White Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding with Amaretto White Chocolate Amaretto Sauce

Desserts: Custards, Puddings & Bread Puddings

“…puddings are known as custards (or curds) if they are egg-thickened, blancmange if starch-thickened, and jelly if gelatin based. Pudding may also refer to other dishes such as bread pudding and rice pudding…” Wikipedia

classic puddings






bread puddings










other pudding desserts






contains curd, custard or pastry cream
















pies & tarts (many are custard or curd)






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6 thoughts on “Desserts: Custards, Puddings & Bread Puddings”

    1. It’s been fun sorting and categorizing, and while making this post I was able to see i don’t have my favorite baked custard from my 1950’s Betty Crocker cookbook! So coming soon! 🙂

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