Cranberry Rosemary Cheese Spread

Cranberry Rosemary Cheese Spread

Thanks to my sister for finding and passing on this festive, creamy Cranberry Rosemary Cheese Spread for bread, crackers or fruit! It’s a bit different from some of the old standards which is always a plus in my book and perfect for the Holiday season.

Cranberry Rosemary Cheese Spread

Cranberry Rosemary Cheese Spread


The dried fruit, besides being so colorful and festive, has just the right intensity and adds a touch of sweetness that offsets the tangy cream cheese (and there’s a little goat cheese, too) and their flavor just bounces off the savory rosemary and garlic. This dip is going to take your mouth in all kinds of directions! I think you’ll get some “wows” from this one.

About Cranberry Rosemary Cheese Spread:

The goat cheese/cream cheese combo is marvelous, See, the cream cheese mellows the goat cheese & the goat cheese brings a bit of stand up and notice me flavor to the cream cheese w/o being too, too much. The garlic brightens everything up and that rosemary. It’s def the surprise flavor.

Rosemary can be super assertive. Add it to taste and know your audience on this one. Yeah, if you’re serving this to a group of Italians, for instance, who are used to the strong Mediterranean herbs, you can probably let the rosemary shine; for the rest of us, you might want to be a bit careful with the amounts.

That being said, we loved the spread, which was originally from Yellow Bliss Road and featured on 12 Tomatoes. Next time I was thinking how good this would be with some chopped pecans for a little crunch to contrast with all that creaminess.

Cranberry Rosemary Cheese Spread

Cranberry Rosemary Cheese Spread

Making Cranberry Rosemary Cheese Spread:

As long as your cream cheese is soft enough (put it out on your counter a few minutes before or very carefully microwave it on low or defrost) this is like a 10-minute deal to mix together! Bonus, right?! Bring your spread out a bit early before serving so it can soften to a spreadable consistency.

I like to use dried rosemary; it’s winter here so fresh is pricey, and it’s easier to add dried to taste; fresh rosemary can vary in intensity. I also found garlic powder works better than fresh garlic which can get stronger and stronger tasting as it sits.

Anytime you’re chopping dried fruit, try this little trick: spritz your knife with a tiny bit of cooking spray. It helps to keep the dried fruit from gumming up on your knife.

Sour Cherry Compote

Sour Cherry Compote on e with goat cheese

Saving Money on Cranberry Rosemary Cheese Spread:

I love that I just happened to have everything I needed for this spread in my pantry & fridge, and surprise, I even had goat cheese because I had spread crackers with it and topped them with this fab Sour Cherry Compote. Aldi has a decent price on goat cheese but it’s an item that I’ll pick up at Costco, especially during the holiday season when I’m making so many appetizers and special salads. If you don’t have either nearby, watch the sales on what I call “near deli” cheese. If your store has hangtags (coupons hanging nearby) its likely they have a long shelf life, sometimes up to a yar. Pick them up and hang on to them until the next great sale happens.

Cream cheese is an item you’ll want to know the regular price, sales price & great sales price – and stock up at the low. It’s almost always on sale during every holiday (see my post on Winning at the Grocer; there’s a link for every major holiday that discusses the best sale items to watch for and purchase.) Aldi and your buyer’s club have great prices on cream cheese all year round but don’t approach a good holiday sale price at your grocery. Stock up, cream cheese keeps for weeks past the “buy by” date and can be frozen in a pinch.

Stock up on nuts and dried fruit during the up to New Years when the harvest is in, sales are priced to move & there will be a lot of coupons. This is a primary season for the producers to move their products and the prices are competitive. Check for the best pricing in the baking, snack and bulk areas. Repackage if the bag is flimsy and freeze the nuts to keep them fresh. It’s worthwhile to look at alternatives than your grocery; if you have a farm supply store, they will probably have amazing prices, sometimes large drug stores do, Aldi is great and your Buyer’s Club will be, too, although both are limited in variety.

Cranberry Rosemary Cheese Spread

Cranberry Rosemary Cheese Spread

Cranberry Rosemary Cheese Spread

  • Servings: abt 2 cups
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

  • 8 ounces room temperature cream cheese, room temperature
  • 4 ounces goat cheese, crumbled
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • ½ cup dried cranberries or cherries, roughly chopped
  • ½ cup dried apricots, chopped
  • 1/4 to 3/4 teaspoon dried rosemary
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • salt & pepper to taste

Using a mixer, combine cream cheese, goat cheese, honey, rosemary garlic powder and salt & pepper. Mix on high speed until smooth and fluffy, about 1-2 minutes.

Switch to low, or mix in by hand, the dried fruits. Spoon cheese mixture into a small bowl and chill for about 20 minutes before serving. Serve with crackers or on crostini.

I’ll be sharing this at our very own Throwback Thursday Link Partyas well as at Fiesta Friday, hosted this week by Judi @ cookingwithauntjuju and Sandhya @ Indfused. Come and join us!🙂

Cranberry Rosemary Cheese Spread is one of those super festive dips or spreads that just screams holiday! Fast & easy to make. #HolidayApptizer #HolidaySpreadsDips #CranberryRosemaryCheeseSpread


29 thoughts on “Cranberry Rosemary Cheese Spread

  1. Hey Mollie– from this post and others earlier– sounds like your sister is a great cook too! I love this recipe– festive and creamy and has cranberries– triple good. And good it can come together in just a few minutes– because who has time to fuss with things about now?? So how is your Christmas coming along. I wrapped the last package today–hooray!! Counting the days til kids come down… Christmas hugs from here Mollie!

      • Hey Mollie– are you still with your mom? Some years things don’t go as anticipated. Hoping you find time to do what you want and even find some quiet time to sit and enjoy it all… Merry Christmas friend!

        • Yes, in SD now, but going back to MN in a few days, so yeah!! Quiet time is far and few between…and much treasured! When I get home I usually don’t even talk to anyone the first day, lol!!

          • Hey Mollie– A day to catch up with yourself– got that! It’s always so comfortable getting home. You’re with your mother, right?? Hope it’s been a good time… take care. xox

    • I’ve been using dried fruit more and more lately – well I make a lot of home=made salad dressings and I’ve been using dried fruit in them, too. It makes them creamy and tangy and delish…

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