Pesto Pasta Salad with Grilled Vegetables

Hot, sticky summer days are here – perfect days to think about NOT heating up the house and about eating light & healthy. And when light and healthy means cool and delicious, too, like this Pesto Pasta Salad, that’s a winner. Advertisements

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Grilled Vegetables with Tonkatsu Sauce

Good news! I was just outside and there was a cool wind! By cooler, I mean cool (85 degrees F) compared to what we’ve had. I think that nasty old heat dome is passing by! I wanted to throw up my arms and dance. And maybe I did, just a little. 🙂 I was like…

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Summer Squashes with Herbed Yogurt Sauce

I believe any food can be made delicious with the right treatment, but I’ve had a hard time warming up to squashes. Too often, I’ve served them because they’re so good for us but my sister-in-law showed me the error of my ways. This little side dish of zucchini and yellow squash is absolutely scrumptious!

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