French Silk Pie Stabilized Whipped Cream

Here are my favorite desserts made from chocolate or containing chocolate, all tried and true. Some I’ve been making for decades, others are newer, but they’ve all gotten the thumbs up from friends and family.



basic chocolate cakes


special occasion chocolate cakes


lava cakes & souffles & puddings




brownies & bars




chocolate sauces


other desserts


building blocks


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8 Comments on “Chocolate Desserts

  1. Oh my!!!! All that chocolate!!!! I will have to go through the recipes one by one and try at least one of your recipes.

  2. Mollie, this is pure Chocolate Heaven 🙂 Dessert for me is anything chocolate, so I am definitely in my happy place. You have given me loads to go through, and I can’t wait to get started. .

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