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Alton Brown’s Really Good Waffles

Alton Brown's Really Good Waffles: Yes, they are!! :) Buttermilk recipe, not an over night but takes just a few minutes to mix.

Are you a waffle lover? I am. I love a good waffle. I like to make them for dinner – because they’re just too much of a pain to make in the a.m. Unless it’s a lazy weekend, still in my bathrobe, thinking about getting my shower done after breakfast, morning.

Alton Browns Really Good Waffles

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Swedish Pancakes “Pannkakor” with Blueberry Compote

fabulous crepe like pancakes with a fake marscapone topping & sugar free blueberry  compote.

Awhile back, I made the most marvelous Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes for Mother’s day. They were awesome. They were fabulous. But they set off some kind of deep seated craving for more brunch! More and more brunch! I want brunch all the time, now! Do you ever get like that – just go on a kick like a runaway train?

Swedish Pancakes with Blueberry Compote

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Famous Dave’s Cornbread

The lightest, sweetest, fluffiest cornbread with a honey jalapeno glaze. To die for!

If you want an incredible, moist, fluffy cornbread, you’ve got to try Famous Dave Anderson’s recipe. He claims it’s even better than his corn muffins that are served at his Famous Dave’s restaurants. I agree!

Famous Dave’s Cornbread

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Easy Home-Made Greek Yogurt Ranch

Easy Greek Yogurt Ranch with buttermilk & dried herbs

I have a confession – I’ve never warmed up to Ranch dressing. Everyone I know loves it…but not me. Sometimes I think I’m a lone hold out. Until now.

Easy Home-Made Greek Yogurt Ranch

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Spicy Chicken Sandwich, BA’s Best

Yanno, I’m always trying new recipes and this Chicken Sandwich from Bon Appetit’s March issue caught my eye. See, I was just down in Georgia and had an opportunity to eat at Chick Fil A for the second time, ever. I think it’s the best fast food – and I don’t usually quite lower myself to eat fast food! I know, I know, I’m a snob about some things…life is just too short for mediocre food.

Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich
Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich

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Ballymaloe’s Irish Soda Bread . $1.00

For years I’ve made Ballymaloe’s Brown Soda Bread, and we’ve always liked it, but this year I decided to try their white for my St. Patrick’s Day dinner. I don’t know what the hold out was on my part – some nod to tradition combined with a commitment to eat more whole grains. I feel like a sinner, but this bread is so beautiful!

Ballymaloe's Irish Soda Bread
Ballymaloe’s Irish Soda Bread

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Queso Fresco

Queso Fresco, Fresh Cheese, is a wonderful creamy cheese, and SO misunderstood. Queso Fresco is often confused with Queso Blanco, White Cheese, another soft, crumbly Mexican cheese. As a matter of fact, some “experts” say they are the same – and some say they are different. They are, after all, both white, both fresh, both crumble.

Home-made Queso Fresco, pressed over night
Home-made Queso Fresco, pressed over night

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