Coffee Cakes

Obviously, I need to make more coffee cakes! Here are some of my faves.

In the United States, coffee cake generally refers to a sweet cake intended to be eaten with coffee or tea (like tea cake). Coffee cakes, as an accompaniment for coffee, are often single layer, flavored with either fruit or cinnamon, and leavened with either baking soda (or baking powder), which results in a more cake-like texture, or yeast, which results in a more bread-like texture. Wikipedia

coffee cakes










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12 thoughts on “Coffee Cakes”

    1. Hi Tracey – I just learned recently that in almost any place but the US Coffee Cake has coffee in it – here they’re just served with coffee. Just an excuse to eat sweets for breakfast, lol!!

  1. Anything with coffee in the title and recipe is fine with me. This looks marvelous and so moist! I had trouble with my own coffee cake when I made it, though I think I figured out the problem. You have some excellent techniques that I think I will incorporate into my own recipe. As always, looks delicious and likely tastes the same!

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