Dessert Sauces, Frostings and Ice – Cream Toppings

This is probably a no-brainer category, but here is a few ideas (some from my kids) of what to do with just a smidge of left overs. Perhaps you have a favorite or two to add.

Frozen Frappe
Frozen Frappe


Dessert Sauces and Ice – Cream Toppings

  • Almost any –  Drizzle over ice creams, waffles, pancakes, cake.
  • Add to coffees or lattes.
  • Butterscotch and/or Caramel –  Use in applesauce, sautéed apples, apple pie or crisp, pour over cakes.
  • Chocolate – Just a smidge left, put in milk, ‘dress’ a dessert plate, or drizzle over any dessert.
  • Fruit – add to whipping cream or cool whip to match or compliment another dessert.
  • Mix and match; when I was a kid, ‘suicides’ were a bit of anything.
  • Shell type chocolate or fruit flavors can be drizzled on parchment or waxed paper or Saran wrap in a design to poke into another dessert as a garnish.  Dip bananas or banana pieces in warmed sauce and let harden.  Roll in crushed nuts if you like.

Frosting or Icing – Spread between graham crackers for your own sandwich cookies

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