Sides – Vegetables, Fruit, Salads & Dressings

Here’s the menu to lead you to our favorite sides. Sides and salads sometimes seem to be an after thought in frugal households, and really, what’s life without them! And of course, nutritionally, fruits and vegetables are essential. Why not make them delicious?

Sweet Potato Fries xHearty Sides: A collection of our favorite pasta, grain, rice and potato dishes that will round out any meal. Some old favorites and others newer and fresher, these are our absolute best recipes.

Chipotle's Chicken Burrito Bowl xSalads and Dressings:  Favorite side salads, main dish salads, special dressings and a few extra sumpin sumpins to keep the family eating all of the above! Plus a few great ideas to make them healthier.

Wild Rice & Smoked Turkey Chowder1 xVegetable & Fruit Sides: Simply cooked or an extravaganza, here is my growing collection of favorite sides. At our house, the vegetables are often the star of the show…all those years wasted on frozen. Sighs.

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