Desserts: Crepes

A crêpe or crepe is a type of very thin pastry, usually made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour. Crêpes belong to the general category of ancient Greek Tiganitai, from Greek tiganos (τίγανος), meaning «frying pan”, which in English is literary translated to Pancakes. Wikipedia

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8 thoughts on “Desserts: Crepes

  1. I love crepes, plain or fancy. I’m going to have some leftover cherries from Hungarian potato dumplings and am planning on some cherries jubilee over crepes.

    No savoury variations? Like Italian manacotti or Hungarian hortobayi palacsinta (meat stuffed crepes)? How about Jewish blintzes? 🙂

    • Give me time, lol!! 🙂 Love blintzes! I haven’t made the manicotti with crepes but I’ve seen it on tv, and I want to do some Polish dishes with crepes, too. #Getting hungry, again!

      • I was all smug cause I found something that I’d done that you hadn’t … or at least not yet. You set a high bar. 🙂

        After reading your posts today, I got off my lazy rear end, went downstairs, and prepped pork strips and marinade for pork satay. And I made a batch of cherry potato dumplings (a Hungarian/Romanian main dish). The plum version of these dumpling is more commonly known.

        • I can’t wait to see them, and thanks for the compliment, but you make so many amazing things – things I’ve only dreamt of – and others I’ve only heard of because I’m an avid cookbook reader! 🙂

          Gosh I love Satay!

          • Thank you for the compliment. I used to be an avid cooking show (FoodNetwork) watcher and a former collector of exotic cookbooks. I should really cook out of them more than I do.

            The cherry dumplings were SO good. I was nervous because of the potato dough. It’s a bit tricky and my sole at attempt at gnocchi in the past was … ok. But they turned out great. I only made a half batch cause I didn’t have enough cherries for the full batch and I DID want to save some. The pork satay turned out very good. I was going to make Chinese bbq pork but forgot I had run out of hoisin sauce and I had the pork already thawed so I scrounged in the fridge and that’s what I came up with.

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