Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

First, to my children: These are not your Momma’s pancakes. I was the worst Mom in the morning and I apologize. I’m surprised you didn’t starve to death or die of malnutrition. And now, here I am making pancakes (and all kinds of breakfasty things) for the folks all the time. Secondly, even when I…

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Skillet Lasagna

I think cooks must be divided into two camps when it comes to Lasagna. Those that toss it together with no problem (and yeah, I’m jealous of them) and those that think, “Yeah, it’s great, but it’s a production and the mess!” That’s me. Love Lasagne – hate making it. Raise your hand if you’re…

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Chicken (or Turkey) Ricotta Meatballs

A chicken meatball with a great texture, moist yet firm, slightly yielding and tender, juicy with a great flavor? How about all of the above and great baked, sautéed or in a soup? Impossible? Not any more!

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