Watermelon Yogurt Salad

I came across a photo of this lovely little side salad from way back this summer! Even though it’s the dead of winter here in the Midwest (a few days ago it was -19) I wanted to get it posted – After all, it’s summer somewhere!!

Watermelon Yogurt Salad
Watermelon Yogurt Salad

Watermelon is usually feast or famine at my house. Although now smaller watermelons are at the store, it’s still a lot for me to use up. I do have a few tricks up my sleeve (like juicing some for a cocktail, but that will have to wait until summer when the melons are cheap and good!) and this little salad.

My stepsister showed it to me and absolutely wowed me! I never would have guessed how delish, cool and refreshingly tangy/sweet this watermelon salad is! It’s truly magic at work.

Now, if I’m feeling a bit fancy, I might add a little sumpin sumpin to jazz it up – a smidge of finely sliced basil or mint, a dash of vanilla or perhaps a flavored yogurt. And I might toss in a few berries now and then – blueberries look gorgeous with the pink!

As far as the recipe, lol, cut up watermelon. Add some yogurt. Serve! You don’t get simpler than that. A nice thick yogurt works best and if your watermelon is extremely juicy, you can toss it in a strainer for a few minutes first.

If you make too much, it can get a little runny, just like my other favorite yogurt based fruit salad, Lemon Poppyseed Fruit Salad. Drain and refresh with a bit more yogurt or toss it in a blender for smoothies.

When shopping for watermelon, buy on sale during the peak of the season and pick one that seems heavy for its size. That’s more important than color or minor blemishes. Avoid the prepackaged fruit which runs 4 to 10 times the cost! And when you cut watermelon, use a clean knife and a clean counter or board and it will last longer in the fridge. A large rubberband will easily hold any plastic wrap in place.


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24 thoughts on “Watermelon Yogurt Salad”

  1. This recipe made me stop in my tracks and click straight away! Watermelon is my favourite melon but like you, I usually only east it in the summer. I will keep this in mind, it looks super fresh! 🙂 Happy Fiesta Friday!

  2. I can’t pick a watermelon if my life depends on it! I took a picture of the one I bought last, it was almost white, INSIDE! Once or twice I get lucky, but that’s it, it was pure luck! My daughter does this same thing with her watermelon, but then she put yogurt on anything, but I was surprised how good it was!

    1. lol! Well then maybe you need to buy a precut one?? They say the splotch where it rests on the ground should be yellowish, and I try to find the heaviest – our neighbor puts a broom straw on top and proclaims it good if the straw turns parallel to the axis. He’s always right, apparantly!!

        1. I know right! Everyone swears it’s true – now I’m thinking that I heard an old wive’s tale that this was supposed to tell the sex of a baby, and a mama’s tummy and a watermelon do have certain, um, traits in common…so maybe it IS true.lol!

    1. My sister is in Baltimore right now, and of course, being from the Midwest said “I don’t get all the fuss!” Then she said her friend said she hadn’t stocked up in time and by the time he got to the store there was like, one potato left!! She said it was like you guys were expecting the Zombie Apocolipse. We have a hard time understanding population density out here.

      1. Well Baltimore is supposed to get slammed worse than here. I used to live in DC and it is like zombie apocalypse when there is snow and with a storm of this magnitude it’s amped. Here it’s not like that really except in hardware stores salt and shovels go first.

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