Leftover Desserts & Dessert Items

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This is probably a no-brainer category, but here is a few ideas (some from my kids) of what to do with just a smidge of left overs. Perhaps you have a favorite or two to add.

Dessert Sauces and Ice-Cream Toppings:

1. topping:

Drizzle over ice creams, waffles, pancakes, cake.

2. add in:

Add to coffees or lattes, ice-cream for shakes, milk.

3. dress up dessert:

Drizzle plates or any desserts.

4. combine with fruit:

  • Caramel: drizzle over or add in to applesauce, sautéed apples, apple crisp, etc.
  • Chocolate: drizzle over or under a dessert plate, serve with bananas. Dip bananas and freeze.
  • Fruit: add to whipping cream to complement another dessert.

Shell Type Chocolate:

1. make designs:

Drizzle on parchment into a design and garnish another dessert.

2. dip:

Dip bananas (or other fairly dry fruit) into warmed sauce. Let harden.

3. fruit salad:

Drizzle over fruit salad. Even better if the fruit salad has marshmallows.

4. nuts:

place nuts in little piles and drizzle with the topping to bind them together.

5. pretzels:

Dip pretzels in the topping or lay pretzels out and drizzle.




1. cake pops:

Mix with frosting until it can be formed into small balls. Scoop balls out and roll. Dip or drizzle with icing or chocolate.

2. shakes:

Mix in shakes for your very own blizzards. Garnish as desired.

3. trifles:

Layer with pudding and fruit (if desired) and serve cold, topped with whipped cream.

4. toast or grill:

If your cake is sturdy, toast or grill it and serve with ice-cream, sauce, fruit or a fruit compote.

5. Crumble and use for an ice-cream topping.



1. truffles:

Try this easy recipe that uses just a few brownies and turns them into a sophisticated dessert.

2. pie:

Press brownie crumbs and pieces into a pie pan, layer with anything else you’d like such as candy, marshmallows, etc. Drizzle with enough melted and slightly cooled chocolate to bind everything and cool.

3. ice-cream pie.

Press brownie crumbs and pieces into a pie pan, layer with ice-cream and other goodies. Freeze until firm.

4. deep fry:

Yeah, I went there: see this recipe from the Cookie Rookie for Fried Brownie Truffle Bites.

5. use in cookies:

Cut them up and add to cookie dough batter along with chocolate chips in this recipe from the Picky Palate.


Leftover Pudding:

1. ice-cream:

2. parfaits or trifles:



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