Leftover Miscellaneous Items

Jars – Soak to remove the label, clean and dry well and store with the lid on.

  • It’s a great way to save leftover gravy, whipping cream, sauces, etc. No more spills in the fridge. Label them with a sharpie, and it will wash off for next time.
  • Use them to shake flour and water together for gravy.
  • Use them to give a little bit of something special you’ve made to a friend, making sure they know it’s a refrigerated product, not actually canned so they store it right.
  • Do not use them to can in – used jars can have minute scratches inside that can be invisible to the eye but hold onto bacteria, especially those you dip into with metal cutlery.
  • Put small ones in your medicine cabinet to hold things like Q-tips and teeth pics.
  • Use for krafts or in the garage.

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