Old Fashioned Poppy Seed or Coleslaw Dressing

Old Fashioned Vinegar Slaw

I have to admit to being a little nuts about slaw, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Red Cabbage Slaw with a few Mexican flavors thrown in, a standard Creamy Green Cabbage Slaw like the one served with my Shrimp Po’ Boys, but my favorite, hands down is a Vinegar Based Slaw like this one.

Vinegar Based Coleslaw

Vinegar Based Coleslaw

Tangy, sweet, complex, with just a bit of the bite, the dressing used for this slaw can be made with caraway or celery seed. Either complements red or green cabbage beautifully.

Just toss together the dressing with your favorite cabbage, red or green, maybe a few carrots (onions if you’d like, although they can get very strong and are best put only in the portion you’ll eat that day) & a few herbs. Let it sit in the fridge for about an hour and enjoy. Although it may suffer in the looks department after a day or two, the flavors just keep getting better!

One of my favorite ways to serve slaw is with a Pulled Pork Sandwich – right on top or on the side. A big pet peeve is when the slaw is sliced too thick to go on a sandwich – it pokes out, falls off an it’s hard to take a bite.

If your slaw is going on top of something, consider using a mandolin to shave the slaw to wafer thin slices. If you have one with different blades, that’s how to get those lovely little carrot shreds. Mine came from Goodwill, but even new, prices have come way down on these handy tools.

A food processor or a good sharp knife does the job, too, especially if you’re not worried about plopping this on a sandwich.

Don’t buy those bags of dried up, shredded slaw mix at the store if you can help it. I know, they’re so easy – the problem? They might not seem too expensive, but in reality? Four to 10 times the cost of shredding your own! Yeah, shocking. Those wily grocers often price out the package per ounce so it’s a bit harder to compare to the per pound price of a simple cabbage – they’re sneaky like that!

Old Fashioned Poppy Seed or Coleslaw Dressing

Vinegar Based Coleslaw

Vinegar Based Slaw

  • Servings: 4-8
  • Difficulty: easy
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Toss ingredients together, refrigerate. Best if sits for at least one hour before serving.

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