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Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet

Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet

I don’t know if Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet is so much of a recipe as it is a method. It’s the perfect way of dealing with a little leftover rice or rice dish. Egg & Rice Breakfast Skillet works with just… Read More


Hawaiian Fried Rice

Hawaiian Fried Rice with Ham & Pineapple

Do you need a fun, fresh take on a dish for your Holiday Ham leftovers? Something easy, fast and crave-worthy? You’re gonna want to try this Hawaiian Fried Rice. And you’re gonna look like a genius when you bring this to the… Read More

Drunken Fried Rice

If you have a hand blender, feel free to use it. I used my trusty blender.

Drunken Fried Rice! Yes, there is such a thing and I’m soooo happy to know it! See, my baby sis just told me she was having leftover take out Drunken Noodles for lunch and a craving hit. Maybe even a touch of… Read More

Pork Fried Rice

Does it seem that time is just slipping by faster and faster or is it just me? I meant to post this for you as an option for leftovers from the Country Style Ribs in the Slow Cooker. I made that recipe… Read More

Arancini – Stuffed, Breaded and Fried Risotto Balls

Arancini: breaded and fried balls of risotto stuffed with cheese!

If I’m thinking ahead, when I make any Risotto, like my Roasted Red Pepper & Shrimp Risotto or my Asparagus Risotto, I’ll make a little extra just to make these wonderful little gems called Arancini.

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice with Kale

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice with Kale

When Angie over at Fiesta Friday challenged other food bloggers to create a healthy dish this month, I was all set. See I’ve been making so many marvelous healthy dishes with cauliflower this month (I just can’t seem to get enough of… Read More

Old World Stuffed Peppers

"Old World" Stuffed Bell Peppers

When I mentioned I wanted to make Stuffed Peppers for dinner, my Stepmom reached into the cupboard and pulled out her book – she had three or four recipes, but we settled on this one, on a small handwritten card. I called… Read More

Fried Rice, Asian Grandmother Style

Classic Fried Rice Vegetarian

Asian Fried Rice – Always a super budget meal, this version, from the Asian Grandmother’s Cookbook Blog is done with shrimp.