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Instant Pot Korean Beef

Instant Pot Korean Beef

Before summer comes and while you’re still craving something heartwarming, make this Instant Pot Korean Beef. You’re gonna love everything about it. Your family is gonna love it. Your friends are gonna love it. And you’re gonna feel like a veritable goddess… Read More


Quick Old-Fashioned Pear Cake

There’s something about a simple cake that just warms the cockles of my heart. This one is very straight-forward in flavor – just cake and lovely pear. You could add a whisper of almond, if you’d like.

Bulgogi (Korean Beef)

Bulgolgi, I'm talking about wafer thin slices of tender beef, marinated overnight. Then grilled (or in this case) cooked in a skillet until the edges caramelize

Is it just me or is Korean food trending, now? It’s hard to tell sometimes because when I crave sumpin’, I seem to see it everywhere! I’m blaming Momofuku. I keep hearing so much about the restaurants and books and owner/chef David… Read More

Harvest Wild Rice Salad with Citrus Dressing

Wild Rice Harvest Salad with Citrus Dressing

I recently made the Stuffed Chicken Roast from Better Home & Garden’s December 2015 issue – I couldn’t help but be inspired by their Harvest Wild Rice Salad, served alongside. Gorgeous greens, wild rice and a citrus dressing caught my eye. Toss… Read More

Roasted Pears with Lemon Cream & Maple Caramel Syrup

Roasted Pears with Lemon Cream and Maple Caramel Syrup

For once I don’t have too much to say about a recipe – only that I became utterly enamoured with the idea of this when I was leafing through a Midwest Magazine. I was wowed! Perfect for fall, perfect for Thanksgiving and… Read More

Any Fruit Crisp with Streusel Topping

Any Fruit Crisp - this is Apple with the addition of Ginger Caramel

Apple Crisp is American as Apple Pie, but fruit crisps are so good with many fruits or combinations. I’ve been making variations with this simple recipe for years – so easy it’s almost a non-recipe. Don’t let that fool ya, though, these crisps… Read More

Healthy Harvest Salad

Healthy Harvest Salad

I was first introduced to Harvest Salad at a friend’s house and immediately took to the crunch of pears and apples combined with the crisp lettuce, the chewy dried cranberries and the lovely dressing…I’ve since “remade” not only the salad but the… Read More

Spinach Quinoa Salad with Candied Pecans

Spinach Quinoa Salad with Candied Pecans

There’s salad, and then there’s SALAD – you know, the one that shouts rather than whispers?  The one you want MORE of…the salad that has that little something extra to take it over the top.  What is it about salty, sweet, tart… Read More

Bosc Pears with Balsamic Reduction . $1.50

I love to bake, especially for special occasions – I’ll pull out my magazines, watch the shows, leaf through cookbooks for weeks before a Holiday, anticipating making glorious desserts.  But for everyday – well, I’m still trying to lose those same pounds,… Read More

Spiced Tea – Warm or Cold

Spiced Tea, hot or cold. Serve as is or make it into a punch.

Pineapple, pear, cider and citrus set off by just the right touch of cinnamon and clove. How good does this Spiced Tea sound? It’s a bit unusual, and everyone who tastes it will beg you to make it or ask for the… Read More