Forgotten Arts

A catch-all category for basic recipes and skills that I hope will be helpful to some!

  • Best chicken or turkey stockBest Chicken or Turkey Broth, Ever: All you need are few scraps and bones, plus a little time for a wonderful chicken broth. Make your own and freeze for additive free stock.
  • bisquick xBisquick Substitute: A basic recipe to make a cup of home-made Bisquick or a larger amount to have on hand. This can be as lean or as buttery as you’d like. Make a cup or a larger amount.
  • Bread Crumb3 xBread Crumbs – Is a recipe necessary? These include variations with a copy cat recipe for Progresso and a Panko crumb. No food processor? Bread crumbs can be grated.
  • Caramelized Onions CrockpotCaramelized Onions: Links to three ways to make them and some of my favorite recipes to use them in. I always make extra and stash in the freezer for dip or topping burgers.
  • ChickpeasChickpeas: These are not your regular old Chickpeas! Steeped in herbs and aromatics as they cook, with all the helps and hints you’ll need to make the creamiest chickpeas ever.
  • chorizo xChorizo, home-made: Super simple to make in the food processor, I started making my own when it was impossible to find at the store, but I kept making it because it is so much more inexpensive.
  • Cream of Anything Soup: 300px-Campbells_cream_of_mushroomDirections for making just the right amount of a healthier, flavorful white sauce to use in any casserole or recipe calling for a canned cream soup. B
  • creme fraiche xCrème Fraîche: Expensive to buy, nothing could be easier than whipping up a batch and leaving it on the counter to ferment. Cream plus buttermilk, yogurt or sour cream!
  • croutons-xCroutons, Home-Made: Amazing home-made croutons made in minutes with bread you happen to have on hand. Don’t ever buy those dried up horrible little croutons from the store again.
  • Demi GlaceCheater’s Demi-Glace: Adapted from Cook’s Illustrated this recipe will beat out any jarred variety you could pick up at the store. Plan accordingly; it takes time to make but freezes.
  • Red Roux xDark or Red Roux: A little patience and a bit of time will produce the fantastic flavor that is so much a part of Cajun and Creole cuisine. The taste is a worth every second!
  • Dried Citrus ZestDrying or Freezing Citrus Zest: So simple, so easy that I always keep some on hand for a quick fix or emergency save. Add to cakes, frostings, salad dressings herb or spice blends.
  • Dulce de Leche from Condensed MilkDulce de Leche in the Crockpot: Whether you use jars or just make in the can, this overnight crockpot method using condensed milk is really set it and forget it. Rich & creamy.
  • Chicken Fried SteakGravies: Gravy demystified. No reason for all those expensive jars & packets full of additives. Just fat & flour will do! Gravies based on other methods discussed here, too.
  • Salmon Hash xHollandaise: Complete with troubleshooting tips. You know how many people ask online for help, and they get answers saying “Well, it always works for me? It’s not your fault!
  • Egg Noodles13 xHome Made Egg Noodles: Quicker than one might guess, egg noodles and can be made for pennies.Making every noodle for your family may not be feasible, but these are perfect for down home dishes.
  • grandma xMake Your Own Casserole: Instructions, guidelines & hints on how to create your own casseroles, customized to your tastes. Casseroles, not just for Grandma anymore.
  • Home-made Mascarpone CheeseMascarpone Cheese: Home-made, about 10 minutes “hands on” time; the rest is just letting it cool and letting it strain. The creamiest, freshest Mascarpone you’ll ever have!
  • Oven Dried TomatoesOven Dried Sun-Dried Tomatoes: A real recipe will always vary, but this gives a few hints and tips to make yours a success. You’ll be eating them like candy!
  • Preserved Lemons DSCN9048xPreserved Lemons:  So easy and keeps so well, there’s really no reason to not have them on hand – except for the time it takes. Try this quickie version, instead and have them more often.
  • Pickled BeetsOne Jar Pickled Beets: Here is a simple recipe for a single jar of pickled beets, not canned, but refrigerated. The brine can be brought back up to a boil to make another.
  • queso fresco xQueso Fresco: This is a simple, fresh cheese that can easily be made at home with common ingredients – it takes a bit of time, but only minutes of actual work! It’s so worth it to taste this fresh!
  • sofrito4xSofrito: Can be used as a more flavorful tomato paste in a lot of dishes or added to any dish that starts out: Onion, Garlic, Peppers & Tomatoes. Freezing this is a fantastic way to get a leg up on a dish.
  • yogurt finalxYogurt, Home-Made: Quite simple to make at home with basic kitchen equipment (you will need a pot, a strainer and a thermometer) the taste of home-made yogurt is incomparable.

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