Take a Chance on Me

When I lost my beloved Gibson in early June, I wasn’t sure if my little food blog was the place to talk about it…but over the years Gibson’s been on my blog, here and there. When we’ve been on vacations, or walks, and you’ve heard about, from time to time, the food he’s eaten – especially the food destined to be photographed! He’s just always been a little part of my blog and a big part of my life.

Gibson Snoozing

When he passed, many of you stopped by and commented and I felt enveloped by warmth and felt so much less…alone.

Some of you were virtual strangers who took a moment or two to say just the right thing and there were many who, although we’ve never met in person, I think of as friends. You shared some very dark times with me in the few days after Gibby’s death, and I thank you.

So now I want to share the newest member of my “family” with you. There’s a meaning behind his name, by the way. As I trolled dog sites, often sobbing, because that’s the way to get over the death of your dog…NOT! I came across a Labrador pup.

Whaaat? It’s such a rarity for a purebred pup to be at a Humane Society, I was flabbergasted. And it was a yellow Labrador just like Gibs! A beautiful boy with sad, sad eyes.

What were the chances of that happening? This place was about four hours away from me – quite a ways, but still a reasonable distance. I just couldn’t help but think that I could put a smile in his eyes…

Chance first day home.

I sent an email or two and put in an application like six times, and they failed. My sister volunteered at this very same shelter years ago. What were the chances that this one labrador puppy was at that particular shelter?

And that they had my emails in front of them when she called? They did tell her that they always get recommendations like this, and they have to consider all applicants and get all the facts… but hey, it couldn’t hurt, right? I know she really talked me up.

Chance 1st day home

So my sis called me and said you HAVE to get your application in. They were impressed with your emails but over a thousand people have applied for him. I upped my game. I wrote a letter, oh, just about five pages or so, lol!

I talked about how I was practically raised by dogs, about my philosophy towards raising and training. About my former dog, Bear. And mostly about Gibs and the incredible journey Gibs & I embarked upon together. And I thought what are the chances? About a snowball’s chance in you know what!

Chance, first day home.

I drove 30 minutes into Sioux Falls (the closest place) and faxed my “treatise” in with my application and a photo of Gibson. They called the Friday before last, asked about vet records of all my animals, called the vets, and said they had several applicants they were considering. And then I heard nothing.

They were open on Saturday, closed on Sunday and Monday. I was sure he’d been given to someone else. I was sure they thought I was a nut job, fruitcake, loony toons. By now they’d had like eight emails, a 10 page fax, several phone calls, and the call from my sister, lol! I sent one more email, letting them know if it would factor into their decision, I’d be happy to drive over so they could meet us and Cody, my folk’s dog, with no expectations on my part.

Homer HATES Chance. Pissy kitty! But she’ll get over it!!

And then the phone call came on Tuesday. They said they’d like to meet Cody, the folk’s golden retriever, since I’ve been at the folk’s house helping out and he was a part of my household. “When could I bring him?”  “Uh, tomorrow??”  🙂

And then she said, “If all goes well, you can take the puppy home, bring a leash and collar!” I had tears in my eyes. I was overjoyed. You’d think I was six years old. By now, if you’re getting the idea I already loved him, you’d be right!

Labs. They can be so sassy!!

Now here’s where things get a little strange. My Mother, who passed away in 2000 has always had a thing for owls. For years she lived up near the north shore of big Spirit Lake and shared the property, not only with her dog and our ancient Siamese but with the resident owl. I’d love visiting and falling asleep to the sounds of the waves and his soft calls.

Yup, he’s a lab!

In the middle of that phone call, in the middle of the day, an owl began calling. “Whoo hooo, whoo hooo” over and over. It kept up for about 15 minutes. I’ve heard an owl, here, from time to time, now and then late at night, but never during the day.

I’ve never been much for flights of fancy, and while it was probably just coincidence, I’d have to add, “What are the chances that this owl had so much to say during this phone call?” Goosebumps formed when my sister said, “Mom’s sending you a message; she’s cheering for you.”

And then there was something else about this puppy…while I knew I was taking a chance on him, an unknown puppy, alone in a pound hundreds of miles away, I was and am deeply aware that he’s giving me a whole new chance, too. A chance at a new adventure, a new chapter, a new life. That phone call was the split second my old path diverged to a new one.

So you see, even though I considered many names, some cute, some sentimental, ultimately, his name just had to be Chance.

Whoo hoo Chance, and  welcome home! Whoo hoo!


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52 thoughts on “Take a Chance on Me

  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Tears of joy. Because I could feel the love and the pain you had for Gibs and now I could also feel the joy and the love you have for Chance. I’m so glad they gave him to you, I’m sure he couldn’t wish for a better mom than you. Now he can indeed start his life with this second chance and so can you. I’d love to read more about Chance and you in the future 🙂 x Sarah

  2. petra08

    I am so glad it all worked out and a very lucky little Chance (I actually have a friend with the same name!) and I love it. Just adorable 🙂 x

  3. Dear Chance: They got it right. Out of the thousand homes that wanted you, you got the best! I hope your mom will feature you often in her blog because her readers have all fallen in love with you too. Welcome home!

  4. krisbigrigsncookies

    Yeay!!! So happy for you! I had just as many tears reading this post as about Gibson, but these were happy tears! I am such a sucker for posts about pets!
    Love the name Chance too! I had a cat named Chancey some years ago that I rescued from a shelter in the Twin Cities 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing what shenanigans he gets into!

    • Now that’s so funny because half the time I’m calling him Chancy, too. There’s something about dogs and the way we call them! I still get teary when I read Gibson’s post…

      Maybe shenanigan should have been his name, lol, as there have already been a few.

  5. The story is amazing Mollie and I couldn’t be happier for you and for sweet little Chance. I had to laugh at the video with the kitty, Chance doesn’t care he looks determined to make friends with the cat. I know how hard it is when you lose your fur family member and I also know how healing it is to shower your love and attention on a pup in need, Chance was placed in that shelter for you, it didn’t matter if there were 1000 applicants, Chance was meant to be with your family. Can’t wait to see the progress in your posts and see if the kitty accepts Chance. He is adorable.

    • That’s sweet, and that little bark was so funny – as if he’s saying I want to play and get over yourself, a little friendly, a little hurt and a touch frustrated! Homer loved an older dog we had; she’d sleep with him and knead on him, then she liked Gibson ok, but we’ll just have to see about Chance, lol! He might just be too much for both of us – and I’m only half joking!!

  6. Oh, Mollie, I am so happy for you! Whoo hoo! We have an owl in our neighborhood and they do hoot some in the daytime. Great story and best wishes with Chance. Blessings, Janet

  7. Congratulations on your new family member. You took a Chance on another Lab to love. I know you’ll both be happy together and that Homer will eventually make her peace with him.

    • Thanks – and so far, Homer seems to be holding her own! She’s played her cards a bit early, I’m afraid, with those ineffectual swats! 🙂 I think they’ll end up pals. Some day! 🙂

  8. How absolutely wonderful!! It’s 6.30am here and I am just starting my day with a cup of green tea and your post, and I have tears in my eyes, tears of joy for you…what a beautiful boy, it was definitely meant to be, and worth all the effort that you put in. He’s a gorgeous little guy and very lucky to become a part of your family and carry on Gibson’s legacy 🙂
    Have fun, Bob says hello and welcome xxx

  9. How wonderful, congratulations. I have tears of happiness for you in my eyes. You are both on a great adventure. I have a friend with a dog called Never, because she said she would “never” have another after a beloved friend passed on. You are both lucky.

    • Oh, Liz, that is so sweet! I’m tearing up just a bit visiting this page and Gibs, even though Chance is right next to me now! I love the name Never. It’s nice to have a story…but Never also reminds of the Never Ending Story and Neverland! 🙂

  10. Oh we never met Gibson..but I am sure he had a lovely life and little Chance..well welcome little buddy..Saangchai says hello and woof and is pleased you have got a forever home like him….Happy Days 🙂

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