Leftover Beverages

Both alcoholic and non alcoholic featured here.

Beer –

Left over beer can be used in rarebits, pot roast carbonade, beer batter, quick bread, some stews, such as Guinness stew and a lot of chilis.Try pouring a little over ham: a whole ham before baking, or over a ham steak just after pan frying (allow to bubble and steam for a moment) it has a sweet wonderful taste. Many recipes call for a bit or a cup. If you don’t drink it, use it.

Coffee –

Can be frozen in ice-cube trays for cold coffee drinks, used in chilis and stews, added to icing, poured warm over very cold ice cream. Many chocolate cake or cupcake recipes call for a bit of coffee. Red Eye Gravy, generally served with ham uses coffee.

Frozen Frappe
Frozen Frappe – McDonald’s Copycat

Fruit Juices –

You can certainly use a bit of left over in place of wine, particularly the less sweet, more tart juices.You can add many into fruit smoothies or spiced tea concoctions. Add a splash into seltzers or waters for your own flavored concoctions. Freeze in ice-cube tray for smoothies.

Some specific juices have a natural affinity for certain dishes:

  • Apple Juice/Cider – can be reduced down with sugar for a syrup over pancakes, waffles, etc., or ice cream. Often used as a glaze for pork chops or in pork chop apple dishes.
  • Pomegranate – has become extremely popular lately; a bit of left over can certainly be added to beef stews and soups. You’ll find a ton of recipes online for pomegranate syrups and molasses, often used in salads, or like apple, with pork chops.
  • Tomato Juice/V-8 or Spicy V-8Can be added into soups, stews, meatloaves, meatballs, casseroles, noodle dishes.

Milk, Cream and Buttermilk –

See the Dairy page.

Soft Drinks

  • Cola – Can be added to barbecue sauce or used in almost any recipe that includes bbq to replace some of the liquid. Often used as a glaze for ham.
  • Dr. Pepper – Use like cola.
  • Ginger ale – Substitute for wine or champagne in desserts.

Tea & Tea Bags –

  • If you have an excess, you can always cool it for ice tea.
  • You can freeze in serving size portions and use to keep lunches cold and get ice tea as it thaws.
  • Freeze in ice-cube trays, maybe with a little mint or lemon in each tray.
  • Mix tea with juice and sugar for updated popsicle.
  •  rewarm with spices such as a cinnamon stick, a coupe of cloves, orange and lemon rind (squeeze in the juice) and make a spiced tea.  Juice of apple, pear or orange and a little sugar can be added to taste.
  • If you have dark hair, do your final rinse with tea; no need to rinse out.
  • I use tea in some baking recipes, most notably my tea scones, and use it to soak dried fruit, for instance raisins for raisin bars.  I’ll use it for a substitute for soaking fruit in alcohol for some recipes.
  • A smidge of dark tea can go in beef soups, or light in poultry soups.
  • Dye easter eggs, crack the shells if you’d like to make marbled eggs.  After peeling, they will have a gorgeous tracing of color.
  • Use the bags chilled to reduce puffiness around your eyes.
  • For irritation on baby’s diaper area or soreness new mother’s get, the tannin in left over tea bags can work miracles.
  • I’ve heard that left over tea bags will remove grime and grease from glass and mirrors, just wipe carefully.

Vegetable Juices – coming

Wine or Champagne –

Never throw away left over wine! Keep it well corked and it is okay for cooking for a good long time.

  • Use in soups, stews, casseroles, cream sauces, gravies.
  • Sprinkle over old cake and make a trifle with pudding and whipped cream.
  • Make mulled wine.
  • Add a splash to tomato or cream sauces.
  • Even if it’s soured, you can substitute it for flavored vinegar in some recipes, or add a dash to dull soups – it will help wake up the flavor.
  • If you are using in a recipe where wine is a key ingredient, though, like Beef Burgundy, don’t use the old left over wine.
  •  You can make jellies with both wines or champagnes.
  • I’ve heard you can freeze in ice-cube trays to have on hand to flavor soups and stews but have never tried this – don’t see why not.

Mixed Drinks –

Rather than toss when a pitcher isn’t finished, consider if you beverage can’t be frozen for a marvelous blended drink another time. While items with alcohol may not freeze solidly, they will, depending on the amount, freeze into a marvelous slushy type beverage.

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