salsas & such
























fresh accompaniments











savory jams & chutneys










barbecue & barbecue type sauces















dipping sauces & spreads



















savory compotes & berry sauces











pickled items




















2 thoughts on “Condiments”

    1. Thanks, as I was writing this, I started thinking about my Grandparents and how they’d pull out all kinds from the fridge at every dinner and lunch.

      Pickles of all kinds and olives and little salads and other relishes, plus a number of condiments such as horseradish and mustards. Quite often in the summer, cucumber and onions in cream or slices of tomatoes, radishes.

      I always feel lucky, today, that I can open the internet or go through a magazine and find all kinds of options from throughout the world! This is one category I plan on adding more to!

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