What to do Now (5th Week of March)

Coronavirus What to do Now (5th Week of March)

Hi Guys. I’m just checking in again. It’s hard to believe that a whole week has passed since I posted Coronavirus, What to do Now. I “threatened” then to make this a regular thing so I’m following up with you today. 🙂 I hope you’ll stop by and check-in again, share any thoughts; maybe share what has inspired you this week & maybe let me know what I can do for you. 🙂 As usual, I have a few thoughts and opinions…did you expect any less? 🙂



I think for many of, the news last week that we surpassed China in the number of Covid-19 cases has been a shock. It’s a wake-up call, for sure. There’s been not only fear but also disappointment, anger and obviously and if you’re on the internet or listening to the news, you gotta know there’s blaming going on, all over the place.

I suppose a counselor might say those feelings are perfectly normal (I hope, anyway, because I have them, too) but also know that history’s a harsh mistress. Blame will settle where it’s deserved and we really have no need to help it along. It’s a rabbit hole (or maybe I should say “rabid” hole) we don’t want to go down.

It’s Easy for Me to Say:

Of course, so far, other than severe isolation &  financial issues, I’m still relatively unscathed, having lost no one. Yet. We will, though, all of us and despite our differences, across all age groups, incomes and ethnicity, regardless of personal opinion, beliefs, religious or political affiliation have one shared experience when this is over. The ravages left behind from Covid 19.

At this point, there’s still hope (that window is closing quickly, though) that we can slow the virus a) before our medical personnel is completely overwhelmed and b) before we get to the tipping point. The good news? The outcome is in our hands. This virus started elsewhere – we have to slow it here.

But first, you can get news on the Coronavirus/Covid-19 everywhere and anywhere but this video, below, impressed me so here it is. Since this was made, Representative Katie Porter is in quarantine.

Just as an aside, be picky about what information you look at. Listen to the experts, not just the politicians. And know that sometimes even the experts may have differing opinions and/or have to be careful what they say. Be aware of what they’re saying (Even our Dr. Fauci) & what they are hinting at. The nerds will save the world – if we listen.



Be Safe, Be Responsible, Stay at Home:

We are Americans (but a big shout out to any friends visiting from far-flung lands) and we have a proud history of rugged individualism & enjoy independence on a level that’s beyond what those in many countries can imagine. That independence is working both for and against us.

The bottom line is that we can’t and shouldn’t wait for our government to “save us.” They’ve already told us what to do: Stay at Home. (Note: original links have been archived so clicking will take you to the archived material.) How is it that we’re waiting for our governors or even the President to force us? Having elected officials doesn’t and shouldn’t let us off the hook for either our lack of inaction or for our actions.

As individuals, common sense & personal responsibility should prevail. Coronavirus started in China, and they effed up, but we (or at least some of us) brought it here while knowing full well the risk involved & the rest of us spread across the States. We continue to do so. We put us right where we are today. With little testing done, we have to assume everyone we come in contact with has Coronavirus & act as if we have it, too.


corona March



Now, It’s time to stop. Take stock of where we are & move forward. We have more power than you might think, individually & collectively.


What to do Now (5th Week of March)


I’ve been walking Chance who got his first swim in our icy lake but making sure I have no contact. I have never seen so few teenagers at the park and beach or so many people walking dogs! The front of my yard next to the street is FULL of dog poo. Pick it up, people! I might put up a sign, “Found: Lost Poo. Claim it if it’s yours (or your Dog’s.)

I got a kick out of watching a Dad with his boys who had built a huge ramp in the sand to jump their remote control trucks. I was amazed by how those trucks jumped, tumbled and rolled and then righted themselves. So was Chance, who was on full alert, turning his head this way and that, lol! They’ve come a long way since my son was a kid!

Kraig, my son and girlfriend Tweety picked up dog food and as long as they were there, some milk and slipped it in my trunk. It felt a little lame but I shoved a ten-dollar bill in the cracked window of the run-down looking like it was on its last legs car parked next to me after I saw a Mom go into the store with her baby. Earlier I stashed a little hand sanitizer in the mailbox for my postal lady.

My wonderful neighbor checked in with me to see if I needed anything and later another old/friend and neighbor called up and dropped off a box of food & it included a little TP! And even more important for me, a head of garlic, lol!! Karma at work? Maybe so. I’m so touched and was able to share a few things with the kids.

Finally, I figured out how to stop touching my face! I wrapped bracelets, necklaces, and even a scarf one day around my wrists so I knew where my hands were! I just keep changing it out so I don’t get used to it. I seriously thought about using bungee cords with one end wrapped around my wrist, the other to my keyboard but envisioned impending disaster!



On Friday night, midnight, we went on our state lockdown in Minnesota. We are only to be out for essential needs. The problem I see in every area? No one seems to know what essential is: adjective 1. absolutely necessary; extremely important.

I was moved to tears when I read this article about the funeral of “The Mayor” Emil Bartylla and neighbors who lined the street for his final journey. And it reminded, in everything, we will find a way.

Lisa Krieger, a science journalist has posted a three-part series of questions to top experts in their field. It’s really outstanding. Here is the first in the series, the other two are linked there.

A virtual symphony, students at the Boston Conservatory at Berkley created a social distancing rendition of ‘What the World Needs Now is Love’ and its amazing!



Corona Virus What Can We Do Now


I feel like my tone is more serious than it was last week. It’s time for us to buckle down and get after it, and biggest things we can do is get through each day and support others in ways big and small. I’m trying to better in so many of these areas, too.

One good thing we can all do:  Follow the guidelines our President put out the 15th of March: “Avoid discretionary travel, shopping trips, and social visits.” Discretionary means acting on one’s own authority and judgment. As we wait for continued guidance remember, we can all take it upon ourselves to do the right thing without being told!

Update, the President has extended the lockdown to April 30th.

From Josh Neurer:

“Greetings from St. Paul, MN. Caught these musicians, Buck it Up Brass, playing outside my building and spreading some joy across the neighborhood during quarantine. Watch my porch dancing neighbors around 1:40 into the video–they’ll melt your heart. Enjoy!”



Do Something Good, Every Day:

Random acts of kindness. It’s a good thing and can be big or small and a great thing to teach your kids. Get them involved!

Bring up someone’s mail, drop off a dish. See if they need anything. Walk someone’s dog. Check on your neighbors. Check on your family.

Find out where you can volunteer, safely online or in person. In a couple of weeks, many volunteers will succumb to the virus and we need them more than ever. Thank people, profusely, for being there for you.

Organize friends and neighbors to help cover lunches or dinners for those who are essential personnel (and this goes so far beyond nurses and doctors) volunteers, or those who have to work, especially those who might have kids at home fending for themselves. Don’t forget your elderly and/or disabled neighbors.

So many have given generously to so many organizations, some have given billions! It’s amazing, really. I am awed and so proud of how many have stepped up with amounts large and small and everything in between! Remember your regular charities, too.

If we don’t have millions, thousands or even hundreds of dollars to give, keep your eyes open to how you might help someone out in a small way. Don’t assume everyone will be “taken care of” or can hold out for checks or that they were able to prepare for this or that preparing didn’t basically wipe them out. The need is real.

Even small gestures, if enough of us do them can make a huge difference. Pay for the gas for that kid counting out change at the pump. Slip a twenty where they’ll find it later in the cart of that young couple you see debating about what they can buy. Carry a few gift certificates from your local grocery store or a few small bills in an envelope and pass on someone you see that’s obviously in need.

If you have a little library, don’t be surprised by people adding food donations…it’s a thing. Just keep an eye on them if you could so it doesn’t get out of hand and nothing is ruined.

Have you been the recipient of a random act of kindness? Do you have a favorite random act that you practice?

Stop Hate In Its Tracks:

Even here, where we’re known for Minnesota Nice (and we even have a Wikipedia page on it) there have been reports of bullying those who are or those perceived to be Asian or Asian American. A friend’s son was mocked at a Costco. Others stood by and watched. Elsewhere a family member had a bad experience at Sam’s Club.

It’s so important that the more reasoned among us stand up to bullying when we see it happen, in-person and online, whether it has anything to do with Covid-19 or not. And so important that we take advantage of teachable moments when we can to our children and/or those we know. We all have that one friend or family member. Speak up.

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Albert Einstein.

Spread Joy:

I so wish I had a Teddy Bear to put in my window! All over the country people are putting bears in windows for children to spot, rainbows in windows and doors, putting out Christmas lights. Flashing cell phones and clapping for hospital workers. Find your joy and share it!

New York City stopped everything for two minutes on Friday with a round of clapping in appreciation for essential workers. It was so inspiring to see! Small things that connect us are so important!

What’s going on in your neighborhood?

Video Tape Yourself:

I wish I were “big enough” to start a movement. #FiveMinutesToYourself. I would flood youtube and facebook with videos from Grandmas and Grandpas, Uncles and Aunts, Parents & Children doing quick attention span appropriate projects for kids, reading a short children’s books, anything to occupy all those kids at home for just a few minutes.

Even if you don’t go public, video can be a way to leave something of yourself behind. We’ve talked in our family about some of these things and connecting by video but haven’t put anything in motion, yet.

How are you keeping up with family you can’t be with? What platforms are you using?

Hand & Home Hygiene:

We’ve all heard it! Wash your hands! No matter how hard or long we scrub we might always leave something behind. Keep washing, even if you’re alone in your home. Get rid of your false nails (I’m so sorry!) and keep your nails short if you don’t have artificial ones.

Keep cleaning surfaces. With most cleaning products, surfaces should be wet for four minutes. Read the series linked above by Lisa Krieger.

Keep a Log, Start Now:

If you’re out and about, keep a quick log of where you’ve been, what time and who, if possible you had contact with. Our memories are unreliable at best, and better to have it up to date and accurate by spending a few minutes now than to have to try to reconstruct later while we might be ill.

Hopefully, for most of us, this will be easy as we should, as many of us as possible, be at home! Include any deliveries you get, too.

Shut Your Piehole (sorry I always wanted to say that):

Everyone would hate me if I were President. I’d be a dictator. The first thing I would do is make a law. No political bashing on any non-political article, post or video. It would only be allowed on already political sites. Bash away there. Done. Boom. Mic Drop. Ok, it’s the States and we have rights, but I’m so over it. Just because we have opinions, there’s not always a need to share them. Unless you’re me and have a blog, lol!!

If you know any politically obsessed person (and I know they take pride in doing good work) just for now, encourage them to use that time and those skills to help out during our crisis. Share local resources, manage social media for volunteer sites, start community Facebook pages, check out NextDoor. The possibilities are endless.

I hit my breaking point on a post put out by an epidemiologist and hashtagged the first ranter #CongratulationsYouAreTheFirstToPoliticizeThis and then didn’t click on, answer or engage in any of their many replies. HA! Take that! Amazingly I got a whole bunch of followers. Maybe it will become a thing. Maybe I’m going a little nuts. I am going on week 4 after, all, just me and Chance & Homer the Cat.

Remember, as much as we have opinions, it doesn’t necessarily mean others want or need to hear them. Please keep political comments on political sites so the rest of us are able to use, comment and question on medical, health or informational sites. Thank you!

If You are Giving Advice, Make Sure it’s Right:

Hey guys, we all have a responsibility! Giving poor advice might actually mean someone will follow it and they or others might die. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old wive’s tale or advice from the government (and they are confusing sometimes and advice from different agencies and people can be at odds with each other) or from your pastor, think for yourself and always double-check your facts.

The biggest and best advice: Stay at least 6 feet apart (further is better) so if you can’t do it at a store, in a bus or on a plane, don’t do it. Wash and wash and wash your hands! Don’t touch your face and if you do, wash it. If you sneeze or cough, use tissues and discard; if none available use your elbow and obviously wash that clothing asap. Clean surfaces.

What will not help: Being with someone under 10 minutes, Vicks under the nose, gargling with bleach, alcohol or other cleaners, drinking alcohol (although this one sounds fun), using nose sprays, using hand dryers, using antibiotics, using aromatics like onions and garlic, and from WHO, Home remedies like these do not work: vitamin C, essential oils, silver colloid, sesame oil, fish tank cleaner, burning sage, and sipping water every 15 minutes.

If we can navigate a computer well enough to give advice, we really have a responsibility to check reliable sites to make sure it’s right. And we need to question advice when necessary.

If You Are Ill Stay Home But Assume that Many who are Sick are Out & About:

If you think you are sick or have been exposed, stay at home. Do not travel. Even if someone tells you that you can. “God Knows How Many People We Infected,” said one woman as 223 passengers, many sick and doing everything possible to reduce/disguise fevers and lying on forms were released from a cruise that docked in France, then were flown to Atlanta and instructed to find their way home.

The reason? C.D.C. officials said, is that the outbreak has entered a “new phase…”

Be aware that you will be in contact with many people who disguise or don’t care if they are ill every time you go out.

Let’s Stop Ordering Stuff We Don’t Need:

Just for the short term. Stimulus checks are coming & you gotta know that’s going to increase in the spread of Coronavirus regardless of whether anyone can track it. Yes, it will help so many but every action we make has a ripple effect, even home delivery, maybe especially home delivery, except these ripples don’t diminish but increase exponentially.

Our government can never say this! But a cranky grandma can. Order only essential items, like medical equipment or items you absolutely need! It’s really a moral issue. You’re staying home. Good for you. But you order instead and put others at risk. Just stop it. Just for now. Check out the current Best Sellers on Amazon, updated hourly. It’s an eye-opener!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Amazon but what is going on with Jeff Bezos? There must have been some backlash because versions with a slightly better spin followed, like this one from Business Insider.

Bezos also said his company has ordered millions of surgical masks for employees. So don’t worry; if you are a laid-off worker food service employee lucky enough to get a new job at Amazon, you will also definitely be able to wear protective gear and do safe distancing at work.

Get Your Final Paperwork in Order:

It’s time to check and amend wills or get one if you don’t have one. Appoint power of durable and medical attorneys. And maybe most importantly, make sure you are emphatic and cover all bases with your living will.

Make multiple notarized copies of both. Give or mail to relatives, keep copies in your safe and keep a copy or your medical power of attorney and living will placed prominently where it will be seen by any medical personnel that could potentially evacuate you from your home. Maybe in a large envelope taped to your headboard or to your door clearly labeled “Bring to Hospital with Me.”

Don’t leave those decisions up to a devastated family member, a Doctor or the hospital administration.


Okay, so this def took a darker turn, but I am convinced that we have to stay positive, have to stay informed and have to do as much as we can for each other! Only by doing more good can we overcome those that don’t!!


What to do Now (5th Week of March)


Recent Headlines:

  • Dr. Sanyah Gupta; a quick and frank discussion about what we need to do. “Act as if we already have coronavirus” he says.
  • The US surpasses China in number of confirmed Covid-19 cases.
  • Tested and positive cases as of March 29th: More than 671,600 people have contracted the novel coronavirus and at least 31,569 died worldwide. The US is still behind the curve with limited testing and has 123,617 cases (21,365 last week) of coronavirus confirmed by lab tests and 2,133 deaths (266 last week) deaths as of 8:23 am Eastern time.


What Am I Doing Today?

Chance & I walked early this a.m.and watched an egret on the lake and spotted two hawks. It’s cold, wet and dreary. I tossed what was left of a chicken in the slow cooker for soup later. I took a nap. I’ve been cleaning out my kitchen cupboards inside and out and have a huge mess! It’s getting worse in there rather than better.

I raked a little the other day and am sore and achy, and ticked at the weather. We got a little tease and then it turned into March! I’m restless, bored and a little cranky. Today I’m searching pretty hard for that positive!

And I couldn’t pull myself away from Tik-Tok; boy did I get sucked in! So many fun, creative videos.

Take care, everyone, stay safe and keep the faith! 



What to do Now (5th Week of March) finding the positive and small things we can do...we have more power than we think in making an impact. #CoronavirusStayIn


9 thoughts on “Coronavirus What to do Now (5th Week of March)

  1. Arlene Stokes

    Enjoyed your email! Thanks for sharing and putting something positive out! Stay safe and keep posting.

    • FrugalHausfrau

      Hi Arlene! Thanks for the kind words! I know it’s a little out of the ordinary for me, but these aren’t ordinary times!! Stay safe!


  2. Nancy L Janssen

    Virtual hugs from Iowa, Mollie. Your post reminds me I need to do poop duty in my own back yard! It’s been so rainy, I’m not about to clean up after Bo until it dries up a bit.
    You are so right about not listening to politicians and those who preach politics. The only ones we should be listening to are the doctors and other experts.

    The bright spot in today I’ve yet to find, but darn it, I’m going to keep looking! Like you, my patience is being tested on the regular, especially when there are so many that are not taking this whole issue seriously. Randy had a customer stop on Sat., dropping off parts. I checked in the shop when he didn’t come back in right away. I found Randy sitting in his truck cab (back injury has slowed him down), and the customer LEANING IN ON THE DOOR, talking to him. I reminded them (him) about the 6′ rule, and he snapped back with “Hey, it’s not like I was kissin’ him”! That’s just ignorant.

    I have to laugh about cleaning out cupboards; do we ever get done? Just when I think I have control over those and closets, it’s time to begin again. I do so love me some organizing! Maybe crank up some rock and roll while you work?

    I’m also happy you have Chance. Bo gives me so much relief when it’s the hardest to be isolated.

    Even tho we are far apart, if there is anything I can do for you, will you please let me know??

    Stay strong; this won’t last forever (my new mantra).
    Love, Nancy

    • FrugalHausfrau

      Oh you made me smile! And tell Randy he needed have stopped there, they might have well as kissed lol!!

      I hope Bo is doing a little better. When my Gibs died Cody (the folks dog who is now in Atlanta with Jim & Joan) looked for him over and over. He saw Gibson and I come and go so much in the car I think he thought Gibson was in there. Whenever he got out in the folk’s garage he’d run to my car and look in the window. I’m very grateful to Chance, rascal that he is!!

      Hope all is well with your Grandson in DSM and thanks for the offer! I tell ya, at rather be at “home” right now!

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