Parmesan Toast

For 50 plus years our family has made this probably not very authentic, but absolutely delicious Parmesan Toast. Mom called it Garlic Bread, but as years passed and I grew up, I came to realize no one else made Garlic Bread like this. So…a new and unique name evolved.

Parmesan Toast
Parmesan Toast

We make it out of almost anything we have on hand from Italian bread to any odd buns like hot dog or hamburger, that we might have around.

This is not really a recipe, just more of a method, and is a great way to use bread that is leftover or slightly stale.

I suppose I’d have to say, this is comfort food to our family.

Recipe: Parmesan Toast, price: varies

Mix butter with garlic powder or garlic salt to taste. Spread on bread – whatever you have on hand.

Sprinkle with cheese – here is one case where we actually like the canned cheese – it’s nutty and gets a gorgeous brown color, but if all you have is really good Parmigiano-Reggiano, that would work in a pinch ~~~.

Place directly on top oven rack (or you could use a cookie sheet) and broil for several minutes. Leave the oven door open an inch or two, and watch like a hawk – it takes seconds to go from golden brown deliciousness to slightly burned.

How long it takes really varies with the type of bread you use and how far it is from the broiler.

We like to serve it with Italian food, or even with soups for lunch. Personally, if there is any left over, I’ll have a piece for breakfast!

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