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Summer Bean Salad with Corn & Tomatoes

Here’s a perfect salad/side that just screams Summer! Maybe that’s why Chef Joe Kindred (Kindred’s Restaurant in Davidson, North Carolina – you might recall I posted a recipe for Kindred’s Milk Bread awhile back) named the original “Summer Bean Salad.”

Summer Bean Salad Corn Green Beans Limas
Summer Bean Salad

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Brunswick Stew, Georgia Style

Sometimes the universe aligns and this Brunswick Stew came about as a result! My sister, who lived for years in Georgia, came to visit, I had leftover pork shoulder (Momofuku’s Bo Ssam, to be exact – that was a big roast!) and I had just come across the “original” Brunswick stew on a blog, His Blessed Kid.

Brunswick Stew, Georgia Style
Brunswick Stew, Georgia Style

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Lima & Pea Crostini . $1.69

While Fava beans set the standard for many Crostini spreads, this bright, fresh Lima & Pea spread is somewhat unexpected. It’s exceptional taste is springish, even in the dead of winter; bright and tasty, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Lima & Pea Crostini - like a breath of fresh air!
Lima & Pea Crostini – like a breath of fresh air!

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