Healthier Energy Bars

When my son was a teenager and became interested in working out, he immediately “sparked” to the idea of “energy” bars! He’s not alone; energy bars are a huge industry, many full of heavily processed ingredients. A black mark in my book. That they’re expensive is a double damn. That so many present as healthy when they’re way over the top in calories? Well, that’s a triple damn! Why not just have a piece of cake and be done with it!!

Healthier Energy Bars
Healthier Energy Bars

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Old Fashioned Texas Sheet Cake

Texas Sheet cake – it’s so inexpensive, so delicious and best of all, so easy and manageable. This is the recipe you want when your child’s school has a picnic, when you’re invited to a potluck, when a bake sale is happening! It’s a ridiculously good cake, full of chocolate flavor and perfect for eating out of hand!

Texas Sheet Cake
Texas Sheet Cake

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Cook’s Illustrated Meatloaf – A favorite!

I seem to be getting nostalgic in my “dotage” and have been leafing though my recipe box; hello, old familiar friends! I had to dust off this Cook’s Illustrated/Pam Anderson’s Meatloaf, long a family favorite – and the best part of all is the sauce. Oh, that sauce! Double it, triple it, bathe in it, I don’t care, but make the sauce.

Meat Loaf Sandwich, using our adapted Cook's Illustrated Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf Sandwich, using our adapted Cook’s Illustrated Meat Loaf

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Greek Chicken Salad Sandwiches

This is a fun little Chicken Salad recipe with a few Greek twists! Full of lean chicken, a lightened dressing and crunchy vegetables, this is a great recipe for early spring through summer. I like to serve these in a Pita, just for fun.

Greek Chicken Salad
Greek Chicken Salad

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Easy Refrigerator Pickled Asparagus

Pickling vegetables, almost any vegetable, is a simple process, and Asparagus is no exception. A jar or two for the refrigerator can be made in literally minutes, no “canning” or “processing” required! If you can boil water, you can make these fantastic little pickled Asparagus. It’s that simple.

Pickled Asparagus
Pickled Asparagus – shown in center of relish tray

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Home-made Tortilla Chips

Warm, crispy, crunchy, salty, fragrant – there’s nothing like a home-made tortilla chip. Pair them with a great Salsa and the result is heavenly! You can buy chips but there is no way you’re going to get anywhere near the taste you’ll get if you just brave the mess and fry up a few of your own.

A few home-made chips peeking out around my Fire Roasted Red Salsa
A few home-made chips peeking out around my Fire Roasted Red Salsa

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Health Nut Avocado Sandwiches

Way back in the late 70’s I fell in love and lived in the quaint little town in the Colorado Rockies, Georgetown. Young and single with a new adventure every day, I really did have the time of my life. Hiking, backpacking and biking all summer, skiing all winter, I could pretty much eat anything I wanted, and I often wanted these delicious sandwiches! Healthy, fresh, filling and best of all, cheap!

Health Nut Avocado Sandwiches
Health Nut Avocado Sandwiches

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