Cheesy Chicken (or Turkey) Noodle Casserole

Recipes for your Thanksgiving Leftovers!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Today’s Black Friday here in the US, a day when stores heavily discount prices in their attempt to kick off the shopping season for the Christmas holiday. Of course, many of us work, many of us shop, but many of us skip it all and enjoy time with their family!

Best chicken or turkey stock
Best chicken or turkey stock

I’m in the latter group – we hang out, sleep in, eat pie, watch movies, take a walk and make something marvelous with the turkey or ham we’ve had the day before!

Over the years I’ve posted many recipes that take advantage of those leftovers and “ganged up” those recipes in two different posts, one post addresses Turkey and the other, Ham. After you go to the posts, scroll down to the bottom for photos, descriptions and links to our favorite recipes for using those leftovers. Most of these recipes will put a meal on the table very, very inexpensively – and many recipes are in my Bargain Meal of the Week postings, too.

12 Days of Turkey

Click above for a marvelous assortment (over 40!) of our family’s favorite recipes: everything from casseroles, soups, sandwiches, pizza and even our favorite appetizer. Seriously, many of these recipes are better than the original Thanksgiving turkey.

Wild Rice & Smoked Turkey Chowder
Wild Rice & Smoked Turkey Chowder

Soup is always a big thing for us after Thanksgiving, made from the turkey carcass – and it’s a tough decision whether to make our very healthy Wild Rice Chowder, Traditional Turkey Noodle, or a newer favorite, Chicken Chipotle Chowder – made with Turkey! Luckily, a big pot of Turkey Stock lets us make more than one!

Cheesy Chicken (or Turkey) Casserole
Cheesy Chicken (or Turkey) Casserole

12 Days of Ham

Our favorite recipes on my 12 Days of Ham include the 1950’s Classic Betty Crocker recipe for the BEST scalloped potatoes on the planet, my Grandmother’s Ham Loaf, an assortment of soups & sandwiches, and a breakfast strata perfect for those extended weekend guests! And Deviled Ham – an indulgence, but so delish!

If we'd have had a ham, this Cuban Black Bean Soup would be on the menu today!
If we’d have had a ham, this Cuban Black Bean Soup would be on the menu today!

So, no matter how you spend your Friday, I hope you’ll find a few moments to make something marvelous and make some wonderful food to enjoy with your family! Make some memories and traditions, while you’re at it!

Classic Deviled Ham
Classic Deviled Ham

So how about you and your family? Do you have a “go to” family tradition for your after-holiday meal? Something marvelous you’d like to share with us?

18 thoughts on “Recipes for your Thanksgiving Leftovers!”

    1. Thanks! I made the Turkey Noodle soup with the last bit of mine! I’m debating on whether or not to take some over to my son’s house…I’m still a little miffed that when I woke up in the morning the other day, I found out he’d eaten all the rest of my Cheesy Turkey Casserole – and it’s a huge casserole!! And worse, I found out because the empty casserole dish was in th sink half filled with water…Jheez…

  1. In Australia the news sometimes shows footage of the direhard shoppers who go to any length during those Black Fridays sales. It looks like hell! I’d be #teamHangingoutAtHomeAndEatingLeftovers 🙂

    1. I agree 100%! I don’t have the energy or the stamina and I don’t like to be around all that craziness…people have been actually killed. No thank you!

      Instead, we watched movies, some Restaurant Impossible (which made me never want to eat out again) and had Turkey Pot Pie!

        1. Oh, yes, lots! I’m in Minnesota, about smack dab in the center of the US from East to West, but about 3 hours south of the Canadian border, maybe closer to 4. It’s one of the coldest states in the US, and International Falls, just at the border is often known as the Ice-box of the nation. Oddly enough, many areas of Canada are warmer than Minnesota. The last two years we’ve had so much snow that around my front porch area I had it piled so high that I couldn’t throw anymore snow up on it and I had to have my roof shoveled off. Expensive and risky job, that!

  2. Chipotle in adobo marinara…. Yum!!! Frau, would you send me your mailing address to my e-mail? I also want to publicly thank you for the idea to blog 10 minute exercise. I had an overwhelming response to that and picked up a number of new followers. My most gracious thanks to you. Bob

  3. OMG I haven’t seen ham spread since I lived with me parents but we had it all the time and we were French Canadian! Brought back memories. Turkey carcass soup upis the best! I have been known to take other people’s carcasses home when they were going to throw it out!!! I like some of the soup variations you shared!

    1. Hi Johanne! Glad to bring back those memories! And I’m the same way about Turkey carcasses and Ham Bones! Such a waste to toss, right – especially when what can be made from them is SOOOO good!

      Some of my family came to the states through Canada, although no real food traditions were passed down that I know about, in my family, here in the Twin Cities we have Booya (which is a concoction based on Buillion) and French Meat Pies as church fundraisers! And of course, Bean Pots are a meal often served, based on Cassoulet, no doubt! 🙂

      You might like the Split Pea, too, I’m guessing!!

      1. You are guessing correctly! I grew up on split pea soup and I will soon be featuring my 83 yr old mother making tourtière on the blog!!! As many recipes as there are cooks for those but we think hers is the best!:) i didn’t realize the meat pies were popular in the twin cities too!

          1. Wow I had no idea. I will have my maman read this when she comes for Christmas. My childhood church was also Notre Dame de Lourdes! You and I were destined to connect 🙂 glad you found my pears.

  4. I’ll be checking out your turkey soup ideas as I want to do something with the meat removed from the turkey carcass after I made stock (14 cups of gellied goodness). I’m thinking rice stick vermicelli as I have a whole package in my pantry.

    When you live alone and cook a 12 pound turkey at least once a year, turkey leftovers are a fact of life. I went through a bit of a turkey binge a while back (2012) and posted a “Me and My Turkey” series of which the “Egg Fu Yung” with turkey gravy was probably my favourite. I served them with Singagore Style noodles, though I could have added diced turkey to the noodles and eaten them on their own.

    I need to work on my “Hot Brown” sandwich sandwich though as the mornay sauce was VERY rich. And then there’s my take on the the classic Monte Cristo sandwich using french toast rather than dipping the sandwich in egg batter which they do/did at the Magic Pan restaurant chain where I first had this sandwich.

    For recipes and pictures of the finished dishes, you have to scroll back through the current ‘turkey’ tagged posts to get to them.

    This year’s chipotle in adobo marinara sauce turkey legs (I split my turkey into white and dark meat and roasted the breast separately) were delicious. All gone now. 😦

    1. I think you should do a post with all the links! What wonderful recipes these sound like! I’ve thought about cooking each on it’s own – which would make another great post! I was never sure how to do it. Once when I had a super large turkey, when I checked it, there were obvious issues! I hacked off both sides of the breast and put the rest back in the oven!!!

      I had a close call on my turkey this year – I wanted to get away from the craziness and took Gibson to the dog park here, a forested area with meadows where we enjoyed absolute solitude – came back, took a peek and turkey was done! I went into a mild panic and flurry of activity as I hadn’t gotten the stuffing in the oven yet, the potatoes weren’t on the stove, etc!

      1. Thank you for the suggestion, but there aren’t enough visitors to my LJ to make a summary post worth it. The tags will just have to do it for now. 🙂

        Having to throw everything together at the last minute sounds pretty traumatic. Luckily the turkey will wait if covered well with foil. I’m leery of leaving the oven on while go somewhere as keep imagining something happening to prevent me from returning home on time and returning to disaster.

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