Cream Puffs with Mascarpone Filling and Blueberry Compote

Choux Pastry – Sweet & Savory

Choux pastry or pâte à choux is a light pastry dough used to make profiteroles, croquembouches, éclairs, French crullers, beignets, St. Honoré cake, quenelles, Parisian gnocchi, dumplings, gougères, chouquettes, craquelins and churros. It contains…butter, water, flour and eggs. Wikipedia




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15 thoughts on “Choux Pastry – Sweet & Savory”

    1. Thanks! And I think Choux is such a cheat – it always seems intimidating until you try it and then a whole world opens up. As I posted this little menu I realize I need to make a lot more things with Choux. 🙂 Eclairs, for one!!

          1. I agree. I’d have to make it worth my while though by frying a bunch of other things at the same time to get the most out of the oil but the possibilities … samosas, kibbeh, gulab jamun, corn dogs, fish tacos. Don’t know which to choose.

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