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Miso Glazed Salmon

Drop dead simple recipe for miso glazed salmon - plus a few substitutes if you don't have everything on hand

I wish I could say that this was an attempt at healthier eating in 2018. It wasn’t though. I actually made this when I picked up some salmon at Aldi at a killer price right before Christmas and it was kind of a special treat.

Miso Glazed Salmon
Miso Glazed Salmon

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Tuna Cakes with Salad & Glazed Carrots

Tuna Cakes (crab cake’s lesser cousins) are beautifully browned and crunchy on the outside, soft and creamy inside and bursting with flavor. Even my son, a notoriously picky eater when it comes to fish, eats these little gems with no problem. These are just as good made with Salmon.

Tuna Cakes
Tuna Cakes

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Salmon & Aspargus Hash

Salmon & Asparagus Hash - riffed off Tyler Florence, this is a beautiful brunch dish!

Sometimes I’m possessed by food jealousy – I think it might happen to a lot of people who are on a budget. They hear about a friend’s restaurant dinner, see a gorgeous meal in a magazine, or maybe they watch Tyler Florence. Darn you, Tyler! Darn you and your belly of fresh Atlantic salmon that would be so perfect for Mother’s Day!

Salmon & Asparagus Hash  Hollandaise Tyler Florence Hash browns
Salmon & Asparagus Hash with Hollandaise Sauce

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