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Best Chocolate Cupcakes

Best Chocolate Cupcakes: Very light, moist and tender cupcakes that pack a whollop of chocolate flavor.

It might be time to take a little break from all things “fall” and food made with pumpkin and thoughts about Thanksgiving (coming up so fast!) and have a little sumpin sumpin that’s chocolate,

Best Chocolate Cupcakes
Best Chocolate Cupcakes

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Chocolate Desserts

Here are my favorite desserts made from chocolate or containing chocolate, all tried and true. Some I’ve been making for decades, others are newer, but they’ve all gotten the thumbs up from friends and family.








basic chocolate cakes











special occasion chocolate cakes











chocolate frosting







lava cakes & souffles & puddings






















brownies & bars












chocolate sauces






other desserts











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Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Mudslide Cookies

Jacques Torres' Chocolate Mudslide Cookies. From the Master baker himself, you just won't want to stop eating these cookies!

It might seem like my blog has a lot to do with baking, lately. I’ve been updating my dessert menu; organizing it properly and that means posting the results. So if you’re tired of it, thanks for bearing with me – but now here’s a “Must Make” Cookie. Jaques Torres’ Chocolate Mudslide Cookies.

Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Mudslide Cookies

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Home-Made Hot Fudge Sauce

The BEST Hot Fudge Sauce & it's EASY

Of all the ice-cream toppings, I have to confess I like Hot Fudge the best. Nothing else really compares. Caramel is good, Salted Caramel is fantastic and Butterscotch, what can I say? I wouldn’t turn any of them down but Hot Fudge Sauce? That I would seek out!

Home-made Hot Fudge

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Banana Brownie Bread

Super simple six ingredients - and this ooey, gooey chocolaty bread starts off with a boxed mix!

I came across a super easy recipe and just HAD to make it. Mainly because I’m at the folk’s house right now and they have a kazillion boxes of brownie mix in the pantry. And who doesn’t like Brownies and Banana Bread? And why not combine them?

Brownie Banana Bread
Brownie Banana Bread

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Bill’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

My very favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie - large and luscious!

I am a sucker for a really good, ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie. In my opinion, just forget the apple pie; there’s probably nothing that says “American” quite like the chocolate chip cookie.

Bill's Chocolate Chip Cookie
Bill’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. Here the dough was refrigerated and they’re softer and thicker, but still just as chewy..

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Death by Chocolate Cheesecake

Death by Chocolate: You've been warned, lol! For serious chocolate lovers only

I fell off the healthy wagon early this month and made Death by Chocolate Cheesecake! Hands down the most decadent cheesecake, ever. It should carry a warning, just in case the name isn’t enough to clue you in. It’s a serious Chocolate Cheesecake for chocolate lovers, only!

Death by Chocolate Cheesecake
Death by Chocolate Cheesecake

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