Bangin' Pimento Cheese Fries

Bangin’ Pimento Cheese Fries

I’ve been a fan of Pimento Cheese for as long as I can remember, ever since my Da used to dole out the little jars of Kraft onto crackers for us. We thought that was a real treat! So I’m a little more sophisticated these days. Now I use real Pimento Cheese and dole it out on fries! On these  Bangin’ Pimento Cheese Fries!

Bangin' Pimento Cheese Fries

Bangin’ Pimento Cheese Fries


Ok, so I don’t know if it’s any more sophisticated to put your Pimento Cheese on Fries as opposed to crackers, even though I did sprinkle a little parsley on top! But I do know this combo of the Tequila Spiked Pimento Cheese I made earlier (and I’ve since made these with my Roasted Red Pepper & Jalapeno Cheese Spread and it’s just as crazy good) and French Fries? Insane!

About Bangin’ Pimento Cheese Fries:

I could inhale these! I would have licked the pan if it wasn’t hotter than Hades! And the funny thing was I made these for my folks, my fave octogenarians, my Da & StepMom, Pat, and they inhaled them, too. It only just occurred to me as I wrote this that in a way, we’ve come full circle.

Now, I’m picky about my fries. I  don’t usually go for stuff on my fries. Any stuff. Not even ketchup and certainly not (la-di-da me) anything ooey, gooey, cheesy or soggy. I always thought a good fry, like a good steak, should stand alone in all its glory. Until today! Now, I can hardly look at a fry any other way (plain old fries seem almost nakey now, without Pimento Cheese) or think about fries without wanting them dosed up with melty, molten Pimento Cheese.

You can use any pimento cheese if ya want, your fave homemade or a store-bought, but I gotta say, both of the recipes I mentioned above are pretty righteous and bring a little extra sumpin’ sumpin’ to the Pimento Cheese Fry Party! They are def both way beyond your classic pimento cheese. When you make these, though, do what you want. If you love the pimento cheese you use, you’ll love it on the fries!

Stupid Simple French Fries great oven baked fries!

Stupid Simple French Fries

What Fries Should I Use?:

In spite of my food snob tendencies when it comes to fries, and I’ve probably tried every method to making them at home over the years, it turns out that as long as the fry is a crispy one, it’s gonna make a great Pimento Cheese Fry. I’m not much of a fan of frozen fries (read that as I’d rather gnaw off my own arm, lol) but with the pimento cheese on top, well, it hardly matters what was underneath, anyway! It could be cardboard for all I’d care!

Ore Ida isn’t paying me (maybe they should, lol) and my fave frozen fry for these is the Ore Ida Extra Crispy Fast Food Fry. And if you’d like to go with a homemade fry, check out my super easy Stupid Simple French Fries. They’re fab for when you just want a fry and don’t want to resort to frozen. And of course, if you do want to go all out with a fancy soaked/brined, twice-cooked and/or cold oil French Fry, well, “you do you.” It’s maybe not necessary, but there’s no doubt, it’s gonna be that much more fabulous!

Making Bangin’ Pimento Cheese Fries:

Now, ya gotta know this is hardly a recipe. More like a method. Just cook up your fries, good and crispy, then add them to a foil-lined sheet. You’ll thank me for that! Manipulate the fries a bit on the foil (but work quickly so they don’t get cold) so that they are in a single layer with not too much space between the fries and dollop on little bits of Pimento Cheese.

Don’t go overboard; in this case, less IS more. It’s nice to have some of each fry not covered; the contrast between the crispy and cheesy parts just makes you want to eat more, and too much cheese will just be a big mess that you’ll tire of quickly. Don’t over broil, either, or your pimento cheese can separate and that’s a disaster. Broil on the second shelf down, and only until the cheese is melty, with maybe just a few areas bubbling and turning light brown here and there. Serve immediately!

Bangin' Pimento Cheese Fries

Bangin’ Pimento Cheese Fries; be more conservative than you’d think with the Pimento Cheese; they turn out all the better!

Making for a Party:

If you’re having a party, maybe for a big game or Super Bowl party, cook off a bunch of fries ahead of time till they are almost done, then lay them out on trays to cool.

When you’re ready for a fresh tray, pop them under a broiler to finish and heat up, top with the pimento cheese and finish off. You’ll have no worries, no stress, and no time hardly at all until you have hot, fresh, molten fries waiting to be devoured!

Saving Money on Bangin’ Pimento Cheese Fries:

Going with a homemade rather than a store-bought pimento cheese will save you a ton, especially if you’d bought the cheese on sale. Yesterday, I saw a small, six-ounce tub of pimento cheese at the store (and it looked like mostly mayo) for $5.99! That’s $15.97 a pound! It’s crazy expensive, especially if you stop to think 8 ounces of cheese is often $1.99 on sale.

Part of my beef with frozen fries, even on sale, is the price. They’re never priced by the pound (instead they’re in ounces, and often odd amounts) so they’re hard to compare with potatoes by the pound. The Ore Ida fries were $2.96 for 26 ounces, $1.82 a pound. It might not sound like much, but the last bag of potatoes I bought (admittedly it was a good price) was 10 pounds for $1.99. 19 cents a pound!

That’s just something to keep in mind when making choices. It’s best, I think if you’re frugal and trying to save money, to think about other choices for your potatoes on a regular basis; save frozen fries for recipes like this, that are more of an occasional “treat” or crazy nights when they’re a “fall back.”

Bangin' Pimento Cheese Fries

Bangin’ Pimento Cheese Fries


Bangin’ Pimento Cheese Fries

  • Author: mollie kirby
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: varies
  • Category: Appetizers
  • Cuisine: American


  • for each pound of fries, about 1/3 cup of Pimento cheese, store-bought or homemade (see note)1
  • Store-bought or homemade fries

Highly recommended for the Pimento Cheese: either Tequila Spiked Pimento Cheese or Roasted Red Pepper & Jalapeno Spread.


Preheat oven to 425 or 450 degrees F, following instructions for the french fry you are using. Line a sheet tray with foil.

Spread the french fries on foil-lined rimmed baking sheets in a single layer, allowing a little space between each fry. Bake according to instructions, until crispy, turning once.

When fries are crispy, without being overly fussy and working quickly so fries stay hot, dollop the pimento cheese in small bits over the fries, leaving space between the dollops. The cheese will spread as it melts.

Broil 4 to 6 inches (probably second shelf down) from the heat for 3 to 5 minutes, until the cheese is melted and very lightly browned in spots. Move or turn tray as necessary and watch closely. Do not over broil.

Serve right immediately.

Keywords: Appetizer, Cheese, french fries, pimento cheese, Potatoes

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If you love Pimento Cheese, you're gonna love Bangin' Pimento Cheese Fries; especially good with my kicked up Pimento cheese or my Tequila Spiked one! These are gonna be INHALED! Great for a Game Day! #PimentoCheese #PimentoCheeseFries #GameDayFood #BestFrenchFries

17 thoughts on “Bangin’ Pimento Cheese Fries

  1. Is the cold oil method where you flash fry then put the partially cooked fries in the fridge to cool then cook again until done? Just curious because thats what my husband does. Anyhoo, your frozen fries still look delicious. Thanks for sharing and happy FF!

    • The double fry is the method I first learned about from Cook’s Illustrated years ago, and that sounds like what your hubby does.

      With a cold fry, you cut your potatoes, rinse them, shake them off, then put them in a pan with room temperature oil. You slowly bring the temperature up and let them slowly simmer at a medium low until tender, which can take quite awhile, depending on the number of fries, a good 30 minutes or a bit longer. Then turn the heat up to medium high and in a minute or two they’ll turn golden brown and crispy.

      The bottom line is with either method, there’s time involved to produce a really great fry! In my opinion, totally worth it. Tell you husband to check out the cold fry method and see if he doesn’t like it just as much.

  2. ” I’d rather know off my own arm” should be ‘gnaw off’

    I love fries but never make anything but oven fries at home. They’re my rare treat when eating out as a side instead of mashed or baked potatoes. That said, I’d warm up that cheese sauce and eat it with tortilla chips. Or on a plate of nacho grande over refried beans. 🙂

  3. I’m usually a naked fry person myself. They are perfect with nothing but a little bit of salt. However….I do love cheese. This pimento cheese is sounding pretty darn good right now too! I’m pretty sure you could convince me to eat these. 😉

    • Thanks! 🙂 It’s funny but I didn’t really taste the fries until after I was done taking the pics – as a matter of fact, I was setting up for the photo and went back to grab the fries and the folks had already stolen them! I had to retrieve them – oh the heartbroken little faces…they got them back, tho, after the photo!

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