Desserts: Cakes & Cupcakes

Here’s my collection of cakes and cupcakes, some old family recipes and some new favorites – there’s a little something for almost any occasion whether it’s just for family, for birthdays or for special occasions. I hope you’ll find something you like.

















layer cakes







casual cakes











down home faves











perfect for potlucks











bundt cakes







cakes for a dinner party or holiday
















individual chocolate sumpins







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12 thoughts on “Desserts: Cakes & Cupcakes”

  1. I have not tried them as yet. Because I am tied up this whole month. I want to work on this in leisure because it is very time consuming. Thanks for asking dear😊👍🏻

  2. OMG! I am drooling. What a lovely collection.Worth being compiled into a book. My favorite has to be Grandma’s Apple cake. I need to dig in right now.

    1. Thanks Ana! I love that cake! It was actually fun for me to kind of reminisce as I put each post into it’s little clickable window…I thought I had a blog but maybe I have a food diary! 🙂

      1. Absolutely! And a lovely one at that. I need to learn how to make those windows. Please let me know when you are free.

        1. They are a pain, but I can send you the code so you can copy and paste – now as far as the template which is the little box it’s in, I use picmonkey for that. Then I upload the photo, insert it, then write the text part, then upload that to WP.

          Do you want to send me an email at I’m pretty tied up for the next few days, but would be glad to help you through the process.

          1. Thanks dear for the tips.I will try my hand at it in a few days. And if I get stuck I will mail you. You are a sweet friend.
            Hugs and love

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