Stocking Your Pantry for Coronavirus

Hey, we’ve got some scary stuff going on and more to come! Have you guys been seeing some crazy lists out there about what & how much food to have on hand for when you’ve caught the fast-spreading Coronavirus?

Last month the CDC basically said it’s not IF you’ll get coronavirus, it’s When, although more conservative estimates place the number of us that will fall ill (some may only have a mild case) at up to 70 percent. This is without mitigation efforts.

There are lots of practical things to do to get ready for the coronavirus if you haven’t already but start Stocking Your Pantry for Coronavirus – and do it now.

Take charge of your pantry, fridge & freezer while Stocking Up For the Corona Virus can be do-able! It's time to get going if you haven't yet. #ShopForCoronavirus #GetReadyForCoronavirus #StockPantryCoronaVirus #WhatToBuyCoronavirus

If you, like me, are on a budget, or even living paycheck to paycheck, or even if you’re just overwhelmed by it all, it can be really frustrating to think about preparing. Hey, I’m already past my spending limits, and I’m paying close attention to what I need to buy to ride out a possible crisis. And preparing for it isn’t just about toilet paper (there WILL be more) and bottled water.

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Cinco de Mayo – It Makes Cents to Save at the Store

Cinco de Mayo is a primarily Mexican holiday, celebrated, too, in the United States. It’s another of my favorite food Holidays, and I feel a bit remiss about not posting much about it until now. Start looking for sales in the weeks before Cinco de Mayo and through out what ever week Cinco de Mayo falls. For the uninitiated, Cinco de Mayo translates as 5th of May. (May 5th is also National Enchilada Day.)


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