A Chance of Snow

“When you give others a new chance, a new chance is really being given to you.”

Bryant McGill



Chance & I have had a momentous few weeks with lots and lots of happenings! First off, he’s getting huge! Or should I say “Yuge??” He WAS almost 60 pounds last month and he’s still growing! And his absolute deplorableness continues…

As you might know, Chance was homeless when I first adopted him, then last month I suspected he was a member of the opposing political party when he ate my ballot, and now I’ve found out he’s a drug addict, too.

Ha! The game is on!

Ha! The game is on! Look at those wild eyes!!

Yep. You heard it right. A drug addict. See what happens when you try to help someone out? On a serious note, here I am a veteran dog owner (I was practically raised by dogs) but to my shame, we’ve had two close calls.

My Stepmom (who is recovering but has a long road ahead of her) went to the hospital and in all the hub-bub Chance got a hold of some ibuprofen – it’s highly toxic to dogs and it all turned out to be quite the ordeal for the poor guy.

Chance at the vet's. Not too happy...

Chance at the vet’s. Not too happy…

In spite of everything, somehow we managed to get to Smoken Dakota Kennel for Chance’s obedience. During Pat’s illness, Smoken Dakota and Chance’s trainer, Lydia, went above and beyond so Chance could get to doggie daycare for at least part of the day.

Boy did he have a blast! He even made a friend or two.

Chance at Doggie Daycare at Smoken Dakota Kennel

Chance at Doggie Daycare at Smoken Dakota Kennel

And of course, winter here in the Midwest means snow, and we finally got some! Luckily the roads were clear as we travelled to & fro for Thanksgiving. Both Chance and I were very excited to see family, friends and neighbors. Unfortunately, the second mishap took place when Chance found the vitamin D I lost last summer.

I thought I was dog-proofed but as I sat on the bed, Chance at my feet, I heard crunch, crunch and off we rushed for another emergency vet visit – Pills were scattered everywhere and I couldn’t be sure Chance didn’t swallow any. And so he was treated with medication to make him vomit, then charcoal and fluids.

I think Chance's looking for the ground!!

I think Chance’s looking for the ground!!

So, it seems, Chance had both a second chance and third chance. Luckily he pulled through, but not without a lot of help from some pretty great vets and lots of care. Oh, yeah, and $$$$. I’m finding there’s just no such thing as a “free” Lab – but there is such a thing as a stupid owner.

On this trip, Chance was old enough to visit our dog park! So after a few days of recovery, my son, his girlfriend, Chance and I all bundled up and off we went. With some still shaky “recall” I was a bit worried, but Chance did just fine and did plenty of things that puppies like to do! Roll in the mud, play, roll in the mud, romp with other puppies, roll in the mud and then roll in the mud some more.

Chance is the dirtiest dog, of course, in front!

Chance is the dirtiest dog, of course, in front!

And at the end of the month, we had a small miracle! Chance passed obedience. By the skin of his teeth, I think! I tend to think it’s Chance’s pure joy and exuberance that hold him back a bit. You can’t fault a puppy for that, and I’m betting we all know a person or two like that, too! (Maybe even me…)

So on that note, Chance and I wish you a very happy Holiday season and hope you celebrate it with just as much joy and exuberance as Chance has. And we hope all of your dreams & wishes come true, big and small.

Chance was a little excited to show off his medal from obedience, lol!

Chance was a little excited to show off his medal from obedience, lol!


34 thoughts on “A Chance of Snow

  1. Glad you saw hime through all this Mollie!! What an adventure! And glad he made it through obedience school– He looks like a guy who just wants to make the most of everything. Fun to see all the pics– and the snow!! Wish we had a little here form Christmas. Fun post!! hugs to you and Chance!

  2. petra08

    Chance is adorable! And what a lucky dog, to first get a good home and the survive the drugs! It seems he has an appetite for life!
    And snow, there is almost never any snow here but they said we might get some this winter! 🙂

  3. Oh boy, Chance sounds like a very rambunctious dog! They can truly be like babies and toddlers, especially at the puppy stage. Glad he made it through those close calls just fine and made some friends too! He is adorable!

    • Hi, and I appreciate the visits and glad you took a minute to comment! 🙂 I don’t know that my dog stories “go” with my cooking blog, but he’s a big part of my life and I’m glad you like reading about Chance, too!

  4. Oh my goodness, reading this brought some moments of chuckles and my heart in my throat ! Chance the druggie…shame, Adventurous and curious Chance, hmmmm that is more like it. Glad is all okay now, and hopefully his pill popping days are over. Congrats on passing the obedience course 🙂 Wishing you, your family and Chance a beautiful festive season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hugs for Chance xxx

    • Thanks, Lynne…I was just worried sick, and the thought came across my mind that maybe I shouldn’t be making my poor stewardship of this lovely boy so public – on the other hand, things happen, and especially at times when something else is going on; attentiveness slips and with children or dogs, it only takes a quick minute for disaster to strike, and maybe it can stand as a warning…and thanks for the holiday wishes and the same for you and your loved ones!

  5. My goodness, he’s putting you through it isn’t he??? dogs just don’t seem to have any sense of self protection do they?? I’m glad he’s doing okay, and very well done to both of you for passing obedience class 🙂

  6. Ha! I had to laugh through some of this post, but I’m sure it wasn’t funny when you found out about the “drugs”. Oh my!! Poor you and poor Chance, but glad it had a happy ending 🙂

  7. Hi Mollie, what adventures you’re having! I really enjoy reading about Chance & I’m glad he survived all the mishaps! (Never a dull moment, right?) Best wishes to you and yours for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Blessings, Janet

  8. Aww sweet Chance, you just wanna have fun, right? We picked up our rescue dog, not even a year old, and two weeks later we took her camping to our fishing property. She promptly swallowed a fish hook with salmon roe on it that my husband set on our fishing dock and turned away (any raw salmon in any form to dogs is potentially lethal). After a huge rush to an emergency animal clinic, luckily it turned out it went all the way down to her stomach with the slippery roe on it and it didn’t get stuck in her esophagus, which would have been fatal. Surgery on the spot extracted it, then we picked her up the next day with a lot of stitches and $1,300 poorer. Gotta love our furkids! Our Hannah Banana is now 14 years old, we’ve gotten some good mileage out of her for sure! Congrats on having Chance pass the school, yay Moliie! Cheers to many more years of fun and stuff! 😉 xoxoxo

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