Kitchen & Cooking Hacks that Save Time & Money!

Everyone has their favorite tips, tricks and clever ways in the kitchen…a few I think are worth passing on below. So here they are, in all their glorious miscellany. If you’re on a post and you see the tag Cooking Hacks, click on it to see others. Or just view them all here. What’s your favorite to add?

Meats & Poultry:



Miscellaneous Hints:


Use Microwave!


Baking Hacks:


Portion & Serving:


Egg Hacks:




Never Waste Bread:


Improve Health – Prevent  Produce Waste:


Fruit & Veggie Hacks:









Cook Grains, Rices, Legumes & Freeze:


Make your own “kits” & Convenience Food:


Nix 1x Month Cooking – just increase and freeze using sale priced ingredients:


Keep items together to make complicated recipes easy:


So much better & cheaper to make your own:


11 thoughts on “Kitchen & Cooking Hacks that Save Time & Money!”

    1. I should ask if you have any tips you’d like to share? I’d be happy to link back to your blog! And 1970’s cooking? Took me right back to the teenage years! Although my Mom never made any of the casserole pies, your posts on them are so much fun!

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