Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet

Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet

I don’t know if Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet is so much of a recipe as it is a method. It’s the perfect way of dealing with a little leftover rice or rice dish. Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet works with just about any rice dish you might have on hand. Heck, it’s almost hard to go wrong assuming you liked your original rice dish; that means you’ll like this leftover version of it just as much!

Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet

Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet

It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a leftover side dish like Mexican Rice or a Rice Pilaf or any Main Dish Rice Recipe, like Jambalaya, Fried Rice, or Paella, it’s all good. And you can see more of my favorite rice recipes on this site, too, for ideas. Just check towards the bottom of the page for clickable photos! This particular Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet in the photos was made from leftover Paella after we’d eaten all the “good stuff!” It was a great way to repurpose the leftover rice portion of the dinner.

About Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet:

Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillets can be made for one in any small skillet or made for a family in a large one. It helps to have a heavy-bottomed skillet because it’s really a beautiful dish if the rice gets just slightly toasted on the bottom, soft and warm on the top, and the egg cooks through just to your liking. A heavy skillet will allow you to get enough heat to get the rice a little toasted without risking actual burning.

Although this method is pretty much hands-off, it does take a bit of time to cook the egg through. I like to heat the rice thoroughly first, then make a well in the rice. It’s simple then to carefully drop the egg into a well and it will have some contact with the bottom of the skillet which will help it to cook. Then cover the whole works with a lid.

Keep this back-pocket recipe in mind and I swear you are going to be hoping for leftover rice just so you can make this! And of course, you can add all kinds of goodies to this dish if you’re working with plain rice.

Some suggestions: open up the fridge and raid it.  Leftover or sauteed veggies? Go ahead and dice them up small and toss them in. Maybe there’s a little ham (do you still have any Easter ham stashed?) bacon, pulled pork, etc. You just can’t go wrong. Give it a dice and in it goes. So really, use your favorite things, make use of your leftovers to save time (and to save money by using them up), and make it your own.

Leftovers by the way are one of the most expensive items in your fridge! You’ve paid gas for the grocery trip and paid money for groceries. Then you’ve spent money as well as time and effort storing the groceries, prepping them, cooking them if they’re cooked, and storing them again! Oh, yeah, you’ve also spent money in disposing of the portions of the groceries that aren’t used for the actual meal and the packaging.

It might be hard to quantify all the cost that goes into a meal and the leftovers but there’s not a doubt in my mind that multiplied over the course of a year, even the insignificant costs add up to way more than the groceries themselves. Make good use of them!

Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet

Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet

Saving Money on Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet:

Since you’ll be using leftover rice to start, the whole meal is really a “save.” Think about all those rice dishes you might normally toss because all the “good stuff” has been scooped out, leaving nothing but the boring old rice behind! It won’t be boring once it’s been refashioned into one of these skillets. Especially with a little Sriracha, lol, or whatever hot sauce, or salsa you’d like.

About the Rice:

  • Rice is one dish that needs some care if you’re planning to use it leftover. It can harbor bacteria that won’t be destroyed by cooking. Refrigerate any rice or rice dish promptly after dinner so you won’t inadvertently give any bacteria a chance to take hold, and read more about food safety, including what is said about rice at Food Safety (dot) Gov.
  • You can search the page by holding down <control> and hitting “f” for find and entering in the word “rice” in the pop-up window. I know we oldsters know that, but I was recently surprised that my kids didn’t know how to use a search function!

About the Eggs:

  • Eggs are almost always inexpensive, and I’ve talked about saving on eggs over and over on my blog. Since eggs keep well for several weeks, I stock up when they’re at a low…right now, after Easter, I have several cartons in the fridge. I’m eggstatic about it! (I couldn’t pass up the bad Mom joke…sorry!)
  • Usually, eggs are on sale right before almost any holiday, and sometimes, now and then, they’ll just go on special for a great price with no rhyme or reason. I know we all hear about “farm fresh” eggs, but really eggs do keep for a good long time…check out the National Egg Board if ever in doubt.
  • Of course, the National Egg Board and/or any good site on food safety is going to also tell you not to eat undercooked eggs like this, and to be especially careful if serving high-risk (those immuno-compromised, as well as the very old and the very young. Safe handling helps to minimize but not eliminate any risk.

Hi Frugal Friends!

So of course, I’m curious about what you like to do with your leftover rice. Of course, there’s always fried rice, too! Let me know in the comments what you’re favorite Ninja ways are!


Egg & Rice Skillet

Egg & Rice Skillet


Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet

Whether making for one or a crowd, this simple method works for almost any leftover rice dish!

  • Author: mollie kirby
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: varies


  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 1/2 to 1 cup cooked rice per person
  • 1 to 2 eggs per person
  • condiments of choice


Add oil to a heavy bottomed skillet and heat to medium-high. Add rice (add a little water if dry) and place a lid on the skillet while the rice heats, about five minutes.

Remove lid, make a well in the rice for each serving of egg (one or two eggs per person) and crack egg into well. Reduce heat to medium. cover again and cook for four to seven minutes until egg is cooked to your liking.

Pay attention to the smell of the rice.
A little toasting on the bottom of the skillet is wonderful but if you detect any burning, move the skillet off heat for a minute, then continue to cook at a lower heat level.

Garnish as desired.

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I’ll be sharing Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet at Fiesta Friday #219, hosted this week by Jhuls at the Not So Creative Cook. Do stop by their sites when you have a minute – Fiesta Friday is a fun link-up from some of the best bloggers and you’re going to fall in love with Juhl’s site!

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Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet is more a method than a recipe. Egg & Rice Skillet works with any rice dish you have, paella, jambalaya, fried rice, Mexican rice, pilaf. It's all good! #Egg Rice Skillet Breakfast #Egg Rice Dish #leftover Rice recipe

23 thoughts on “Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet

  1. If there’s one thing that could get my attention, that would be something with egg. I love eggs like how you love your Instant Pot.😂 This looks like more than perfect to me. Thanks for sharing, Mollie!😘

    • FrugalHausfrau

      It’s kind of a fun “no recipe” recipe! I had to warm up to eggs. I was so sick in the mornings when pregnant with my daughter that somehow I associated eggs with that for decades! She’s over 30 now, and I have just started eating eggs more again!

    • FrugalHausfrau

      Thanks much! What I love about this is that it takes on any flavor from your rice, so it’s different every time. I never get tired of it.

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