Win at the Grocery

Over & over, in order to win at the grocery, I hear budget “experts” preach that you should figure out a grocery budget of $$.$$ and stick with it. Every week or every payday or every month. Do not deviate, they say.

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Cinco de Mayo – It Makes Cents to Save at the Store

Cinco de Mayo is a primarily Mexican holiday, celebrated, too, in the United States. It’s another of my favorite food Holidays, and I feel a bit remiss about not posting much about it until now. Start looking for sales in the weeks before Cinco de Mayo and through out what ever week Cinco de Mayo falls. For the uninitiated, Cinco de Mayo translates as 5th of May. (May 5th is also National Enchilada Day.)


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Fall & Halloween Savings

As summer rolls in to fall there are events that spark changes in the pricing of food; some are surprising. All are Cyclic Changes in the market. Cyclic changes are changes that happen on a predictable cycle.

The period of time from the Labor Day Sales (which is the last of the great summer holiday sales) right up to the beginning of our Thanksgiving Sales (which is the first of the great winter holiday sales) is a unique one, sparked by seasonal changes and our cycle of Holidays. And that means Fall Sales and Halloween Sales.


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