Kitchen & Cooking Hacks that Save Time & Money!

Everyone has their favorite tips, tricks and clever ways in the kitchen…a few I think are worth passing on below. So here they are, in all their glorious miscellany. If you’re on a post and you see the tag Cooking Hacks, click on it to see others. Or just view them all here. What’s your favorite to add?

Meats & Poultry:



Miscellaneous Hints:


Use Microwave!


Baking Hacks:


Portion & Serving:


Egg Hacks:




Never Waste Bread:


Improve Health – Prevent  Produce Waste:


Fruit & Veggie Hacks:









Cook Grains, Rices, Legumes & Freeze:


Make your own “kits” & Convenience Food:


Nix 1x Month Cooking – just increase and freeze using sale priced ingredients:


Keep items together to make complicated recipes easy:


So much better & cheaper to make your own:


20 thoughts on “Kitchen & Cooking Hacks that Save Time & Money!

    • FrugalHausfrau

      Thanks! I need to figure out how to make this page “work” better! I got those at a cooking store here in the Twin Cities but it was years ago. I think it was 2000 (the year not the store) so they have lasted really well, and have been dropped on tile numerous times and I’ve only ever broken one so they are sturdy! I saw some online once but I think they were more than I paid for a set that had a turntable. I bet if you shopped around you could find some that are similar for a decent price. I can tell tell you that I know several people who have jars with a lid where part of the lid flips up to reveal a shaker underneath. When I first saw them I was a little jealous – like I wish I would have gotten those – they have all failed over time and my simple ones are still going strong. Plus I like that I can use a label maker and it shows up nicely, clear tape, black print or I can write on them with a sharpie and it comes off. If they get grungy foaming bath cleanser takes care of every thing! I use it on all kinds of white plastic, even my sliding door screen! Ok, TMI!! Sorry I couldn’t tell you but hope I helped!


      • Thanks Mollie!
        looked on line, there are several options. Wold you say yours hold 2 oz. or more? I saw 1 oz., 2 oz., 3 oz. and 5 oz. I like the idea of smaller containers which take up less space, but I couldn’t tell if yours were 1, 2, or 3 oz.

  1. OMG! Where have you been the past few years of my life! I LOVE your blog! I came a crossed it after making a bechemel sauce for my lasagna. I had leftover bechemel and google what to do with it! I have several great casserole dishes that call for cream of something soup. I stopped enjoying them because the sodium contents were so high. I am a self taught cook but single. Whether at home or eating out, food is never cheap for me. Cooking takes time, too! Your blog has given me sooooo many ideas to utilize leftovers better and more efficiently than before. I work retail and only have one day to cook a week. I freeze and reheat my own T.V. Dinners but still have tons of food waste. Your blog is like a set of cliff notes for a gal like me. Thank you so much for all the information you provide. It is healthy food without being over the top which I extremely appreciate, as well.

    • Thanks so much! You just made my day! I am in the process of updating menus and such and especially my leftovers and freezer pages which seem to have languished!

      It sounds like you’re a pretty smart cook! I like to use leftovers as a “building block” for other recipes! 🙂 And when I cook, I know it has to be eaten so I try not to get “too far” out there!

      Have a great day!! And again, thanks for the lovely comments; stop by anytime!! 🙂

      Mollie (looks like we have something else in common, lol!)

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