Homemade Tortilla Chips - Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips

Home-made Tortilla Chips

Warm, crispy, crunchy, salty, fragrant – there’s nothing like home-made tortilla chips. Pair them with a great Salsa or some stellar guac (like this Best Guacamole) and the result is heavenly! These are truly Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips.

Better than Chipotle's Fire-Roasted Tomatillo Salsa, fire roasted salsa

A trio of salsas. Fire Roasted in front, Classic tomatilla & Better than Chipotle’s Tomatilla

You can buy chips and if you look at my Salsa Recipes (you should, how’s that for a shameless plug?) you’ll see I do, too, but there is no way you’re going to get anywhere near the taste you’ll get if you just brave the mess and fry up a few of your own.

About Home-made Tortilla Chips:

If you’ve read my blog much, you’ll notice I don’t do a lot of deep-frying, but sometimes it’s just so worth it. Homemade Tortilla Chips are one of those times. I know they can be baked, but truth be told, I don’t eat tortilla chips that often and I like them fried. I suppose if I did have them more often I’d be a little more cognizant of the health issues of deep frying, though. I look at it this way, though, I already decided I was going to indulge in junk food, why not go all the way? At this point, a few extra calories aren’t going to matter and baking them probably ain’t gonna save anyone! I’m kinda chunky, tho, so whadda I know?

There’s just nothing like pulling those hot tortilla chips out of the oil, laying them down on some paper towels or the old brown paper grocery bag and giving them a little sprinkle of salt or your fave seasoning. I not only think Homemade Tortilla Chips are better than store bought, they’re even better than restaurant chips – mostly because they’re going to go hot, right onto your plate or platter.

One thing about making my homemade tortilla chips? There’s no doubt that frying is a bit of a hassle and there’s gonna be some cleanup involved. That tends to be a bit off putting so it kind of limits how often I make them. The other is that if we have a bag of tortilla chips around, it’s crinkle crinkle crinkle, munch munch munch mindlessly till that bag is empty! When you make your own, you can make just enough.

Homemade Tortilla Chips Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips

Homemade Tortilla Chips – Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips


Making Home-made Tortilla Chips:

If you’re planning ahead, set your tortillas out the night before. Just lay them out somewhere safe, and let them air dry. With less moisture they cook up quickly and evenly. You could even just lay them out in your oven right on the racks if you’re certain the oven won’t be turned on accidentally, if you need a secure place to dry them.

It really is great to have a thermometer if you’re going to deep fry. They’re not pricey unless you’re going to go and buy some kind of deluxe gadget. I see them at the grocey store for under five bucks all the time. If you don’t have one, just pull off a bit of a tortilla and drop it in the oil – it will bubble and the tortilla bit will float to the top when the oil is ready.

You don’t need a lot of oil, either to fry these chips up. Just an inch and a half to two inches in a deep pan so it doesn’t spatter on you and you’re good to go. Especially if you work in batches.

Saving Money on Homemade Tortilla Chips:

Not only do home-made tortilla chips taste so much better than bagged, the cost, even including store tortillas and oil is a fraction of the cost of buying a bag. The last time I picked up a bag it was $3.99 for 14 ounces. $4.56 a pound. Cripes. What a rip off. I mean, seriously? It makes me cranky! $4.56 a pound! (I’ve since had to reissue this post for some reason and now it’s 2018 – the last bag I bought was $4.99!)

When I see that kind of pricing, I just usually won’t buy – I don’t like telling the store with a purchase: “That’s a great price! Keep it up! I don’t mind paying through the nose!” Coz I do mind! Plus, frankly, they taste like crap. Some are also full of all kinds of junk I can’t pronounce and a ton of salt.

Check around when you buy tortillas. Check the refrigerator section, the “Mexican” food aisle and the aisle of American Mexican foods and pay attention to the end caps. What I look for is a great price, under a dollar for a dozen, and even without a coupon, without a sale, it’s always easy to find. I picked up a 36 count package of tortillas for $2.19. At 27 ounces, it was $1.29 a pound. If these were the equivalent weight of the bag, 14 ounces, it would cost $1.13. That doesn’t count the oil, which hopefully you’ll reuse.

Homemade Tortilla Chips - Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips

Homemade Tortilla Chips – Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips

Homemade Tortilla Chips

  • Servings: varies
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print
  • Oil *
  • Tortillas – flour, corn or specialty tortillas, your choice
  • Salt and/or spices if desired

In a deep skillet or Dutch oven, over medium heat, heat an inch to an inch and a half of oil to 350º. You’ll know the oil is ready when you add a small piece of tortilla to the skillet and it floats and bubbles or you can check it with a thermometer.

Stack several tortilla chips and cut in half. (A pizza cutter works great for this.) Stack the halves together and cut into thirds or fourths. (I prefer fourths, small chips and no double dipping.)

Add tortilla chips to oil, wait just a few seconds and give a stir or two. This helps mix them up and gives a few bends and curls to the shape, the better to hold the salsa with. Don’t fry too many at a time, a handful or two.

When one side becomes golden brown, about 1 minute, flip them over and fry the opposite sides until golden brown. Using a slotted spoon, remove the chips from the oil and transfer to paper towels to drain.

Toss warm chips with a little salt, possibly a little cayenne or favorite spice blend.

* Oil: Watch temperature closely; if you don’t overheat it (which can cause it to break down) it can be strained and reused.

Note: Tortilla chips fry up much faster if the tortillas are laid out the night before to dry.

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I’ll be posting Homemade Tortilla Chips and co-hosting at Fiesta Friday Blog Party #238 with Mikaela @ Iris and Honey. If you have a minute, do stop by and check out Fiesta Friday and Mikaela’s very lovely site! I know you’ll love them both!!

Homemade tortilla chips take just minutes to fry up and you are going to get a restaurant style chip right at home. You could bake but these are too good! #HomemadeTortillaChips #RestaurantStyleTortillaChips


26 thoughts on “Home-made Tortilla Chips

  1. Homemade tortilla chips are the best. I’m going to need some guac with these. I love your recipes! I’m happy to be hosting Fiesta Friday with you!

    • FrugalHausfrau

      Thanks, Mikaela – I’m only about halfway through all the posts (there was a good turnout of bloggers!) and already have a long list I love!

  2. I’ll go with frying as well! I think you already know that, right? Haha! These look amazing, Mollie. Perfect with that salsa!! Yum!! Happy Fiesta Friday!

    • FrugalHausfrau

      Oh my gosh, I feel like I’m leading you to the dark side, lol!! You’ll never want another chip, ever!! 🙂

  3. Ron

    Fried is the way to go in my book as well. I like to make nachos from home cooked tortilla chips, with taco meat, cheese, jalapenos, guacamole and a dab of sour cream. But, we don’t get true corn tortilla here and worse yet, no Masa harina for making your own tortillas. Not to worry, I have a friend who is coming to visit from the US and he’s bring me a big bag of Masa harina. Then I’ll be making some homemade tortilla chips. Great tip on letting the tortilla dry prior to frying.

    • FrugalHausfrau

      Ron, that is great!! I’m surprised he can do that! I’ve made tortillas. Not very good at it! I maybe need more practice. What’s worse is I have a press and I’m STILL not good at it, lol!! I am craving nachos like that right now! Yeah, thanks for that, Ron, lol!

  4. loving this idea. We pretty much only eat the mexican corn chips (the all natural kind) but yours look delish. I don’t deep fry coz I am a scardey cat but I reckon I could convince the Hungry Dad to do it 😉

    • Well, lots of people bake them, and I guess this is really more of a shallow fry. I didn’t mention it, but I will now, I NEVER leave the oil, not to answer the phone, not to get something, not to run to the restroom! And I do have fire extinguisher under the sink, handy. If you don’t have an extinguisher, never try to put out with a liquid, use flour. Never move a pot of oil on fire, thinking you’ll throw it out the door – that’s always a disaster! Now I’ve probably really scared you! But precautions are good to know!

      • You haven’t scared me – you have made me BEYOND PETRIFIED! I remember an ad from when I was growing up, where a woman was deep frying chips and she turned her back and the kitchen caught fire (am guessing it was for home insurance, not the brand of cooking oil!) and that has scared me for life 😉

        • Wow! I hate it when ppl try to scare you like that! I won’t tell you about the killer chickens i saw in a movie!!! 🙂

          The only thing i ever started on fire was a pot of spaghetti – a strand had fallen out on the burner, the flame went up, and I had stuffed a bunch into the pot but was waiting for it to soften to push it the rest of the way down. It all lit on fire!

          Now THAT was mortifying! Ppl were like, “You set spaghetti on fire? In a pot of water?”

    • Whenever anyone has a bag of junk food or I cook something from a bag, my dog goes nuts! He thinks its something for him because his treats are in bags! Stares, drools, starts performing tricks! 🙂

  5. I am in total agreement about appreciating “a few great ones over a bunch of mediocre ones.” Your salsa pics are so mouth watering…I am tortured by a chips and salsa craving now!! Ahh!! 😉

    • That’s because you’re virtuous and will likely live to a good long age! 🙂 I do have to admit I’d rather have fried than baked, but baked are SO much better for you! 🙂

        • haha! Deny it all you wish, you are an inspiration to me and there is a special integrity about your food. Plus your dishes are always exciting. My brother is an inspiration, too, and is very careful of what he eats.

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