so these days, with only a few exceptions. The competition is high before any holiday. Those clever grocers want to lure you in with a few rock bottom sale prices in the weeks prior to the Super Bowl and hope you’ll buy everything else you need there, whether it’s on sale or not. They hope since you are already spending extra $$ on groceries for the event that you won’t be stocking up on their sale items.

“Party” weeks like this can stress ya out, especially if you’re on a budget! Been there, done that. There’s all the regular cooking and shopping for the week and on top of it? Extra work, extra time, extra expense. Maybe you have food days at work, potlucks, parties, tailgating or maybe you’re hosting your own event?



Shift your mind to open up to the possibility that if you can shop around and focus on cherry-picking the Super Bowl Sales for what you need for the Super Bowl AND pick up extra for the next few weeks or months, you can come out financially ahead.

If you know what to look for and if you have an idea of when those items might be on sale again, you can stock up appropriately. That’s Super Bowl for the win! If you’re a couponer, paper or electronic, producers will likely glut the market with coupons (electronic & paper) and combined with sale prices this can make for an even sweeter deal.

Here’s what to look for on sale during the Super Bowl! Keep in mind that some stores (most ads come out on Sundays or Wednesdays) will pull out a “Hail Mary” and toss out a last-minute ad for Thursday or Friday through Saturday. Playing the “grocery market” is like playing the stock market; these are my picks and best advice; your good judgment should prevail.



You’re going to find a variety of meats, both fresh and frozen (frozen will be covered in its own section) as well as already prepared options ready to heat and all sorts of smoked items. Some of this might vary by region. During the Super Bowl, Pork rules, although there will be plenty of other options to satisfy almost anyone.

First of all, many “Prepared Options” may be on sale but will likely be much more than if you make a similar item at home. Do whatcha have to, but know you will paying a premium price for anything prepared, even when it’s a sale price.

Pork Items:

  • Think Pork Butt or Shoulder (sometimes loin). While there may be “pop up” or sporadic sales on some of these items, you are not likely to find great pricing on Shoulder and especially Loin again at a great price until around Easter.
  • Ribs will be on sale, both ready to heat as well as in the meat case. While the ready to heat is never a good value, ribs you cook yourself are rock bottom during the Super Bowl sales. If you love ribs and can make room (they’re bulky) in your freezer, stock up with enough to last until summer.
  • Smoked Sausages like Summer Sausage, meant to be sliced and served, are likely to be at a rock bottom price, and though there will be sales likely around March Madness & Easter, they probably won’t be at another low until fall. Stock up and freeze. Hint: Save a bundle & make your own meat/cheese/cracker trays.
  • Pepperoni, both sliced and links will usually be at a low for the year. If it is, it’s a good bet to stock up for the year if you make items like pizza. Pepperoni freezes very well.
  • Bacon and Breakfast Sausage is usually on sale during every holiday. Get in the habit of picking up several packages as you see it at a low, just enough to last to the next holiday.
  • Link Sausages, Raw or Smoked are likely going to be at the best price until the Summer Holiday sales and then at best pricing during the fall. Buy enough to last until summer, but only if the sale is a great one; they’re an item that does go on sale sporadically, although the sales this time of year until summer can be iffy.
  • Rope Sausage will likely be on sale, but there may or may not be great prices around Mardi Gras. Best Pricing is in the fall. Use your judgment.
  • Hot Dogs are usually at a low, but on sale sporadically. Use your judgment but if you use them regularly it would be a great idea to stock up if the price is right; they don’t take up much room and stack easily in the freezer.

Where’s The Beef:

  • Brisket is likely to be at a great price, although in many areas it can be pricey. When the next great price is available depends on your area but likely Easter and then maybe during Summer Holidays.
  • Ground Beef is going to be at a super sale, different percentages in different sales leading up to the Super Bowl. If you aren’t particular about the percentage you’ll more opportunities for sale pricing. There’s no doubt though, this will likely be the best pricing until March Madness and then Summer and possibly the best pricing of the year.
  • Premade burgers, both fresh and frozen will be an item. The pricing per pound is never as low as ground beef of the same percentage on sale, the quality is usually never as good. They just aren’t a good value, but I get they’re easy & pre-portioned. Stock up now while they’re at a low if you use them. They probably won’t be at a rock bottom price again until Memorial Day.
  • Premium already “mixed up” burgers filled with cheese and so on are often at a low around the Super Bowl. There is no doubt they’re delish but not a great value, even on sale. Consider mixing up your own. The next great sale will likely be Valentine’s day.
  • Usually, there will be a steak or two at a great price; many steaks will be less around Valentine’s Day, although the time of the year to stock up is between Christmas and New Year’s. Summer holiday sales may have some good pricing, though not usually rock bottom. The biggest exception to this “rule” is flank and skirt which might be at a great price.
  • Cheaper Roasts might be on sale, the pricing isn’t typically great during any holiday. Stock up in January and February when roasts are priced to move; the market is at a glut because these cuts are what’s left after all the Christmas Roasts & New Year’s & Valentine’s Day steaks are sold. During the months moving forward, the prices on the cheaper roasts usually rise and sales become more unpredictable, and during summer a good portion of these cuts are used for Ground Beef. Use your judgment at how good the sale price is and stock up if it’s great.

Chicken & Poultry:

  • We’re talking Wings, Wings, Wings. They can be tricky to price out with so many options ranging from precooked, to fresh and bags of frozen. See my post on Chicken Wings – Comparing Prices. It’s likely you won’t see wings cheaper until the next Super Bowl.
  • Typically, chicken breasts aren’t usually at a low during the Super Bowl Sales, but legs & thighs often are. Stock up if you see rock bottom pricing. There will be good pricing after Easter, too.
  • Items like chicken tenders and nuggets (see frozen, too) are big sellers. They may very well be at a low for the year, although after Easter is also a great time to stock up. All those “layers” for the Easter eggs will no longer have a purpose after Easter. Know your prices, highs and lows, and stock up if it’s a great one, especially if you serve them regularly. These are items that are usually much cheaper if made at home rather than bought frozen.

Fish & Seafood:

Usually, every holiday will have at least some frozen and/or fresh Shrimp & Salmon on sale. If you’re going to use them for the party or want some for dinner, buy, but don’t stock up; We’re coming up on Valentine’s Day when there might be specials but the best pricing of the year is usually during Lent. That’s when you want to stock up in quantity to last until the Winter holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.

  • Some of the largest sales will be on the premade Shrimp and Cocktail sauce “rings.”
  • If you want convenience, buy them but keep in mind while they are convenient, and hey, any shrimp is good, these often have been frozen, aren’t as tasty as other shrimp, even frozen that’s been carefully thawed, and usually incredibly pricy when compared to buying by the sales priced bags. If you have time, make your own.



The Super Bowl has a special opportunity; if you’re not already stocked up for the year on condiments bought during the great Summer holiday sales, you might have a last chance. Many basic condiments go on sale around the Super Bowl, though the prices aren’t usually rock bottom.

There’s always the occasional outlier but the main exceptions are vinegar, plain and fancy, which are usually at a low around Easter, and possibly pickle relish and specialty items like olives, which will probably be on sale then, too. One disclaimer: In recent years grocers are becoming savvier about March Madness and may have some sales.

Basic Condiments:

  • If you don’t have enough to last until summer, watch for sales on Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonaisse, Pickles, Pickle Relish, Hot Sauces, Barbecue Sauce, & Worcestershire Sauce.
  • You will always find the best pricing on these items during Summer, usually around the Holiday Sales. You will probably want to stock up for the year, then, so buy enough to get your through, now.

Other condiments:

  • You may find good pricing on Cocktail Sauce, Horse Radish, and Salad Dressings.
  • All three will be on sale again around Easter (Cocktail Sauce might be on sale during Valentine’s Day Sales) and Salad Dressings are usually on sale around every Holiday. Buy in limited quantities.

Specialty Items:

  • Olives, Capers, Hot Pickle Mixes along with other items might be on sale.
  • Buy if the price is great, but if you can wait it out, the prices will likely be better around Easter.

Packets & Mixes:

  • Although not really “condiments” you might see dip mixes, chili & taco packets on sale.
  • If you use these items, stock up in limited quantity, especially on the chili mixes. The dip mixes will likely be on sale again during March Madness and Easter, taco mixes will likely be on sale at a stock up price around Cinco de Mayo. Hint: Making things from scratch is easy & so much cheaper.


  • Real Maple Syrup & Maple Flavored Syrup may be on sale but will be on sale around just about every holiday.
  • You’ll find rock bottom pricing around Easter & Mother’s day, wait it out if you can or only buy enough to last until Easter. If you use the standard (not pure) Maple-flavored syrups, just mix up your own with brown sugar, water, maybe a dab of butter. Add a little extract if you wish.




  • Packaged Grocery Cheese of all types will be on sale.
  • Watch for the rock bottom pricing in your area and pick up in quantity when you see it, enough to last until March Madness. Hint: Keep an eye on the ounces in each package. Shredded, sliced and grated may contain different amounts.

Specialty Cheeses:

  • I call many of the cheeses near the deli “near deli cheese” and you’re likely to find all kinds of sales on things like wedges of Parmesan, goat cheese, Feta and so on.
  • If they’re wrapped, it’s likely you’ll find coupons in the form of  “hang tags” around. Always pick them up and wait it out for a sale. Check the producer’s site, too. Buy in limited quantity; they will likely be on sale at Easter, too.

Velveeta & American:

  • Both the store brands and name brand, in blocks and slices, will likely be on sale, probably rock bottom for the year.
  • If you use, look for coupons on Velveeta and stock up heavily if it’s at a great price. In my area, grocery store cheese at a low is about $1.99 for 8 ounces, $4.00 a pound. Compare the pricing of Velveeta by dividing it in half; it’s more than $4.00 real cheese is a better value.

Cheese Curds:

  • While cheese curds may be on sale, probably at rock bottom pricing the value might not be great.
  • Buy if you need but do watch the per pound pricing; substitute with other cheese if possible. Keep in mind the $4.00 per pound sale price on block cheese.

Prepared Items:

  • Sides like Baked Beans, Potato salad, Cole Slaw, Macaroni or other Pasta Salad, appetizers like Wings, Spinach Artichoke, Buffalo Chicken, Asian, Guacamole, Hummus, Pimento Cheese and any trays of food like deli cheese trays, maybe fried chicken and prepared subs are all going to be on sale.
  • Don’t fall for it; while these aren’t ever “stock up” items, I gotta mention how pricey they are. If you’re on a budget, avoid them like the plague & figure out how to make them at home.

Dairy Items:

  • It’s likely Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, Butter, Whipping Cream will all be on sale.
  • Buy, if you need, in enough quantity to last until Easter, when the sales will be just as good, if not better. All have long shelf life in the fridge; freeze the butter. Check Aldi for all these items; they may be less than the grocery store sales price. Note that the amount of whipped cream in a can is minuscule compared to what you can make yourself from a carton; you might need it, but it’s generally not the best value.

Lunch Meats:

  • Big sandwiches are huge for the Super Bowl; there will be rock bottom specials on lunchmeat in the deli and refrigerator case. Use your best judgment; know your pricing and if it’s low enough you might want to stock up but keep in mind once frozen, lunch meat can be “wet” when it’s thawed.
  • Honestly, I so rarely buy; even on sale for the same per pound price, I can buy a sales price roast, steak, or salmon so it doesn’t qualify as a good buy for me. I get though, it’s easy to “stretch” in sandwiches.

King’s Hawaiian:

  • This specialty bread will likely be at a great price.
  • If you use regularly or plan on using in the near future, check for coupons and buy. Chuck it in the freezer. It will likely be on sale again during March Madness and then Easter.



More than any holiday, junk food rules for the Super Bowl!! Most holidays will have sales, so keep in mind if you can “time” your urges, overall, you’ll save money on your indulgences. Junk food is pricey, even on sale and dollar for dollar, we spend more on junk food than almost anything else other than prepared items. There is a reason packages don’t come in “pounds” and that’s because it’s too easy to compare to other foods.

I don’t know of anyone who “stocks” up on junk food. Maybe we don’t admit we indulge enough to plan for it, or maybe we hope that we won’t indulge. Some are bulky and can be tempting, so it might not be easy to store. Some typical junk food is covered in Frozen Foods. Here I’m talking bagged, boxed, canned and jarred.

Breakfast Cereal:

  • Many holidays have good sales prices on cereal, name brand or generic.
  • Buy it if you use it and need it, enough to wait out the next great sale. If you keep it on hand, you probably already know the score: The best sales “pop up” sporadically and are often clustered in grocery ads, buy so many get $ back. Apply coupons (there are always coupons online, at producer’s sites & paper) for rock bottom prices. Generally, these sales are cheaper than generic or store brands and/or holiday sales.

Bagged Chips, Pretzels & Such:

  • All of these items will be on sale weeks leading up to the Superbowl.
  • These are usually on sale during every holiday. If they are a regular item at your house and you have the ability to ration them out, buy extra.

Crackers & Cookies:

  • Both will likely be on sale, especially crackers of all sorts.
  • Stock up if the sales are great, in enough quantity to get your through to Easter.

Salsa, Bean Dip, Cheese & Queso Sauces:

  • Many of these will be at rock bottom pricing.
  • Stock up if you use them, but only in enough quantity to last until Cinco de Mayo when the sales will be just as good. Homemade versions always cost less.

Taco Shells & Kits:

  • Both shells and kits will probably be on sale.
  • If you use them, but only in enough quantity to last until Cinco de Mayo when the sales will probably be better. Hint: If you can forgo the hard shell, assembling your own ingredients from corn tortillas is going to save $.


  • You’ll likely see some bagged and jarred nuts and mixes on sale, but there is one to watch for. Many of our pistachios come from Australia and are usually in season around the Super Bowl. Watch out for this potentially pricey item to be on sale January through February and often priced low to move.
  • Generally jarred nuts are not the best bargain, although tasty. They may be bought to be set out for snacking but often used in recipes like the famous Chex mix. Consider instead looking for better bargains in the bagged nuts.



It never hurts to check your store’s bakery as well as the bread aisle. Often your bakery will beat out the larger producers in price.


  • You are likely to find buns galore on sale, brat & hot dog, burger, slider buns.
  • Generally, these are at rock bottom pricing but many go on sale often. You might pick up a few and freeze short term for family dinners. Check both the aisle and the bakery. Hawaiian rolls are under Deli & Dairy.


  • Corn & Flour Tortillas, depending on where you live, should be at a great price.
  • Both can be frozen short term but be especially careful with the corn tortillas. Your next sale will usually be around March Madness with Cinco de Mayo following, so you might pick up an extra package or two. Hint: Check throughout the store, in the refrigerator cases, end caps, near the bread, and in the Mexican/Latino section of your store and compare prices.

Brownies, Bars, Baked Items:

  • They will be on sale, but many rotate in and out of sale regularly.
  • There is no doubt people buy these. My recommendation, budget-wise? Even on sale avoid like the plague.



While Condiments & Junk Food are listed elsewhere, here are some of the things to watch for and stock up on if the price is great.

Canned Beans:

  • Look for Baked Beans, Chili Beans, Kidney Beans, Refried Beans and others all at a great price.
  • It’s likely that some of these will be on sale for March Madness and others for Cinco de Mayo, but Baked Beans may not be at a low until the Summer Sales. Stock up on any that are at a fabulous price, in enough quantity to last to the next sale or until summer is at its peak.

Rotel & Mexican Items:

  • Rotel Tomatoes, Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce, cans of Green Chilis and Jalapenos will be at a low.
  • Buy in enough quantity to last until Cinco de Mayo when they will be on sale again.

Sloppy Joes & Canned Chili:

  • Items like the Canned Chili (beans or no beans) may be at their best pricing of the year.
  • If you use these (I am all of a sudden craving Chili Dogs and everything will be on sale) stock up if the price is right; figure out how much you’ll use and buy appropriately. Hint: Sloppy Joes are pretty easy to make homemade w/o cans or packets.

Cream of Soups:

  • Cream of Soups will likely be on sale.
  • The price will likely be good, not great. Buy what you need on sale keeping in mind better pricing will be around Easter, with many sales around holidays, especially the winter ones.

Canned Tomatoes:

  • You might find various tomato products on sale.
  • Pick up what you need for the next few weeks if the price is great. The prices will not generally be rock bottom, but sales are sporadic and unpredictable. These are an item I pick up throughout the year when I see rock bottom pricing, keeping my pantry stocked.



There will be deals galore on all kinds of junk food!! If you’re into it, stock your freezer. Hold off on fish and seafood for the better sales during Lent and only stock up on chicken products like nuggets and tenders if they’re rock bottom. There may be great sales after Easter after there is no longer need for so many of the layers.

Cherry-pick other sales for items you like; so many are on sale, too many to list, and it’s best to buy at a low rather than pay through the nose later! Don’t pass on the pizza, meatballs and chicken wings if you use these items!


  • The pricing will likely be one of the best of the year.
  • If you eat it, stock up if it’s at rock bottom! Pizza does go on sale regularly so know your prices. Look for coupons for an even better deal, if sold out, ask for rainchecks.

Frozen Meatballs:

  • Bags of these are usually rock bottom around the Super Bowl.
  • Don’t think of these as just a party food; if you use them for other dishes buy extra. Personally, just like burgers, it’s normally cheaper to buy ground beef and pork on sale and make your own, but know how much you use of these products and buy it at a low.

Chicken Wings:

  • Look for rock bottom pricing around the Super Bowl.
  • Know how to shop and compare pricing! Check my Guide on Buying Chicken Wings. If you make chicken wings often, stock up & fill your freezer if the price is great. They’re no longer cheap, especially when a great price for chicken thighs is 69 cents a pound and breast 99 cents a pound, so take advantage of the sales price if it’s great.

Frozen Fish & Seafood:

  • Bags of all kinds of seafood ill be on sale.
  • There may be great prices but prices will likely be better during Valentine’s Day on some items and Lent on others. Buy only what you need to last.

Ice Cream (and related products):

  • If you love ice cream and related products, toppings and so on, they are usually at great prices.
  • If it’s a regular item at your house it might be worth buying a little extra; it will be on sale prior to almost any holiday and regularly throughout the year.



Several vegetables always seem to be on sale around the Super Bowl, especially ones that translate into “party” food. If they’re ones that last for a while, buy a little extra.

  • Look for Avocados & Tomatoes and pick up in various stages of ripeness.
  • All kinds of peppers will be on sale and last for a week or so. Pick up a couple of extra if they are at a low. Have stuffed peppers. Roast and freeze all kinds if the price is great.
  • Mushrooms are likely on sale; buy extra, turn the package upside down to store and poke several holes in the bottom.
  • Green Onion are on a low almost any holiday. Don’t forget to stick the ends in water or dirt and regrow.
  • Carrots, Celery, Cabbage store well for a couple of weeks. Pick up if at a great price. Close up the end of the celery package and it will last longer.
  • Lemons and limes may be at a low and last for a couple of weeks if kept out of moisture.

Things that will be on sale, but still likely cost more than if you buy the veggies and prepare yourself:

Salad & all kinds of slaw mixes:

  • These items are often on sale in the week prior to any holiday.
  • Even on sale often 4 to 10 times the cost of making your own. If you use, sturdy ones might last into the next week.

Fruit & Veggie Trays:

  • A whole array of these may be on sale.
  • Frankly, I’m only mentioning here (because you can’t really “stock up”) because they are such a horrendous value. Avoid them like the plague!



Most beverages are really a probably really unnecessary, but what a difference they can make in your life! Most canned and bottled will be at a fabulous price before any holiday. Stock up in quantities to last until the next holiday.

Pop or Soda:

  • Often on sale at rock bottom (1/2 off) prices; there may be a quantity limited notation.
  • Buy, buy, buy. Go back multiple times to the store, especially if you drink often. Know how much you drink and buy in quantities to last until the next holiday. Get rain checks if needed. Cans at rock bottom will always be less than rock bottom pricing on any bottles, including liters and two liters.

Beer, Ciders, Etc.

  • Many of these items will be at rock bottom around any holiday, some of which are more seasonal or tied to specific holidays will only be at rock bottom during specific holidays.
  • Sales prices will be from 1/3 to 1/2 off, and it’s likely that your favorite brand will be on sale at some point, somewhere, around the Super Bowl but not being brand loyal will give you more opportunities for saving. Stock up. Learn how to store and for how long on this excellent article by Eat by Date. You can count on some sales during March Madness, then Easter, but the Summer Holidays will have great pricing, too.

Hard Liquor:

  • You’ll find many opportunities to buy on sale around any holiday, both at the grocery and at liquor stores.
  • Sign up for email alerts, watch the sales and know your pricing. There is really never any reason to pay full price on almost anything. Most liquor stores have a big sale once a year, usually late February to March. That’s usually going to be the best time to stock a cabinet as you’ll probably find a bigger variety on sale and rock bottom pricing.


  • All the different coffee you can want will usually be on sale before any holiday.
  • Some holiday pricing is better than others, especially around Christmas and New Year (you should be well-stocked up then) but the Super Bowl is kind of a “last chance”. There are so many myths around coffee! The best article I’ve found to reference is this one from John Beans. If you use pods, check your Buyer’s club for the best pricing (and again, stock up during those winter sales.)

Miscellaneous Beverages:

  • Items like Water, Energy Drinks, Juices: Most of these items will be on sale at some point leading up to any holiday.
  • If you use, stock up at a low.




Almost all of these items are almost always on sale during every holiday, although many have better sales pricing popping up throughout the year and savvy shoppers might want to shop around for most of these items. Batteries and grilling items are on sale only during some holidays.

Use these sales to your advantage. Plan ahead, know how much you need & use of items, which is a great price in your area, and what a good deal is. If you have a party in the near future, buy your paper goods ahead (unless you’re going themed). Super Bowl Holiday-themed items are one thing that is usually best bought during after-holiday sales, although many of those items for the Super Bowl may not be available at your regular grocery.


  • Batteries are at a great price around Back to School Sales & Christmas but are often on sale on the weeks prior to the Time Change. Depending on how late in the year the Super Bowl is, you might find great sale prices.
  • Rechargeable batteries are really where it’s at. Watch for specials on those, though the best prices won’t be at the grocery. If you’re not going to do that, make sure to have a few regular batteries on hand so you won’t have to pay full price, ever. Your hardware store might have better pricing.

Paper Goods & Plastic Plates, Cups, Silverware:

  • Toilet Paper, Tissues, Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins, Paper Towels all fall into this category and will all be on sale during most holidays.
  • Know your pricing on these items and keep in mind that of the above, the TP is probably the only necessity. Generally, the grocery store is not your best bet for TP unless it’s a sale with buy so many items, get $ back combined with coupons. If you see sales like that in your grocery ad, it’s probably a campaign. Check your CVS, Walgreens & Rite-Aids to see if the deals and pricing are better.

Storage & Basis:

  • You’ll likey Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wrap, Ziplocs, Plastic Storage Containers on sale and Garbage Bags.
  • If you need it and the price is right, pick up enough to last until the next great sale. Typically you’ll find many of these items on sale during the multitude of sales in the Spring.

Grilling Items:

  • Foil pans, Charcoal & lighter fluid, lighters, wood chips will be on sale.
  • The best pricing for these items will be clustered around the Summer holidays; These days they’re on sale during any holiday in most areas. Buy enough to last until May.


  • Dish Soap, Dishwasher & Laundry Detergents will be at a discount.
  • Buy if needed, but keep in mind that in the Spring, there will likely be campaigns, especially from PG&E with lots of coupons and money-back deals.  Buy enough to get buy, for now, knowing they’ll be on sale for a better price, later and also on around every holiday.

Room Fresheners:

  • If you’re into things like air fresheners and sprays, they’re often on sale, too.
  • Better pricing is likely better during spring sales. They’re not really a frugal item and proven to be not good for your health. Enough said.



If there is anything to be aware of, it’s that premade trays, even on sale at holiday prices are not a great deal. I get that they are convenient, but if you want the most bang for your buck as far as pricing, avoid them like the plague. I’ve mentioned that here and there in the above post. These are crazy expensive. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Shrimp Ring, a cheese tray, a meat & cheese tray or a veggie or fruit tray.  You can almost always buy the individual items in full sizes for less than what is in the tray and you can save even more if you aren’t worried about being exact.

I’ll probably cover this in a later post, but check out this ad. The fruit tray is $5.00 a pound, the veggie tray $4.00 a pound. There are several psychologic tricks at work other than they are preying on our need to eat healthier along with our wish for convenience. They are giving perceived value by including either one more expensive item in each, a little more variety and/or a dip of some sort.

Looking at the fruit tray, you might be adding up in your head that in order to recreate, you need to buy a cantaloupe, a honeydew, grapes, and a pineapple. Immediately your mind will go ching ching ching. Step back because at my store, a few steps away, a pineapple was $1.25 (they are so cheap in January) grapes were on sale; this amount is about 30 cents. That gives you about $8.50 to buy a melon (or a cheaper fruit if you’re smart) and mix up a little dip from sales priced cream cheese. You’ll have 10 times the fruit and still save money.



If your answer to all of this is, “I’m on a budget & I can’t afford to buy a couple of hundred dollars worth of food on a holiday!” First of all, you’re going to “cherry pick” these sales, buying what makes sense for you, so it’s not likely to cost you a fortune. Keep in mind, that when you are used to spending a set amount of money every week (a great way to keep in budget, not a great way to buy your food) it can be difficult to stock up, especially if money is tight. Start out small.

The best way to save at your Supermarket is the best way to buy stocks. “BUY LOW.” And the best prices are usually around holidays. Know your prices and learn how to buy, store and keep stocked up until the next great sale. If you have a well-stocked pantry, even if it’s makeshift and a freezer (and you should have a stand-alone deep freeze if you are interested in saving money on your groceries) you’ll never have to pay full price, or even just a good sales price. You’ll always pay a great price!

  • Start small if you have to. Very small if necessary. But do stock up at a low.
  • Buy what makes sense to you and what you can use and store.
  • As you start building up a stash of foods, you’ll see your weekly grocery store bill go down. Slowly but surely.
  • Hang on to that extra cash if possible, to apply towards the next great sale.
  • Trust the process; it makes sense and it works!



So whether or not you’re a football fan think of the Super Bowl as more than just a sale for yet another “Food Holiday” where you buy what you need for the week or the party and are stressing at the extra cost.

Leverage those sales to pick up items at a low and stock up in enough quantity to last until the next great sale.

Buying low is the way to go and the only way to save the most money and you want to apply the most $$ to the food at it’s lowest price.




So many Holidays have great sales – while it “seems” to make sense sometimes to budget a set amount of money per week for food, food doesn’t cost the same every week! The amount of savings can be much greater if you can identify when to expect great sales on items, and what those items are and budget a bit extra for those weeks.

Then beat the grocer at their own game! Instead of passively being drawn into a store to pick up one or two specials and then buy whatever else you need for the week, buy as much as possible of the specials for the Holiday week and weeks or months beyond.

Make up the rest of your meals from low priced staples and such you have “banked” at home. Of course, only buy what you can store and use in a reasonable time period.


check out what might be on sale at your store during a specific holiday


Even if you're not a football fan, you'll be a fan of the sales once you learn to leverage those savings to your advantage! See what's likely to be on sale (it's not just party food) when it might be at a great price again, and get an idea of how much you should buy, what to avoid and how to save the most money on these items! #HolidayGrocerySales #SaveMoneyOnGroceries #HowToBuySmart #SaveMoneyOnGroceriesSuperBowl #SaveMoneySuperBowl

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    • I know, right! I just learned tonight from a show on food network that the Super Bowl is the second largest “Food Holiday,” the first being Thanksgiving. The average person who throws a party plans it for over 41 days!

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