Creme Fraiche Home-made

 Here’s a few dessert items that seem to defy my classifications. Hope you enjoy these fun and/or helpful recipes.

make your own











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8 Comments on “Desserts: Hacks

  1. Thanks for sharing! The mascarpone cheese recipe sounds like the farmer cheese that I make at home.

    • All those cheeses, farmers, mascarpone and some ricotta all seem to have just about the same method. I think the difference is how rich the product is? And maybe whatever local cultures the cheeses might pick up?

  2. Pan release and make your own/substitutions are good items to include here. I remember an early attempt to make dulce de leche in the microwave. I cooked it too long (it keeps cooking once you pull it out of the microwave … duh!!) and I ended up with a hard caramel that I dipped into chocolate for caramel candies. 🙂

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